TMDHosting vs Bluehost: 5 Reasons Why You Need To Change Hosting Companies Now

by | Feb 15, 2017 | Blogging

TMDHosting is hands-down the best WordPress host for sooooo many reasons.

Are you starting a blog?

Or maybe you already have one.

Either way, you know that running a blog is not an easy task.

A lot goes into operating a website and having the support you need when you need it, is key to your success.

Maybe you have some questions about a plugin, or your site isn’t running correctly, or you just need some gosh darn guidance, you’re going to feel better if you know who to contact and have confidence that they will actually help you.

Don’t make your blogging life more difficult by choosing a company that doesnt have your best interest at heart.

Because it will cost you your time and your money.

DO make your blogging life easier by choosing the right company to host your website – TMDHosting.

If you're starting a blog you need TMDHosting. Choose TMDHosting to host your WordPress blog instead of Bluehost to experience the fastest site speeds, the more secure site, the best customer service, and unlimited site space.

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TMDHosting is so underrated and I just cannot figure out why.

Maybe it’s simply because they haven’t been discovered by the big dogs yet.

But when they do, rest assured, you’ll never hear of Bluehost again.

Because TMDHosting ROCKS.  On sooooooo many levels.

Now, I do not aim to badmouth Bluehost.

I do, however, aim to tell you why TMDHosting is 10x better than Bluehost.

Cost, website speed, and customer/technical support are important to you, right?

Good.  Then you’ll have no problem agreeing with me that TMDHosting outdoes Bluehost on all those fronts making TMDHosting the best WordPress host on the market.


TMDHosting is better than Bluehost, best wordpress host, wordpress hosting


Customer service means a lot to me…as I’m sure it does to you, too.

It’s so important that it is the first thing I look for in reviews before deciding on a company to work with.

If I can’t easily get in touch with you with questions and concerns, I’m out.

And, unfortunately, that is exactly what happened with Bluehost.

Now, let me explain.  In no way do I intend to bad mouth Bluehost or the people who use and promote their site.  My only intention is to give you my full and honest review because I did have a very different and distinct experience that I feel needs to be shared with other new (or old) bloggers out there.

Because blogging is hard.

And because starting a website from scratch is hard.

And having no support in the process when you run into issues with your website is hard…and frustrating…and just down right unprofessional.

Having had no prior experience creating and running a blog, me and Matt had to do a lot of research on our own and ultimately followed the recommended steps and services that others provided us.

Then we ran into some issues…nay, LOTS of issues.

Our site was constantly crashing.  Or it’s changes wouldn’t be saved.  Or our site frequently experienced glitches.

And we had no idea why.

When we would attempt to contact Bluehost to figure out why our site was not operating correctly, we would always walk away feeling even more confused.

Getting in touch with their support team via live chat was awful.  Every single time I tried to chat with somebody, it would take 10-30 minutes to connect (because they are always sooooooooo busy) and if it ever did connect, I would almost always get disconnected mid conversation.

E-mail was no better.

So…maybe Bluehost’s customer service isn’t crap…but you’d only know that if by some slim chance you ever got in touch with them.

Finally, we had had enough and began researching other hosting services.

TMDHosting was one of many services that we researched and is a million times better than Bluehost for so. many. reasons.

But first and foremost, their customer service is amazing.

Like really…really amazing.

Upon arriving on their website, you are instantly connected with a customer service agent via live chat that is ready to take care of all of your needs.

They walk you through the entire purchasing process to make sure your questions are answered and to ensure that the plan you are purchasing is the best choice for your business.

Seriously, they rock.

And it doesn’t end there.

Once you’re using TMDHosting as your hosting service for your WordPress blog (or website), their team of technical support is on call 24/7. 

Yes, you read that right.  They are always available to help you.

And I can vouch for them.

I’m quite technically challenged and thus have had to submit many a ticket to their technical support crew to help me through some site issues.  Each time, they have gotten back to me within the first half hour, kept me up-to-date with what they were doing to fix my site’s issue, and then updated me when the issue was fixed. Some things were fixed within minutes, while others took longer due to the extent of the issue.

But regardless, every single time I’ve dealt with their customer service or technical support, they have fixed my issue ASAP.

And that, my friends, is immeasurable to me when it comes to my business connections.

TMDHosting 1, Bluehost 0.

“None came even close in terms of hardware specification, prices, and after purchase technical support.”

