12 Healthy Habits You Need For A Better And Happier Life

by | Feb 18, 2017 | Simplifying

Working towards a better me is always on my to-do list.

How about yours?

Cause it should be 😉

Something I love doing is reading about how to live a healthier and happier life and then setting goals to make those things a habit in my life.

Habits are a great way to set up automation in your life in order to live more simply.

Once your routines become a habit and you no longer have to think about them, the simpler your mornings, afternoons, and nights become in all aspects of life.

We all want to live a long, happy, and simple life, right?

Well, is there any better time to start than the present!?

12 months to a better you. Start a new habit every month to make your life better and simpler. Habits and routines make life better!

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Living my life to the absolute fullest and becoming the best version of myself are two things that I focus on every single day.

We can always be improving ourselves, even if only in small aspects of our life.  Little changes add up to big changes. 

Focusing on habits that enrich your life, such as improving your mental and physical health, creating better bonds, and becoming more knowledgeable, will only make your life better.  It is naïve of people to think individuals cannot and shouldn’t change.  Nobody is perfect, so why not take conscious efforts toward improvement each and every day?

I guarantee that you can incorporate something new into your life and stick with it for twenty-one days. 

And after that?  It’ll just become a habit in your everyday routine.  You won’t even have to think about it.

Although all of our goals and aspirations are different, there are a few (twelve to be exact) habits that I feel everybody could benefit from.

These habits will make you a happier and healthier person while creating more balance and freedom in your life…At least I hope they do. 😉

At the beginning of the year, brain dump all of the things you wish to change, improve, learn, etc. in the year to come.  Then, each month, pick one of those things to hone in on and make a habit.

One new habit a month, that’s it!  Ready?


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The best way to start new habits is to write them down, right?

And the best place to write them down?  Your planner, silly!

This way, all your habits are focused in one spot that you can easily access for accountability!

Be sure to track your habits in order to stay consistent and on track — you must practice your habits before they become instinctual and routine. 

If you’re in the market for a new planner, check out my fav five here.

Having a cute and functional planner is a must for me!

I don’t know about you, but I am always more likely to follow through with something if I’ve written it down in my planner the night before.

I can’t have those words looming over me all day and then not do it.  Oh – and the sweet satisfaction you feel when you get to check it off!

I always feel more motivated and energized after I’ve taken the time to plan out my days.

Writing out my monthly plans, goals, and to-do lists makes it that much easier to stay on track.

Make it a habit to schedule out “planner time” each night before bed.  It is a great way to wind down from the day, reflect, and plan for tomorrow. 

Or, if you don’t have the energy to plan each night (I know I don’t), make it a habit to schedule in planner time as a part of your Sunday routine!  (This is when I do my planning for the week)  

That way, I just have to glance at my planner the night before to prepare for what’s in store for tomorrow.

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Brain dump all of your “to-do’s” and then prioritize based on importance.  You can also jot down any appointments you have and fill in free time with such things as exercise and hobbies.

Trust me, you’ll wake up feeling more organized and more motivated.  So much so, that having a productive day with become the norm – every day. How awesome is that?

Need some help using your planner in the more effective way possible in order to boost productivity?

Check out our post on the Five Most Effective Ways To Use Your Planner To Become More Productive!



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Paying attention to your budget is a great habit to introduce into your life.

Nobody enjoys wasting money; so shouldn’t you be aware of where your money is going each month?

Having a budget is so important to living a healthy and balanced life, yet I find more often than not, most people do not have a plan.  They have no idea how much money they take in each month or how much they spend each month.

This just blows. my. mind!!

Having a solid budget system in place is a must.

If you have a job and a bank account, then you need a budget. 

Start this new habit by evaluating your current budget plan and make sure that it is still working for you in the most efficient way possible.

Does budgeting each week stress you out?  Maybe it’s time for a new system. 

Or maybe you don’t have a plan at all.  Then you definitely need a new system. 

Do your research and experiment to find the best option for your lifestyle.  Find a system that works for you so you can work less.

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Once you have an effective system in place, make it a habit to reevaluate your budget every six months or whenever your income or fixed expenses drastically change.

This way you always know that your money is coming and going from and to the right places.

I mean, what’s better than not having to think about your finances?!

Want to quickly and easily automate your budget so you don’t have to worry about your finances?  Sign up for our free 4-day email course today!


Now don’t tell me that there’s not something you wish you could have. 

Something you’ve been dying to purchase.

Maybe it’s a new purse, a brand-new car, or even a house.

Regardless of what, most everybody has something that they wish they could afford to buy. 

So why not have an efficient savings plan set up that you can put into play whenever there’s something you’re looking to buy? 

Making this a habit now will benefit you loads in the future, over and over again.

Alike your budgeting system, you should also have a savings system in place that works for you and your lifestyle.

I personally recommend that you automatically deposit a certain amount of money into a savings account each pay cycle, since that is what works for my lifestyle.  This way I don’t have to think about saving — it does it automatically.

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If you want to save $50, make sure you’re depositing $5 a week for ten weeks, for example.

