18 Kick Ass Resources You Need To Rock Your Finances

18 Kick Ass Resources You Need To Rock Your Finances

Do you find it difficult to stick to your budget system?  Or don’t have a budget system at all?

Is saving money difficult?  Or near impossible after paying for bills and other necessities?

Today I’ve gathered up some of the best resources the internet has to offer to help you create your perfect budget system, stick to your budget, and help you save more money than ever before!

I’ve broken the links down into sections so you can easily navigate to the type of resource you’re looking for 🙂

budget tips, how to budget, budget for first timers, simple budget, free printables
budget tips, bugeting, how to budget, free printables, simple budget
This post may contain affiliate links.  All opinions are our own, honest review.

If you’re looking to get your finances in order, you’ve come to the right place!

I’ve organized the best resources about budgeting and broken them down into 5 main sections:


  1. Budget Systems
  2. Budget Tracking
  3. Savings
  4. Debt
  5. Money Saving Tips & Tricks
budget system, how to budget, budget printables

This post may contain affiliate links.  All opinions are our own.

With so many budgeting systems floating around on Pinterest and Google, how can you possibly find the one that works best for you?!

(In my case I finally created my own budget system, ha)

But if you’re not tryna make your own budget from scratch, check out the four budgeting systems that I feel work the best for the most people.

Experiment with different systems until you find your perfect match – it could be one of the ones below or a combination of more than one – the possibilities are endless!


1 – The Budget Automation System by Who Says WhatWant to set up your finances so you literally don’t even have to think about paying your bills or saving your extra cash?  Try out the budget automation system to set up automatic deposits into your accounts with the exact amount of money you need for bills, miscellaneous spending, and savings!

2 – The Basic Budget for Beginners provided by Pretty Providence – great for first-time budgeters and college students!

3 – The Zero-Sum Budget, explained by Hope And CentsThis is a popular budgeting system that works for so many people!  Similar to our budget automation system, The Zero-Sum Budget works by allocating all of your income each month to specific categories, such as bills and savings until you’re out of money.

4 – The Cash Envelope Budget System By The Budget MomThis budget system is great if you find it difficult to spend your money on the right things since the cash in each labeled envelope is the only money you have for that expense.  Find yourself spending too much than allocated on groceries?  Or spending your bill money on personal items?  Try out the Cash Envelope System to eliminate overspending and get back on track with your finances!

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Now that we have effectively found and implemented the budget system that works for us, we need a place to track our budget, right?!

A sheet of paper would do just fine, but if you like to be a teeny bit more organized, I’ve found some great *free* resources for ya!

5 – The 2017 Budget Boss Binder by Who Says WhatThis binder is great to organize your budget system while also allowing you to track your monthly income and expenses.  Stay organized and on track with your budget by using our free printable budget binder!

6 – Bill Payment Tracker Printable by Clean And ScentsibleIf you’re looking for a simple solution to managing your budget, check out this awesome bill payment tracker to make sure you always have enough money to pay your bills on time!

7 – Budget Tracking For Your Business by Printable CrushPrintable Crush has so many amazing and free printables on their website, and their business budget tracking printables do not disappoint!  If you’re in the business of running your own business, these business budget printables are great!

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Alright, so our budget system is implemented and we’re successfully tracking our budget each month!

Yay us!

Now it’s time to start saving more money than before, using some handy tips and tricks from the awesome bloggers below!

8 Try the 12 Month Emergency Fund Savings Challenge by The Extra Income Project – its always a good idea to have an emergency fund, just in case!  You never know when you could encounter an unexpected expense!  Try saving enough for your emergency fund with a fun challenge like this one!

9 – These 97 Money Saving Tricks by Growing Slower will add so much extra cash to your savings account!

10 – Try Turning Your Receipts Into Cash to add to your savings accounts with this helpful post from What The Girls Say!



Ugh, debt!

If you have debt, I’m willing to bet that you’re trying to get out of it, right?

Make getting out of debt easier than ever before with the help of these awesome posts below!

11 – Learn How to Negotiate Delinquent Debt with Lauren Greutman 

12 – Get Your Free Printable Debt Snowball Printable from A Cultivated Nest – The post makes it so easy to understand what a debt snowball plan is and how to use the printable to accomplish your debt payoff goals!

