5 Kick-Ass Planners You Need To Organize Your Entire Life

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For as long as I can remember, I’ve been OBSESSED with planners. I usually own at least 3 at a time – I just can’t help myself!

Nothing beats a good planner and today I’m here to help you on your journey towards discovering the best planners and towards the best purchase you’ll make all year.

I mean, how else are you going to plan your goals AND actually accomplish them?!

Finding a good planner…one that covers all your needs…is not an easy task. Being a planner snob myself, I set my expectations high.

I’ve tried many, many…many planners and they almost always come up short.

What I need in a planner just wasn’t being met by the planners I had been purchasing.

Some were esssssspensive (#kathleenlights) and others from Target, but either way, they just didn’t get the job done.

They were either too basic or their more advanced layouts didn’t work for me in the way they were styled.

It took me years of searching, planning (or trying to) and failing, to find the best planners out there.

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Like I said, my planner expectations are exceedingly high.

I need a planner that has more than your basic monthly and weekly spread.  I need financial planning, goal discovery, action plans, content creation, meal planning, and more.

I know, kind of a lot to ask of your planner, but what better way to stay organized and on track than to have all of that information in one handy place? 

Hey! I’m a busy lady and I need to stay organized! 

Thankfully for me…and you…I have not one, not two, but 5 awesome (swoon worthy) planners that meet my, and hopefully your, every need.

Heads up, though, these are not your average planners.  If you are searching for your basic monthly and weekly spread – this post may not be for you (Target, girlfrand).

These planners may seem a little pricey, but trust me, they are worth every penny.

Carry on if you want to crush your goals, stay on track with your spending and saving, never forget a birthday, plan awesome content for your business, lose that weight and so much more.


Coming in at number five is the Passion Planner.  

The name says it all – this planner is for those of you who LOVE customizing your planner with doodles, highlighting, and stickers.  The pages in this planner are very open-ended and allow you to get your creative juices flowing.

Included is a monthly spread with a to-do list, a focus and projects area for both work and personal life, weekly spreads with time slots, and blank space to fill as you see fit.

Have you ever seen a bullet journal?  This planner reminds me a lot of those with just a teeny bit more structure as it includes structured pages along with blank & grid pages to create to your heart’s desire.

The Passion Planner costs $35.00 and comes in three colors and two sizes.


Check out my favorite *smudge-proof* gel pens
 and *precision-tip* highlighters
 to use with my planners


Before I discovered my number one, this Day Designer was my baby.

So cute and so functional!

While not as customizable as the others I’ll mention, it still has a wide range of highly useful pages to help you stay organized and on track to crush those goals 😉

My favorite thing about this planner are the “Daily Planning Pages with scheduling from 5am to 9pm” – crazy good to stay accountable and actually DO your to-do list.

This planner will run you $59.00…BUT…if you’re not ready to shell out that kind of cash for a planner right now, check out the Printables section of their site for tons of awesome *and free* planning printables!


In the market for free printables?  Check out our resource library to stay organized and on track!

***Exciting update!! Since using the Day Designer myself, they’ve come out with a new version of their planner called the A5 Leather Binder.  The A5 is $159.00 and is fully customizable.  Check it out here.

“Our A5 Luxe Collection offers a planning system that helps move your goals from lofty dreams to reality.”


Although the Start Planner is not customizable, it has a great layout and equally awesome content.  The whole idea behind the design is to “crush those goals” and so obviously I was hooked from the beginning.

The Start Planner is a great option because it includes SO many additional pages that your normal, run-of-the-mill, planner would never include! 

I go with the ‘Hustle Daily Planner’ and love that it automatically includes so much

My favorite things about the Start Planner are the goal setting and tracking pages, the planning pages for holidays, projects, vacations, and more, the financial planning pages, and the ability to track your health and food. #pizzaemoji

Oh, and the inspirational quotes along the way to motivate you aren’t too shabby, either. 😉

This bad boy will cost you sixty bucks and keep you organized and on track all year long.



Another great option, coming in at a close second, is the Erin Condren Lifeplanner.

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last few years, I’m sure you’ve heard of Erin Condren’s planners…and for good reason.

For $70, this planner is highly customizable, and, uhm, can we talk about how cute it is?

From the cover to the coil binding, you are 100% in control. Features of this planner include your choice of cover, personalization, and coil color, the freedom to choose your perfect layout, and dashboard add-ons.  

My must have add-on is the snap-in to-do list dashboard that can be used over and over again all year long.

If you just can’t get enough of these adorable designs, don’t forget to check out the accessories section of her site and fulfill all of your planner obsessed daydreams. *swoon*


The Plum Planner is my favorite planner ever! With so many options, it’s difficult to not come away with your perfect planner.

The Plum Planner gives you complete control, allowing you to choose everything from

  • The size of your planner (7x9 & 8.5x11),
  • Your cover – design, monogram, date, quote, colors,
  • Your Pages – budget planning, fitness planning, note pages, to-do lists, and more,
  • Your layout (weekly, hourly, etc.),
  • And your accessories.

My perfect Plum Planner has the vertical M-A-E style layout, which has its weekly spread divided into morning, afternoon, and evening.  My cover (pictured above) is in ‘Brush – Purple’ with my monogram and blog name printed on the front.

Let your creative juices flow – Plum Planner has over 70 different cover options, 17 fonts, and over 50 colors to choose from.

The best part, though, is choosing all of the inside details and extras to completely customize your planner in order to optimize your organization, productivity, and success.  The section add-on’s that I include in my planner are the budget, meal, fitness, and blog planning sections for an extra $4.50 each.  They also have add-on pages for home planning, baby planning, and wedding planning.

This planner will cost you anywhere from $32.00 to $55.00 depending on your creation, but trust me…it is worth every penny!

The ONLY downside to this planner is that it limits you to 80 pages and so you might not be able to add all of the extra pages you’d like.  This one negative is completely outweighed by all the positives, though.

I mean it stole the number one spot, didn’t it?  Get yours, here!


The Dailygreatness planner is a planner solely dedicated to your business. 

This planner is great for planning your business goals and the action packed steps needed to achieve those goals.  It is a week-to-a-view style planner and includes weekly and daily spreads with areas to record your actions and plans for the following week as they relate back to your goals.

My favorite part of the planner, though, is the social media content spread.  I know many of us utilize digital social media calendars, as do we with coschedule, but I also enjoy the old fashion pen and paper kind of planning.

And when you thought it couldn’t get any better, the Dailygreatness planner ALSO includes financial managing and budget worksheets for your business!

The motivational quotes that pop up along the way are also an awesome way to help you stay on track.

“This planner is so great! I’ve already boosted my sales and created new products in less than a month!”

- Nathalie B.

Coming in at $44.95, this planner is undated so you can start it whenever you’re feeling super motivated to conquer those business goals. Ahem, can you say, “financial freedom, much?”

And there you have it!  The five, well six ;), best planners you can find on the market today!

After many years of searching and trying planner after planner, I am so excited that I have finally found multiple options that suit my needs – and hopefully yours too! 

There’s no better time than the present to get realistic about your dreams and goals.  And what better way to stay accountable and on track than with an awesome planner that guides you along the way!?

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Do you already have your perfect planner or are you on the hunt for one? Will you be checking out one of the ones in this post? I hope you do!

Talk soon,


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