Having a habit of implementing your savings plan will make you more accountable with your money and actually lead you to the money you need to buy that awesome new stuff.

And do you know the best part about this habit?  You literally don’t even have to think about it after your direct deposit is set up!


Once you choose a plan and implement it, that’s it!  Just sit back and watch the money grow and grow and grow…and grow. (sunglasses emoji)

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4: H20, MY FRIEND.

habits make life better, 12 habits for a better life, how to make life better, how to make life simpler

I know, I know.  Another blog post telling you to drink more water. 

Well, for good reason!

More than half of our bodies are made up of water so it’s obvious how essential it is to be replenishing your water intake each day.  But it seems that more often than not, most people are not drinking their required amount of water each day.

I know I don’t always drink the recommended 8-10 glasses of water a day.

But when I do, I 100% can tell the difference. 

There are SO many health benefits to drinking more water.  Better skin, hair, and nails, more energy, and weight loss…just to name a few.

Start this habit by purchasing a cute new water bottle and bring it everywhere.

Make it a habit to make sure your water bottle is filled up at all times so you’ll start to automatically drink more of it. 

If the water is always with you, it’ll just become instinctual to drink more throughout the day.

Hate water?  Check out 5 Ways to Make Water Taste Better (So You’ll Drink More of It) by Women’s Health!

My favorite water bottles are the tumbler style with a straw – Idk what it is, but drinking from a straw is so. much. better than not — and you can find crazy cute ones on Etsy or Amazon.

And if you really need to stay on top of your water intake game, there’s a smart water bottle that keeps track of your water intake and urges you to drink more if you haven’t met your goal yet. #thisisthefuture


habits make life better, 12 habits for a better life, how to make life better, how to make life simpler

It’s so easy to head to bed totally exhausted, too tired to prepare for the day that follows.

Or take off your eyeliner, for that matter.

Making simple routine’s a habit in your life will undoubtedly make your life easier — like a night time routine.

Getting into a routine before bed will help you to destress and focus on the important things, like planning for the following day, your skin care, and focusing on yourself in order to destress.

Having a night-time routine to relax and prepare for the following day is an awesome habit to have if you want to become more productive with your time and more accountable with your goals since you’ll have so much more energy to focus on the important things!

A solid night-time routine should always start with shutting down from all electronics at leaaassst a half hour before you go to sleep.

Ugh, I know…so hard right?!

Trust me, though, it makes a world of difference.

Staring at a TV, computer, or cell phone screen right up until you go to sleep makes it so much harder to fall asleep…and stay asleep. (Don’t believe me, check out the evidence)

Getting a good night sleep is the foundation to having a productive and successful day.

Do your future self a favor and shut down!

Your Instagram feed can wait till the morning 😉

Need some more night routine inspiration?  Check out 10 Things To Do Before Bed by Lapinblu, now!

But, like, are you following us on Instagram?;)


There’s nothing I hate more than waking up in the morning feeling tired, disheveled, and unmotivated.

Starting your day off on the wrong foot throws off your entire day as you try to play catch up with your to-do list while drinking cup after cup of coffee.

Having a solid morning routine is just as important as a night-time one to enhance motivation and productivity throughout the day.

You ended the night before on a positive and productive note and it would be a shame to not follow-through with that productivity the next morning.

Make it a habit to wake up at a time that is right for you. A time that allows you to have a solid amount of sleep, but also gives you ample time in the morning to get your sh*t together before having to run out the door.

When I set my alarm for a time earlier than I need to be up (and actually get up), I always have a better day.

It just feels so nice to not rush around in the morning.

Giving yourself that extra time to wake up, stretch, make yourself a good breakfast, and go over the things you need to do that day will set the stage for your day to progress without stress. 

I don’t know about you, but I am boat loads more productive when I am not consumed with unorganized and stressful thoughts of all the things I need to do, but can’t remember.

Creating a morning routine and making it a habit in your life will undeniably make your life easier, less stressful, and more productive.

Need some inspiration for your morning routine? Check out Bustle’s roundup of the 9 Morning Habits of Successful People!



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Sunday’s are meant for pajamas and football, right?  Wrong.

They’re meant for pajamas and planning!

Are you catching on to the pattern of these habits?  I’m telling ya, taking a few minutes (ok, sometimes hours) out of my day to plan for the future has made my life so. much. easier. 

There’s nothing worse than waking up late for work, rushing around to find clean clothes, and jetting out the door without breakfast.

Cue an unsuccessful day, amiright?

Taking a small amount of time out of your Sunday to prepare for the week to come will make your week so much easier and that much more enjoyable.

On Sunday’s I love to reevaluate my goals for the month and the steps needed to accomplish those goals.

I also take the time to meal plan for the week, food prep based on my meal plan, and plan my work outfits.

This way, come Monday morning, when I wake up needing five more hours of sleep and three large cups of coffee, I can easily get dressed (in the dark), grab my breakfast, snacks, and lunch in the fridge and head out the door with time to spare.  (Cause Dunks, duh.)


Ah, sleep.

I would sleep twelve hours a day if I could.

Let’s just say, I am always DTN…down to nap.