13 Check out 9 Ways to Pay Off Debt Fast with Frugal Rules! – These are some awesome tips that most anybody can implement.  Save money by doing such things as getting rid of a bill or eating out less frequently!  Check out the entire list over on Frugal Rules!

14 – Living on one income?  Learn how to still pay off debt with Pennies Into Pearls’ Post: How to Live on One Income and Still Pay off Debt!



Need some more tips and tricks to start saving more money?

Check out some awesome tips below b to cut costs in places you probably didn’t even know existed!

15 – Learn How to Plean Your Meals Like A Pro in order to save money at the grocery store with Smart Mom Smart Ideas!  – She even includes an awesome and free meal planning planner!

16Save money with these 200 Cheap Meal Ideas by Prudent Penny Pincher – Cheap and delicious!

17 – 113 Clothing Hacks to Save Money by Best of Budgets – Save money on clothing so you can spend that money elsewhere!  Or save it!

 18Learn How To Save Money At Starbucks by Best of Budgets! – You can continue to enjoy your Starbucks, now, without the guilt!


Alright, there you have it!

The 18 best resources on the web to organize your budget!

Implement your budget system, track it, get out of debt, and save more money!


What are your favorite resources for all your budgeting needs?!

Talk soon, 


The Best Budget Binder To Get Your Finances In Order

The Best Budget Binder To Get Your Finances In Order

Hello, friends!

We are so excited to introduce our 2017 Budget Boss Binder!

Drum roll pleaaaasssee!

In addition to our 3-step budget automation system, we thought you might enjoy a sweet ‘lil binder to store all your awesome budgeting printables!

We call it our Budget Boss Binder since you’ll be able to take control of your finances, easily and quickly.

Not only will you be able to implement the budget automation system with the binder, you’ll also be able to record a calendar view of your monthly budget, track your expenses throughout each month, and set and accomplish savings goals!

Feel free to use each printable in conjunction with the system, or find your own uses — they’re super versatile!  Also, add any other budgeting printables that you enjoy using to really customize it for your needs!

Use the 2017 Budget Binder to quickly organize your finances and stay on track with your budget!

This post may contain affiliate links.  All opinions are our own, honest review.  Read our disclosure here.


Budget Boss Binder Cover

The 3-Step Budget Automation System Income & Expenses Printable

As part of our budget automation system is the income and expense printable where you can easily record your monthly streams of income and your monthly expenses – fixed and/or variable.

I used to just randomly jot all of this information down on a loose-leaf piece of paper — only to always find myself losing it when I needed to refer back to it for budget tracking, ugh.

Then, I had the hubs create a printable for me and it changed my life.

No, but really.  This thing makes it so easy to organize all of the necessary information simply and clearly and stores great in a sleeve protector in your binder or file cabinet.

Learn how to use this printable in conjunction with our budget automation system to more simply track your monthly income and fixed and/or variable expenses with our super quick and simply 4-Day Email Course!


Or, if you’d rather use your own budgeting system, you can use this printable to organize information about your monthly streams of income and your monthly expenses.

For a more detailed explanation of how we like to use this printable, check out the post here: How to Fool-Proof Your Budget With Our 3-Step Budget System.

*Print one copy for each monthly expense category you want to budget, such as one for your fixed expenses and one for your variable expenses.*

The 3-Step Budget Automation System Bank Account Organizer Printable

This printable is great for keeping track of all your bank account information!

Whether you’re using our 3-step budget system to automate your finances, or you just need a place to write down all the information, this printable gets the job done!

Just simply store in a sleeve protector in your budget binder or loose-leaf style in your filing cabinet — make sure to have a separate hanging folder for all your budgeting printables so it is always easily accessible.

Have more than six bank accounts that you need to record information for?  Just print out duplicate of this printable 🙂

To learn how to divvy up and automate your income into separate bank accounts with the 3-step budget system, check out the post here!


The ‘Month At A Glance’ Calendar View Printable

Personally, I like to have a calendar where I can record my bill due dates – separate from the calendar in my planner.

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This way, it’s super easy to quickly refer back each week so you don’t miss any due dates.

It’s also a great place to jot down any surprise expenses for the month, such as doctors appointment co-pays, that will be paid for with your buffer money.

AKA your fixed expense account safety net money 😉

You can also use this printable to get a monthly overview of the starting and ending balances in your account after your total monthly expenses have been paid.

Need to record information for more than one bank account?  Simply print out more than one of these printables and label accordingly!

