The Best Budget Binder To Get Your Finances In Order

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Hello, friends!

We are so excited to introduce our 2017 Budget Boss Binder!

Drum roll pleaaaasssee!

In addition to our 3-step budget automation system, we thought you might enjoy a sweet ‘lil binder to store all your awesome budgeting printables!

We call it our Budget Boss Binder since you’ll be able to take control of your finances, easily and quickly.

Not only will you be able to implement the budget automation system with the binder, you’ll also be able to record a calendar view of your monthly budget, track your expenses throughout each month, and set and accomplish savings goals!

Feel free to use each printable in conjunction with the system, or find your own uses — they’re super versatile!  Also, add any other budgeting printables that you enjoy using to really customize it for your needs!

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Budget Boss Binder Cover

The 3-Step Budget Automation System Income & Expenses Printable

As part of our budget automation system is the income and expense printable where you can easily record your monthly streams of income and your monthly expenses – fixed and/or variable.

I used to just randomly jot all of this information down on a loose-leaf piece of paper — only to always find myself losing it when I needed to refer back to it for budget tracking, ugh.

Then, I had the hubs create a printable for me and it changed my life.

No, but really.  This thing makes it so easy to organize all of the necessary information simply and clearly and stores great in a sleeve protector in your binder or file cabinet.

Learn how to use this printable in conjunction with our budget automation system to more simply track your monthly income and fixed and/or variable expenses with our super quick and simply 4-Day Email Course!


Or, if you’d rather use your own budgeting system, you can use this printable to organize information about your monthly streams of income and your monthly expenses.

For a more detailed explanation of how we like to use this printable, check out the post here: How to Fool-Proof Your Budget With Our 3-Step Budget System.

*Print one copy for each monthly expense category you want to budget, such as one for your fixed expenses and one for your variable expenses.*

The 3-Step Budget Automation System Bank Account Organizer Printable

This printable is great for keeping track of all your bank account information!

Whether you’re using our 3-step budget system to automate your finances, or you just need a place to write down all the information, this printable gets the job done!

Just simply store in a sleeve protector in your budget binder or loose-leaf style in your filing cabinet — make sure to have a separate hanging folder for all your budgeting printables so it is always easily accessible.

Have more than six bank accounts that you need to record information for?  Just print out duplicate of this printable 🙂

To learn how to divvy up and automate your income into separate bank accounts with the 3-step budget system, check out the post here!


The ‘Month At A Glance’ Calendar View Printable

Personally, I like to have a calendar where I can record my bill due dates – separate from the calendar in my planner.

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This way, it’s super easy to quickly refer back each week so you don’t miss any due dates.

It’s also a great place to jot down any surprise expenses for the month, such as doctors appointment co-pays, that will be paid for with your buffer money.

AKA your fixed expense account safety net money 😉

You can also use this printable to get a monthly overview of the starting and ending balances in your account after your total monthly expenses have been paid.

Need to record information for more than one bank account?  Simply print out more than one of these printables and label accordingly!

The Monthly Expense Ledger Printable

The monthly ledger printable is similar to the monthly calendar view printable in that it allows you to easily track your monthly expenses.

The monthly ledger, though, goes into far more detail, allowing you to track the exact amount that should be in your account after each bill is paid and after each payday.

Simply fill in the adjustment space with the bill title or with your payday.

The date section, with, well, the date 😉

The amount with the amount of the bill or how much you were paid.

And finally, the adjusted balance for your fixed expenses bank account.

Need to track more than one account?  Print out as many pages as you need 🙂


The Savings Goals & Tracker Printable


Stay on track and accomplish your savings goals with the savings tracker printable!

Simply list out your savings goals at the top, then as each month goes by you can celebrate sticking to your goals by coloring in the monthly boxes 😉

Saving has never been so fun…and easy!

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There you have it!

The new 2017 Budget Boss Binder — making organizing your finances and automating your budget a breeeeze!

What are your favorite printables to organize your budget?  Leave a link in the comments below 🙂

Talk soon,


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