- Rafal Jankos


TMDHosting is better than Bluehost, best wordpress host, wordpress hosting
TMDHosting is better than Bluehost, best wordpress host, wordpress hosting

What is better than saving money??

Uhhhh…yeah…that’s what I thought.


Why would you choose to spend more money and get less?

Less support, less website space, less flexibility.

Yep, TMDHosting out does Bluehost on all of those fronts.

Both Bluehost and TMDHosting offer their best price when you sign up for a three-year term.  That is, you have to pay up front for three years of hosting.

TMDHosting is only $2.85/month — Bluehost: $3.95.

With TMD you get a free domain with purchase.

You get 24/7 technical support — who actually answer and fix your concerns.

You get unlimited website space. (with Bluehost you only get 50 GB)

And you get a 60-day money back guarantee…Bluehost’s policy is only for 30-days.

You get so. much. more with TMDHosting for so. much. less. #$$$

TMDHosting 2, Bluehost 0.

3: TMDHosting offers faster website speeds

fastest wordpress host, TMDHosting is better than Bluehost, best wordpress host, wordpress hosting

Have you ever clicked on a blog via Pinterest and then waited and waited and waited for it to load?

Ugh! The worst, right?

Don’t let that be your site by signing up with TMDHosting.

TMD offers the newest technology in the website hosting world.

From what I understand…and in not so technical terms…TMD uses SSD drives on their servers while other hosting companies, such as Bluehost, use a slower type of drive called HDD.

Hosting a site with SSD drives will make your site 20x faster than sites hosted on Bluehost.

Better yet, SSD space is more reliable, so your site won’t crash…ever.

With TMDHosting, you get unlimited SSD space for a cheaper price than the competition.  (Bluehost only offers 50 GB of website space for a higher price.)

You guessed it – TMDHosting 3, Bluehost 0.

4:TMD installs your wordpress site for you – for free!

TMDHosting is better than Bluehost, best wordpress host, wordpress hosting

If you’re purchasing hosting because you are trying to start a blog, you’re going to need WordPress installed.

TMDHosting will do it for you…for no additional cost.

All you have to do is put in a ticket with technical support upon purchasing a plan and that’s it.  They’ll let you know when your site is up and ready to operate.

TMD takes the stress out of starting your blog.

Bluehost also claims to install WordPress for you, but not so much.

They “walk you through” the process of installing it – but let me tell you, we tried this and it is not easy.

We had to hire a tech friend experienced with WordPress to do it for us.

Take the stress out of creating your new site and let a professional take the reins for you on TMD.

To those of you who already have a WordPress site hosted with another host, you’re in good luck.

TMDHosting will transfer your current site for you, for free, with zero downtime.

Thats right – you can easily transfer your current site with no downtime to a host that will make your blog 20x faster and save you money.

Uhm, sign me up?

TMDHosting 4, Bluehost 0.


Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, TMDHosting offers even more for such a low cost.

Not only do they offer faster website speeds, 24/7 customer support, and site security, they also offer boat loads of free downloads such as apps, plugins, and templates.

My favorite feature that they offer is their drag and drop site builder.

If you’re not experienced with WordPress or with coding HTML, easily creating a website is hard.

Like, soooo much harder than I ever would have expected.

I haven’t personally used TMD’s site builder, but I do use a different drag and drop site builder (called Divi) and it changed the game for us.

Creating a clean and functional website was made 1000x easier when we started using a drag and drop site builder.

And TMDHosting gives you one for free with your purchase of their hosting.


Ooooohh yeeeaaahh…I think we can agree that TMDHosting is clearly the best WordPress host out there.

TMDHosting 5, Bluehost 0.

“It is the best hosting service I have ever used!”

- Desmond Thompson

Easily create the website of your dreams with TMDHostings’s FREE drag and drop site builder!

I don’t know about you, but it seems pretty clear which is the better hosting company.


They offer the best customer and technical support, are cheaper, and faster than Bluehost.

And that, to me, seems like a no brainer when choosing the best company to host your website.

I know Bluehost is heavily promoted in the blogging world, but from my experience, I just don’t understand why.

It is so clear on so many levels why TMD is a better choice to host your website.

Easily create a lightening fast website with TMDHosting’s free drag and drop site builder…and always have the support you need, when you need it.

Make the right decision for your website and for your sanity 😉

Talk soon,


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