The Monthly Expense Ledger Printable

The monthly ledger printable is similar to the monthly calendar view printable in that it allows you to easily track your monthly expenses.

The monthly ledger, though, goes into far more detail, allowing you to track the exact amount that should be in your account after each bill is paid and after each payday.

Simply fill in the adjustment space with the bill title or with your payday.

The date section, with, well, the date 😉

The amount with the amount of the bill or how much you were paid.

And finally, the adjusted balance for your fixed expenses bank account.

Need to track more than one account?  Print out as many pages as you need 🙂


The Savings Goals & Tracker Printable


Stay on track and accomplish your savings goals with the savings tracker printable!

Simply list out your savings goals at the top, then as each month goes by you can celebrate sticking to your goals by coloring in the monthly boxes 😉

Saving has never been so fun…and easy!

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There you have it!

The new 2017 Budget Boss Binder — making organizing your finances and automating your budget a breeeeze!

What are your favorite printables to organize your budget?  Leave a link in the comments below 🙂

Talk soon,


How To Use A Budget Binder To Save A Ton Of Money

How To Use A Budget Binder To Save A Ton Of Money

This post may contain affiliate links.  Read our disclosure here.

Do you find budgeting stressful, time-consuming, and just plain old no fun?

Me too.

That is until I started using a budget binder to organize my finances!

The one’s I had been using, though, just weren’t getting the job done — so I created my own, in conjunction with my budget automation system.

This system changed the way I budget my families income and expenses and has made my life 100x less stressful.

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This system is fool-proof, so you basically never have to think about your budget…and whats better than that?

The budget automation system does come with some necessary printables, though, and that is where the budget boss binder comes in to organize all your financial planning!

Are you sick of living paycheck to paycheck? Learn how to budget your money evenj when times are tight with our free budget boss binder! Get yours today!

Do you need some help organizing all your budgeting information?

The budget boss binder makes it so easy to organize all of your budget bossing necessities!

Even though you don’t necessarily have to track your finances once you’ve implemented the 3-step budget system (Haven’t done so yet? Learn how here!), I still think it is a good idea — and even if you use a different budget system, I bet you wanna track your finances, too, right?

That way, you’ll always be able to quickly see how much money should be in your accounts and be able to recognize any funny business in your accounts.

I like to keep my financial planning separate from my regular, day-to-day planner, hence the budget binder 😉  That way my brain doesn’t have to try to think about my budget planning, my life planning, and my blog planning all at once!

I’ll walk you through exactly how my budget boss binder is set up so you can effectively begin taking control of your finances, too!

Continue on for an afternoon of stress-free budgeting!


To get started, you’ll need some supplies to set up your budget binder!

  1. A binder
  2. Monthly tabbed dividers (with pockets for bills and looseleaf paper)
  3. Budget Printables
  4. Three whole punch



Once you have all of your supplies, it’s time to set up the first part of your budget binder – your actual budget system.

Before you insert your monthly tabbed dividers, you’ll want to insert the printables that you use to organize your actual budget so the first thing you see when you open your binder is an overview of your budget.

If you’re in need of a new budgeting system, try automating your finances with our super simple 3-step budget system.

Our 3-step budget system is a way for you to automate your finances so you don’t have to think about paying the bills…ever.  Once you have implemented this system, you will always have enough money in your fixed expenses account to cover your bills (aka fixed expenses).  

Better yet, this system will not only help you to pay your bills on time and without stress, but it will also make it easier to save for the big, or little, things you may want or need.

Try it out, now!

If you have a budget system that you love and enjoy, simply replace your printables with ours in this section of your budget binder 🙂

Having a place in your budget binder to store your financial planning is great to keep yourself accountable and on track with your budget.  It’s easier to follow your budget when you’re able to visually see it each month.

SO, Budget Binder Setup Thus Far 😉

1 – Binder Cover

2 – Income & Expense Printable, three-hole-punched or in sleeve protector OR your budget system printables

3 – Bank Account Printable, three-hole-punched or in sleeve protector OR your budget system printables



Next in the binder will be our exclusive budget boss binder printables, used to track your budget from month to month and create and accomplish your savings goals!

Here is where you’ll want to start inserting your tabbed binder dividers for each month, inserting one of each of the following printables for each month.  You could also use labeled sticky note tabs on your calendar printable to accomplish a similar effect.

If you have more monthly printables that you love to use, insert them here!


