5 Daily Tricks That Will Change How You Clean Your Home

by | Mar 31, 2017 | Simplifying

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We all want a clean home…all the time, right?

It seems impossible to do when you have a million other, more important, things on your to-do list every single day.

I mean, sometimes I barely have time to shower – let alone clean my entire house.

Well, the impossible just became possible when your break your cleaning down into smaller, more frequent tasks.

By doing a little cleaning here and there on more instances than you are used to, keeping your home looking and feeling clean will become simple and automatic!

I got into the routine of practicing these five simple ‘clean home’ tips and let me tell ya, my home is almost always looking as if we don’t have two small kids who leave rooms like a tornado rolled through. 

Cheers to clean homes and happy parents!


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Having a clean home really doesn’t take all that much time and/or effort.

The secret is to have bins and baskets strategically located around your house where you can easily throw everything that is currently cluttering your space.

So, take a day to hit up your local dollar store and go nuts buying baskets, bins, and containers – truly, you can never have too many.

Then, grab your label maker or attach cute chalkboard labels and label your bins!

After, go room to room and place these baskets, bins, and/or containers in places that aren’t all that visible, such as under your coffee table, end tables, in closets, and in drawers.

This way, when you quickly need to tidy up your space, you can easily throw all the toys in their toy bin, blankets in the blanket basket, and remotes/controllers in their tray – and voila, instant clean home!

This simple – and cheap – trick has made keeping my home clean and clutter free so much easier.

It’s also helped my four-year-old to lend a helping hand since he can easily recognize where his toys need to go.

SO simple, right?!


A quick and simple way to always have a clean home is to dedicate a small portion of time each day to cleaning.

Now, I don’t mean you need to wash the windows and walls.

Simply make sure clutter is back in their homes and dirty surfaces are wiped down.

Each day, I also like to make sure our beds are made (or at least the covers are thrown up in an attempt to have it looking made) and the dishes are done.

(And if you know anything about my family – our dishes are never done…hey, progress takes time.)

I like to do this quick ‘clean home’ cleaning routine at the end of each day after the kids are in bed and not making more messes.

It takes me about fifteen to thirty minutes to quickly move from room to room tidying up.  Sometimes I break out the vacuum, but not always.  Save that for your more in depth weekly cleaning routine!


I never really thought of my family as living minimally until I really took the time to look around my home.

For the most part, we really try to only keep necessary items in our house as to not add to the clutter that a family of four brings with it.

That means if it isn’t serving a purpose any longer – it’s got to go.

About four times a year (once each season), go through each room in your house and ‘spring clean.’

You can do this with toys, electronics, movies, games, clothes, and the list goes on!

The fewer things you have cluttering up your space, the fewer things you have to worry about cleaning.

Let me tell you, for example, having fewer clothes has never made my life so much easier.

Picking out an outfit in the morning is 100x simpler when I don’t have to rummage through five billions pairs of jeans and tee shirts trying to find the perfect outfit.

The same goes for our kids’ wardrobes – making dressing themselves much easier!

This with also decrease the amount of laundry you need to do, and amen to that!

Think about trying a minimalist approach to life – you may be surprised at how much you enjoy it!


Have a clean home, take some stress off of yourself, and teach your kids responsibility by creating chore charts so they can help out around the house!

We just made our four-year-old his first chore chart – I know, a long time coming – and it has helped us immensely!

Not only is he able to feel more independent and learn how to do things on his own, but he takes certain tasks off of our plates so we can free up time for other things.

Included in his chore chart is things such as getting himself dressed in the morning, making his bed, cleaning up his toys, etc.

We also got a little creative with his chore chart and added in eating his fruits and veggies each day, since this is a chore all in itself.

As a reward, he earns five minutes of screen time for each accomplished chore each day.

There are tons of chore charts floating around Pinterest that cater to different ages that you can easily print and hang on your fridge!

Or, like we did, I simply wrote up the chart on a blank sheet of paper, inserted it into a plastic binder sleeve and can now use dry erase markers on it each week!

It hangs on our fridge, and let me tell you, being able to check off his chores with the ‘magic’ marker is motivation enough for our little guy to do his chores!



Along with cleaning out your clutter each season, you should also be deep cleaning your home each season.

I find that roughly four times a year is plenty to keep most things looking clean with little upkeep throughout the weeks.

Take this time to dedicate a little extra love to each room in your home.

Think about making a checklist for each room (or find one on Pinterest)!

Seasonally cleaning will include bigger jobs like washing the windows and walls, moving around furniture in order to clean beneath, washing couch cushions and pillows, and of course getting rid of things you no longer use and/or need.

Season cleaning are a few of my favorite days of the year – when you get to open the windows and prepare for a new and exciting time in the year 🙂

And, only having to do these things four times a year is a total score!

What do you do to keep your home always looking fresh and clean??  Do you have any favorite checklists or products you use!?

Talk soon!


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