This is one habit that I haven’t quite mastered yet but am working on each and every day.  It’s hard to get on a sleep schedule when your work schedule isn’t consistent and you aren’t able to go to sleep at the same time every single night….unless that time was midnight. *eye roll emoji*  But, alas, I am trying.

Because having a consistent sleep schedule is so key to functioning productively the next day. 

Our bodies are designed to do things consistently, and often function better when we do.

Download one of those cool sleep monitoring apps and figure out how many hours of sleep you require to fully replenish and reload for a new day. 

Then, based off of that number, set a bedtime and a wake-up time, and stick. to. it. 

Give your body what it wants!

Now, this doesn’t mean you have to go to bed at 9pm with your toddler, but if you’re going to bed at midnight and need eight hours of sleep, make sure you’re able to sleep in till 8:00am every day.

And if you are – I am SO jealous.

Getting a full eight hours of uninterrupted sleep a night? That’s the dream.


habits make life better, 12 habits for a better life, how to make life better, how to make life simpler


Getting old is no joke, and if you don’t continue to exercise, that process is going to be a long and painful one. 

I don’t know about you, but I will come up with every excuse in the book to not exercise.

But when I actually do, man do I feel better.

There’s nothing like a refreshing walk in the morning to wake you up and get your mind going.  Or some simple yoga to relieve some stress.

Exercising benefits you in sooo many different areas of your life.  It’s a shame we don’t prioritize it better in our lives.

“But I don’t have the time to exercise” – Such a classic line.  And a valid one.  I use it often myself.

But in reality, I bet we can and should find some extra time in our day, even just thirty minutes, to fit in some form of exercise. 

Make it a habit to schedule in some form of exercise at least 3 times a week. 

Write it down in your planner so you don’t forget.

Create goals and stay on track to achieve them…because bathing suit season is always right around the corner 😉


Just like your body needs to be exercised in order to stay fit and agile, so doesn’t your brain. 

Your brain is not unlike any other muscle in your body and needs to be used consistently to keep it operating smoothly and correctly.

Make it a habit to workout your brain daily, even just for thirty minutes. 

Grab a good book, play a board game with the family, or use brain stimulating apps on your phone.

Yes, you can use your phone to exercise your brain…just get off of twitter.

My favorite apps are StumbleUpon and any local news app that you enjoy.

StumbleUpon is great because it compiles tons of articles from a wide range of topics and allows you to browse them at random.

I am always learning new stuff from StumbleUpon, and what better way to exercise your brain than to be constantly learning new things? 

Keeping up with your local news and news from around the world is also a fantastic way to challenge yourself and your brain.

It is important to educate yourself about current events and better yet, you can help your brain at the same time!



There’s this awesome book called “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” that every person everywhere should keep on their nightstand. 

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” is an entire book of short snippets to help you realize that there are more important things to life.

That often times, the things we stress about and get angry and upset about aren’t really that big of a deal.

Practicing patience, kindness, and empathy will undoubtedly make your life simpler and take the stress out of life.

Try to think of all the things that stress you out, upset you, infuriate you.

Now look to the big picture – do those things really matter all that much?  Ten years from now, twenty, or thirty years from now, will you even remember what it is that’s causing you such unwarranted stress?  Probably not.

Taking a few seconds to take a deep breath and reevaluate your situation can help you loads with your stress management.

Make it a habit to breath and think before reacting.  You’d be surprised how many things in life just really aren’t worth your energy. 

Positive energy should be goals, always.

Get your copy, here!



Now, even though we’re going to make it a habit to be more patient, kind, and understanding, it would be unrealistic to think that you’ll never feel stressed or upset again. 

Which is totally fine!

As long as you know how to manage those feelings.

Negative feelings are always temporary when you make it a habit to quickly address and resolve those feelings.

My favorite way to destress is to break out my pamper routine. 

We bust our butt’s on the daily and we deserve some US time, goddamit.

This may be difficult for some people, but your happiness is just as important as the people’s around you and you deserve a break every now and then.

Make it a habit of recognizing when you need you time and actually take that time for yourself.

It’s important to learn how to relax and de-stress so you don’t burn out.

While you’re relaxing in your bubble filled tub, wine glass in hand, really dive into your emotions and figure out what is causing your stress, anxiety and all around negative feelings.

Once you understand the root of your feelings, it’ll be that much easier to come up with a game plan to dig your way out to more positive thoughts.


I think we can all agree that a simpler life is a happier life.  

Who enjoys running around like a chicken with their head cut off? Not me, that’s for sure!

Making it a habit to set up routines in multiple areas of my life has helped tremendously when it comes to staying more organized and less stressed, and has increased my overall satisfaction of life. 

Use our habit organizing printable to plan out new habits to incorporate into your life each month – or use the printable that we’ve already filled out for you!

Then, track your success with our habit tracker printable! 🙂

I hope some of these habits can find a home in your life and bring as much simplicity to your life as they’ve brought to mine.

What’s your favorite way to bring more organization and simplicity to your life?  Let me know!  I’m always looking for new ways to make my life simpler.

Talk soon,


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