The first printable I like to insert behind my monthly dividers is the monthly budget calendar printable.

This printable is great to get an overview of bill payment due dates and any surprise expenses for each month.

And, bonus! This printable is un-dated so you can easily use it for any month and year by just filling in the number slots yourself.

You can also use this printable to record your starting balance for your fixed expenses account along with expenses for the month to get a final balance at the end of the month.

That way, you always know that your account does indeed have the right amount of money for your bill payments.

This also makes it super easy to quickly recognize suspicious activity on your account.

Ah, doesn’t it feel good to see your budget system working so well?


Next in your budget binder is my fav printable for budgeting!

Even though we’ve set up our finances to automate themselves with the 3-step budget system, I still really like to track my expenses and the balances in my accounts.

And if you have your own budget system that you use, I bet you need a way to track your income and expenses each month, eh?

Start by recording the starting balance in your fixed expenses account at the start of the month.

Then, in the ‘adjustment’ section, simply right the name of the expense, such as, “Rent.”

Next, in the ‘date’ section, well, you got it 😉

In the ‘amount’ section, record the monetary amount of your expense.

And finally, record your new balance in the ‘balance’ section — where you’ll always be able to refer to for the exact amount of money in your account at any given date!


Having this printable in your budget binder will make tracking your expenses each month super simple and will also make it easier to catch accounting mistakes or suspicious charges!

The best thing about this printable is that you can use it for all of your accounts if you want to.

Want to track your spending on variable expenses, such as shopping and take-out?  Do so with multiple labeled copies of this printable in your binder!  


Next in your binder (in each monthly section) is our savings goals and tracking printable!

We all have something we’re trying to save for, right?

Maybe a house, a car, or a vacation?

This printable, along with our 3-step budget system, will help you easily save for the things you want!

Simply set your goal and then automate a fixed amount to go into your savings account each week – even if you can only afford $50 per paycheck.

This way, your spare money will easily accumulate without effort in an account you cannot (or shouldn’t) touch instead of floating around in the same account with all your other money.

Each month, check off the box after you’ve accomplished your savings goals 🙂


After my monthly tabbed sections, I like to store miscellaneous financial information in my budget binder.

This is where I insert bank account information, credit card information, and bills I like to keep on file.

I simply stick all similar documents in a sheet protector and then stick a labeled sticky tab onto the sheet protector to easily navigate the information.

You could also use folders for this.

And there you have it!  Your completed budget boss binder!

What are your favorite budgeting printables?  Link to them in the comments so we can make our budget binder even better 🙂

Talk soon, 



How To Create A Luxury Spa In Your Own Bathroom

How To Create A Luxury Spa In Your Own Bathroom

Ah, the spa! 

Such a luxury!

But does it have to come at a luxury cost?

I think not!

Check out all these awesome DIY recipes for the best, and cheapest, *at-home* spa day ever.

Pamper yourself with this at home spa day routine! 10 DIY recipes to create the most relaxing day ever!

This post may contain affiliate links.  All opinions are our own, honest review.  Read our disclosure here.

I’m guessing you could use a day off, eh?

We all may not be able to take long luxurious vacations whenever we want, but we can treat ourselves to an at-home spa day of our dreams!

Treating yourself to a day at the spa doesn’t have to be expensive…and you can stay in your comfy pj’s all day 😉

Try out some new DIY recipes – pamper yourself edition.

You’ll be left feeling relaxed, destressed, and oh so luxurious!


What better way to kick off your spa day than with some refreshing and SUPER good for you infused water!?

Not only are infused waters nutritional and delicious, but they also have great detoxifying properties.

Here are a few of my favorite infused water recipes:

Strawberry Lime:  My favorite!  Just slice some strawberries and lime and top with a sprig of mint!  Try with sparkling water for an even fancier experience!

For better digestion: Cucumber + Strawberry + Lime!

For clear, glowing skin: Cucumber + Lemon + Mint!

Citrus Twist: Lemon + Lime + Orange!

Simply add to a glass of crushed ice and water and enjoy all day!




Fair warning, I have an obsession with face masks. 

There’s an entire drawer in my bathroom dedicated just to face masks.

I know this may seem excessive, but when I have a spa day, I go big. (in the way of face masks, at least.)

You can never have too many face masks, amiright?

To get started, let’s make sure your skin is squeaky clean. First, remove makeup with your favorite oil cleanse and then follow up by washing your face with your facial cleanser of choice.

