How To Budget So You Can Save Time And Money

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Is your budget system in need of a major overhaul??
Or maybe *gasp* you don’t have a budget system…at all!??!
Either way, if your budget system is causing you stress, it’s definitely not the right one for you.
I had to learn this the hard way.
Like many, I had a love-hate relationship with payday — Yay!  I have money again!  But, ugh!  Now I have to budget. *eye roll*
Sound familiar?
Or do you love your budget system, but find that it’s a little too time-consuming.  
I mean, whose got the time to budget?!

Well, what if I told you there was a way to no longer stress over your families budget?

By setting your personal finances on autopilot so you always have enough money to pay your bills.
The Automated Budget System will do that while saving you more money and helping to pay down debt.

The Automated Budget System is too good to not share, so, are you ready to learn how to set your finances on autopilot?

There are so many budget systems to organize your personal finances nowadays.
How could you choose the perfect one?!
And when you do chose one, how do you know it is the best one for you?
Ask yourself, is your budget system helping you pay your bills with ease and on time?
Does it assist you in saving you more money than before?
Is it helping you pay down your debt?
Does it help you live a more stress-free life?

If it’s not, it’s time to reevaluate your budget system (or lack thereof).

Finally, I realized that my budget system needed to change. ASAP.




If you’ve ever shopped around on the internet for a new budget system, you know there’s a few to choose from.
So, which one is best?
The cash envelope budget system, Dave Ramsey’s Zero-Based budget system, using a budget binder?
Now, these are all great budget systems, but they still leave a lot of the work up to you.
You’re still having to analyze your finances each month so you can set aside money for all your expenses.
And I don’t know about you, but I don’t have the time for that.  Or the patience.
That’s why I invented a budget system to automate my personal finances so I can spend less time budgeting.
The Automated Budget System will set your personal finances on autopilot so you can quit budgeting.



This budget system rocks.
And I’m not saying that since I use and love it.
(It’s relieved SO much stress from my life – ask my hubs)
Once you’ve set up the Automated Budget System, you will never have to budget your personal finances again!
I mean, why wouldn’t you jump at the opportunity to put in place a budget system that will save you from having to budget?!  A system that will save you stress and money!
I know I did!
Once I figured out why my budget system wasn’t working, I was able to fix the three things I hated most about budgeting.
Does budgeting stress you out, too?
Is it too time-consuming?
Does your system suck, like mine did?
If so, it’s time to revamp your budgeting system so you can save loads of time, money, and stress in the future.

Are you ready to take a zero-based budget system and set it on autopilot so you never have to budget again?


We work to earn money so we can afford our bills, our necessities, and our hobbies, while also trying to save a penny here and there.
But, most of us don’t have a budget system that makes affording these things and saving money easier.
I mean, wouldn’t it be easier to pay your bills each month if you knew you’d have the exact amount of money you needed?
And wouldn’t it be easier to grocery shop, fill your gas tank, and buy other necessities if you had that money set aside?
The Automated Budget System will make sure you always have the money you need to afford your lifestyle.
Think of how easy it would be to save money if you automated your budget to send $50.00 to a specified saving account each month.
Or how easy it would be to pay down your debt if you were setting aside the money to do that each month.
Alike the zero-based budget system, the Automated Budget System will use every cent of your income each month.
BUT, unlike the zero-based budget system, the Automated Budget System will take care of the budgeting part AND the bill-pay part of your finances FOR YOU – on autopilot.
It does this by dividing your fixed expenses by your income, allowing you to deposit the exact amount of money needed for your bills to a certain bank account each month.
Then, the amount of each bill is automatically withdrawn from your account on the expense due date with the help of automatic bill pay.
Each time you get paid, your paycheck will be directly deposited into various bank accounts.
The amount of money that goes into each bank account will be the exact percentage of your income that you need to pay for the expenses in that account.

For example, if your bills cost $2,000 each month, and you make $4,000 in income each month, you need 50% of your income to pay your bills.

So, if you set up your paycheck to automatically deposit 50% of each paycheck into an account strictly for your bills, you will ALWAYS have enough money to pay your bills each month.


This is what my families bank account breakdown looks like:

#1: Fixed Expenses Account (bills) – 80% of monthly income

#2: Variable Expense Account (miscellaneous recurring expenses such as groceries and diapers) – 10% of monthly income

#3: Debt Repayment Account – 5% of monthly income

#4: Savings Account – 5% of monthly income

Isn’t it worth it to take the time to set up the Automated Budget System so you can save hundreds of hours budgeting in the future?!
Don’t forget to take it one step further and have all your bills withdrawn automatically with automatic bill pay.
Now you won’t have to think about remembering to pay your bills, ever.
Even though your bank accounts are going to be automated, it is still a good idea to track your expenses.
(Very different from budgeting – tracking takes next to no time at all.)
A budget binder is a great way to keep your finances organized so you can find all your account information quickly and easily.
You’ll also be able to see how much money should be in your account(s) at any given time, allowing you to more closely monitor them.
And!  Best of all!  
Tracking your income and expenses will allow you to spend your money more responsibly because you can cut unnecessary costs to save more money while also paying down debt.
Awesome sauce, right!?
When we started tracking our income and expenses, we were able to see that we were wasting money on unnecessary expenses making it impossible for us to pay down our debt.
Once it was written down, it was easy to see how we could be spending that money more wisely.
Now, we only allow ourselves a predetermined amount of money each month to go into an account strictly for such things as activities and dining out – making it impossible to overspend.

And guess what?!  It’s helped us pay down our debt by 28% in just 6 months.

If your current budget is TOO time-consuming, it’s time to make the change – to the Automated Budget System.

What are you going to do with all the time you’ll be saving from not having to budget?!

Oh oh! And what will you buy with all that money you’ll be saving?!


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