I love using organic coconut oil to remove my makeup and Cetaphil cleanser.

Now, in order to get rid of all that built up dead skin – gross, I know – exfoliate your face with this DIY exfoliating mask.


What you’ll need: oatmeal, manuka honey, favorite carrier oil (I use coconut oil)

How you make it:

Yay for baby-bottom smooth skin!

Too lazy for DIY?  I feel you 😉 Here’s a great alternative!

In order to make the most of your next – yes we’re doing more than one, (it’s spa day)! – DIY face mask, try steaming your face. You’ve never steamed your face before?! Where have you been living!?  Under a rock, clearly.

You’ve never steamed your face before?! Where have you been living!?  Under a rock, clearly.

Under a rock, clearly.

Start off by boiling a pot of water. Once boiling, place the pot on a towel on your table, drape a towel over your head and hold near the pot to steam your face. After about 5-10 minutes, your pores should be nice and open and ready for your next face mask!

This is when I apply a skin detoxifying mask since our pores are open.

Try and make this DIY clay mask to purge and shrink your pores!



How you’ll make it –

  • Mix together two parts clay, one part water or ACV, 1/2 part coconut oil, few drops lemon essential oil
  • Use a flat makeup brush to spread evenly on face and let harden 10-20 minutes (this mask is intense, you might feel your face tingling – so normal)
  • Remove mask with warm water and face cloth (warning – this mask is difficult to remove (worth it) and will leave your skin slightly red)

Apply favorite moisturizer…or your next face mask 😉


After the detoxifying face mask has pulled all the grime out of my skin, I like to apply a renewing mask to add moisture and essential vitamins to my skin. (

(I have the driest skin on planet earth…*eyeroll emoji*)




  • Mash avocado, then mix together two parts avocado, one part manuka honey, few drops carrier oil (coconut oil), few drops essential oil(s) (lemon)
  • Use a flat makeup brush to apply evenly to skin
  • Let sit for 10-30 minutes, then rinse off with warm water

Pat skin dry and nooowww you can apply your favorite moisturizer 😉 



This isn’t necessarily a DIY, but it is a super fun and healthy addition to your ultimate pamper routine.

Just pretend this is the point in your spa-day that you’d be getting a massage 😉

You can find a dry brush for your body on Amazon for super cheap!

And the benefits are great, especially before you soak in the tub with your DIY bath bomb.

Just follow the instructions here!


Aren’t bath bombs awesome?

What better way to spice up spa day while also fulfilling your kid-like self?

Plus, they’re made up of crazy good ingredients that’ll make your skin super smooth!

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good Lush bath bomb.

But did you know how easy it is to make your own bath bomb?

Relax in the tub with your DIY bath bomb while your detoxifying face mask does it work!

Find some awesome recipes, here!


Masks just aren’t for your face, they’re for your hair, too.

While you’re soaking in the tub, letting all your stresses fly away, soak your hair in a luxurious combination of oils and nutrients!

Rinse it out and feel the silky goodness that is now your hair.

I like using a hair mask at least once a week to keep my hair strong and healthy!

My favorite DIY hair mask is so simple it only has one ingredient – coconut oil

(Can you tell how much I love coconut oil??  It’s so affordable and has countless uses!)

Simply apply a generous amount of coconut oil from roots to ends, tie up in a top knot, and let it do it’s magic while you enjoy your relaxing bath!

I hope you remembered to pour yourself a glass of wine before you hopped in 😉



What would a relaxing bath be without some luxurious bath accessories?

Leave your skin feeling super smooth with this DIY sugar scrub!

*Sugar scrubs make super awesome gifts, too…combine with some of the other DIY spa day recipes and pass along the gift of relaxation!*


HOW YOU MAKE IT: Mix together two parts sugar, two parts coconut oil (if you like your scrubs more coarse, use less oil), few drops of each essential oil

Hop in the tub and massage into your body to leave your skin feeling smoooooth!

Ever thought of making your own body butter?

You should!  Especially for spa day 😉

Moisturize your skin post-bath with this DIY body butter!


It wouldn’t be a day at the spa without scheduling in a mani/pedi!

Grab your favorite nail polish and treat yourself to an at-home manicure and pedicure!

I know, there’s no DIY product to make…but, in regards to your nails you are ‘doing it yourself’ 😉

In the market for some new nail polish?  Check out Kathleen Lights’ new line of nail polishes!  She has the best colors and it lasts soooo long on my nails!

‘Cause is there really anything worse than chipping nail polish?

If you’re feeling super fancy, you could take it a step further and use an at-home gel manicure kit to really prolong the lifespan of your nail polish!


Ah, so relaxed.

What a day.

I wish I could enforce my pamper routine every day of the week. *sigh*

Wind down from your day of relaxation with a detoxifying smoothie.

Detox smoothies don’t just have to be used in dieting.  Detox smoothies have great benefits and it is always good to flush your body of unwanted toxins every now and again.

Find my go-to detox smoothie recipe, here!

Or, if you’re anything like me – you’ll likely be indulging in a pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream instead while watching some How I Met Your Mother.


So, we just spent all day pampering ourselves and de-stressing our bodies with the ultimate DIY spa day!

Now it’s time to destress our minds!

Grab your planner or just a piece of paper to brain dump all your thoughts, concerns, and to-dos.

Then, sort your thoughts into smaller, more organized categories with checklists and action steps to stay productive and on track to accomplish your goals!

What better way to end our pamper routine than to put all our thoughts to rest for some much needed mental clarity?

Here’s to praying our totally and insanely relaxed state lasts past noon on Monday 😉


What’s your go-to strategy to feel less stressed and more productive?  Have any awesome DIY spa day recipes??  Comment below 🙂

Don’t forget your Spa Day Printable to write down all your DIY recipes!

Talk soon, 


9 Sunday Routines You Need To Create The Best Day Ever

9 Sunday Routines You Need To Create The Best Day Ever

What does your Sunday Routine look like?

Are your Sunday’s for pajamas and football?

What about pajamas and planning!?

Simplify your life by adding a Sunday Routine into the mix.

Because there’s nothing like going into a new week with a solid game plan.

Feeling prepared to tackle all of your to-do lists with time to spare.

So, if you want to have the best week ever, every single week, follow these 9 automation tips to create a Sunday Routine and be on the fast track to a happier and less stressed you!

SUNDAY ROUTINE. Prepare for the week ahead on Sunday by starting 8 simple routines. These eight simple routines on Sunday with make your weeks more organized, simpler, and better.

This post may contain affiliate links.  All opinions are our own, honest review.  Read our disclosure here.

I looooooooooove planning.

Love it. 

Nothing screams anxiety louder than the unexpected, right?

Having routines and following them has made my life 10x easier, and, better yet, 100x less stressful. 

Now, I am not saying to leave all spontaneity at the door, but certain areas of life require a routine.

Our brains like routine, so why not give Mama what she wants?

But, if you don’t like the word routine (as it makes you sound lame) just think of it as being prepared.

You wouldn’t go out in a snowstorm without your coat and boots on, right?  So why do you go into a new week with no plan or preparation?

Having 9 simple tasks that you add to your Sunday Routine will make your week so much more enjoyable.

You’ll get to sleep in longer, eat better, and feel more relaxed. 

That sounds pretty sweet, if you ask me!

We even have free printables to keep you organized and on track with your Sunday Routine ‘to-do’s’ 😉


What better way to start your planning filled Sunday Routine than with some planner time?

Break out your planner in the morning to go over the upcoming week.

What goals do you want to accomplish?  What appointments do you have?  To-do lists?

Don’t have a planner you love?  Fall in love with one, here.


Use that information to schedule out each day of the week for the upcoming week.

My favorite way to do this is with a planner that is broken into morning, afternoon, and evening for each day of the week.

That way, I can write down the exact time I need to be doing something and can easily conquer my to-do lists and also see when I have some spare time (to browse Instagram, duh).

Using Sundays to schedule out your week with action-packed steps and tasks that relate back to your goals will help keep you super accountable and on track to crush them.

Your future self will love you for this since all they need to do now is glance at their planner the night before to know everything that the following day entails!

No surprises here!



Before you go food shopping for the week, you’re gonna wanna clean out your fridge.

Then, get rid of any expired products and wipe down the shelves.

You can also use this time to wash and organize your storage containers that you’ll use later for all of your food prepping.  My favorite containers are these BPA-free glass containers that are microwavable safe!

If you’re feeling super inspired to organize your fridge even further, use these 17 handy tips from The Krazy Coupon Lady to organize your fridge like a boss.



Throughout the week, I do not have the time to cook.

But, I still want to eat healthily.

That’s why it is so important during your Sunday Routine to plan out your meals for the upcoming week with our meal planning printable

I always meal plan with my printable before I food shop in order to stay on track and avoid buying unhealthy things that are not budgeted for.

Is it just me or does everybody always talks about how much they despise going to the grocery store?  Psh, I love it.  I find it so relaxing.  I could spend hours there (and $1,000).  #goldfish #cookies

On Sunday’s, gather up some new dinner recipes that you’d love to try throughout the week and food shop accordingly.

Don’t forget to also write down the types of healthy things you’d enjoy for breakfasts, lunches, and snacks.

Then, head to the grocery store feeling prepared with your list in hand and come home with all the delicious things that’ll make you feel full and stay healthy all week long.



SUNDAY ROUTINE. Prepare for the week ahead on Sunday by starting 8 simple routines. These eight simple routines on Sunday with make your weeks more organized, simpler, and better.

Once I have planned out my meals for the week and food shopped accordingly, it’s time to food prep!

I prep for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but only prepping for dinners would be just as great and way less time-consuming.

But I like to be super prepared, so I go big.

For breakfast, I enjoy making frozen breakfast burritos or burrito bowls, fruit and yogurt parfaits, and muffins.

This way I can grab a premade container of delicious breakfast food as I run out the door with 6 spare minutes to get to work. 😉 Thanks, future self! #selfhighfive

Check out Sweet Peas and Saffron’s healthy breakfast prep recipes to help you meal plan and prep!

For lunch, I grill up some chicken or fish, cut up veggies for salads, and make mini fruit salads.  You could also prepare homemade bento boxes or sandwich wraps.

If you’re in the market for some different lunch prep recipes, check out some super fun recipes from Fit Foodie Finds!

And finally, for dinner, I usually make five separate “meal in a pan” meals in those disposable trays from the dollar store and store in the fridge till it’s time to cook.

Then, just preheat your oven to 350 degrees and bake for 30-45 min and voila, a healthy home cooked meal that took none of your time and energy (on that day at least).

{My favorite way to do a “meal in a pan” is to have a meat such as chicken or fish, some veggies such as broccoli and/or squash, and sweet potatoes. Pasta dishes work great for this method as well!}

Taking the extra time to food prep during your Sunday Routine makes the rest of the week run so much more smoothly.

After a long day at work, who’s got the time to cook?

Just think of how many more home cooked meals you’d eat throughout the week if you took an hour on Sundays to prep those meals for easy cooking?

Now you can sit down with your family to a lovely, stress-free meal and bond over who’s going to get the last breadstick 😉

Food prepping is also a great way to make sure you’re eating healthily consistently because it takes away the temptation to order take-out or skip meals altogether.
When you’re lacking the time and motivation, eating healthily is quite the chore.

It’s so much easier to order a pizza when you’re too lazy to cook…but are you that lazy that you wouldn’t be able to remove some tin foil and throw a pan in the oven? I think not!

Cheers to past self for making future self’s life so much simpler…and delicious!


SUNDAY ROUTINE. Prepare for the week ahead on Sunday by starting 8 simple routines. These eight simple routines on Sunday with make your weeks more organized, simpler, and better.


Much like our meals, having our outfits planned out for the week will make our lives soooo much easier. 

Imagine getting to sleep in for an extra 20 minutes because you know exactly what you’re going to wear.

No more running around looking for your only clean pair of dress pants in the dark every morning. 😉

So, use your Sundays to wash and fold your laundry.

Then, check the weather for the upcoming week and plan accordingly.

Invest in a clothing rack and only put your outfits of the week on it during your Sunday Routine. 

You could even make (or buy if you aren’t the crafty type) Monday-Friday labeled hangers.  #organizedAF

In the morning, grab your pants, top, shoes, and accessories off their labeled hanger and have a stress free morning, every morning.

Hooray to past self for having such awesome style.

Also, try taking this time to plan out your gym clothes for the week so you don’t have yet another excuse to avoid working out.

Below your hanging space on your clothing rack, place labeled bins for each day of the week where you can throw your gym clothes and shoes in and never miss a workout again!


SUNDAY ROUTINE. Prepare for the week ahead on Sunday by starting 8 simple routines. These eight simple routines on Sunday with make your weeks more organized, simpler, and better.


I don’t know about you, but with two kids, my home can become unorganized and messy in a matter of seconds.

There never fails to be dishes in the sink and toys all over the floor.

Sunday’s are a great time to do a quick, but thorough, clean up of each room in your home so you feel more organized and prepared for the upcoming week.

Go through each room and put things back in their designated spot – and if they don’t have a spot, make them one with bins from the dollar store and labels.

If you don’t watch Do It On A Dime on youtube, now is the time to start!

Kathryn has so many awesome tips on how to quickly organize every space in your home on a budget to avoid cluttered and unorganized spaces.

Then, once your space is decluttered and organized, wipe down the counters, walls, and windows, dust & vacuum.

Then ban your family entry to any room unless they sign a contract saying they won’t mess up your efforts 😉


But really.

Starting your week with a clean and organized space will make it that much easier to keep up with the cleaning throughout the week and also won’t distract you from all the other items on your to-do list.

Why waste time worrying about the laundry and the dishes all week when you have far more important things to do.


I know it seems like we’re squeezing a lot into one day, but once these things become a part of your Sunday Routine, you’ll get them done in no time.

And once you do?

Well, then it’s time to relax and spend time with the people who make you the happiest.

My family enjoys staying in our pajamas for as long as possible while eating a big ‘ol Sunday brunch 😉

If the weather is nice, maybe spend some time outside at the park or taking a hike.

And if the weather isn’t so nice?

Invest in some games that the whole family can enjoy.

Our favorites are Monopoly, Chutes and Ladders, and matching games.

Another fun activity that our little one enjoys doing is puzzles.

Weekdays can be so hectic that we sometimes forget, or just simply don’t have the time, to spend actual quality time with the people we love.

Sunday’s are a great day to fit in quality time to catch up and reconnect with the important people in your life before you lose all track of time in your busy upcoming week.

And, if you’re just in desperate need for some alone time, as I usually am, wind down the day with your pamper routine and show yourself some much-needed love.


Now, you just spent all day planning for the upcoming week.  It’s time to finally concentrate on you.

Go pour yourself a glass of wine (jk we’ve been sipping on that all day), slap on a face mask, and relax.

Once you have your Sunday routine down, it shouldn’t take more than a few hours and then after that?  You do you, girl.

You bust your butt all week long, you deserve at least one day a week to zone out and focus on yourself. 

Recharging our body and mind is just as important as plugging in your cell phone before bed and we’d never forget to charge our phones, would we?!?! *gasp* NEVER.

We all need to recharge, you included!

So, invest some time in yourself each Sunday to really relax and destress.

I do this with some peace and quiet, wine, a bubble bath, some face masks, and a good book.  That way I can focus on some fictional characters’ issues instead of my own for a few hours 😉

We have a busy week ahead of us, right?  But a stressful one?  Nahhhh.


Ah, your Sunday Routine is nearing its end and the ever so dreadful Monday morning is approaching.

But! You’re prepared AF so its ok 😉

End your Sunday night on the right foot and set the stage for the upcoming week by sticking to your night time routine.

If you practice your night time routine on Sunday’s, it will be that much easier to stick to it for the rest of the week.

After you’ve pampered the crap out of yourself, it is time to SHUT DOWN.

If you aren’t “shutting down” at leaassstt 30 minutes before bed from all electronics, you should start.

Staring at a screen up until you go to sleep will make it so much harder to fall asleep and also stay asleep.

So, make your mornings simpler by shutting down 30-60 minutes before bed to ensure a good, restful night sleep.

Use that time to review your planner, reflect on the day, read a book, stretch…the list goes on!

Find something that relaxes you and make it a part of the end of your Sunday Routine to make it easier to follow through with the routine for the rest of the week.

You’ll have a great night sleep from the beginning and also be able to sleep longer since your morning has been prepped for you already!

If you haven’t noticed, routines that make life simpler are my favs.

Running around throughout the week is tiring enough, never mind the added chaos of trying to cook, clean, and fit in some relaxation. 

Get some freedom back in your life by adding these 9 habits to your Sunday Routine.  Your future self will love you for it

What does your Sunday Routine look like in order to prepare for the upcoming week?

Don’t forget your FREE Sunday Routine printables to keep you organized!

I like to use the ‘Successful Sunday’ printable to brain dump all my to-do’s for the week before organizing them in my planner.

Meal planning for the week is also made easier with two options to schedule out breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks all week with their accompanying grocery list!

Talk soon!


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