7 Simple Secrets To Having Happy And Productive Days

7 Simple Secrets To Having Happy And Productive Days

This post may contain affiliate links.  All opinions are our own, honest review.  Read our disclosure here.

Do you struggle to get out of bed every morning?

Psh, don’t we all?

I mean, really, what’s better than cozying up in your blankets all day long ignoring life and your responsibilities?!

But, alas, we can’t always get what we want!

And that’s when a morning routine comes in to help you out of bed each morning 🙂

Having a morning routine has increased my energy and productivity immensely and has made for happier, more positive days!

I do these seven things every  most mornings and am so happy it’s finally becoming a standard morning routine in my life!

Maybe the things I do each morning can help motivate you to create your own kick-ass morning routine for a happier and healthier you!



Just like we should all have a bedtime that we consistently stick to, we should also be waking up around the same time each morning, too.

I know, having to kick the old habit of sleeping in – can we do it?!

I am working on this each and every day, but mama likes her sleep!

It makes so much sense though, that our bodies would function better waking up each morning at the same time and so I am really giving it a good go.

When I do get up on that first alarm instead of hitting the snooze button, I always have a better day because I am able to complete my morning routine with ease.

However, on the mornings where I just can’t seem to drag myself out of bed, I obviously am not able to tackle my morning routine, feel rushed, and overall have a less than productive day.

So, maybe we can motivate each other to wake up consistently each morning in order to have happier and healthier mornings every day of the year!?!

To make waking up each morning at the same time easier, you’re gonna wanna have a successful night routine in place first!

That way, you’ll be getting enough sleep and a solid night’s rest, making it so much easier to wake up when your alarm goes off

How many hours of sleep does your body require each night to reload? Getting enough sleep is essential to having a good morning!
Morning routine for moms, for kids, for teens, for everyody. Morning routine tips to make every morning a good morning!


We all know how important it is to drink enough water each day, right?

Then, what better way to start your day than with some water!

I’ve seen this trick all over the place – and I really enjoy it!

Paired with a light snack to get my blood flowing, it’s the perfect way to set up the day for regular and healthy water intake!

I’m the kind of person who doesn’t like to eat breakfast right when I wake up, so this is a good way to get something in my tummy before I tackle the rest of my morning routine!

I know most people like to start their mornings with a nice hot cup of coffee, but some say that their daily hot lemon water gives them just the right boost of energy first thing in the morning, without the caffeine.

This way, your caffiene crash won’t be happening tooooo soon after you wake up 😉

Don’t worry – you’ll get your coffee fix soon!




I like to end my day with a stretch, as you read last week in my night routine post, and I enjoy starting my mornings with a good stretch, too.

Psssst, there’s even stretching routines you can do in your bed!

I’ve got you hooked now, eh?

Whether you do some stretches right when you wake up before leaving your bed or after your morning lemon water, stretching is a great way to get your body moving and feel energized for the day!

Or, if you’re feeling super ambitious, the morning is a great time to fit in your workout because it will give you the energy you need to take on the rest of your day.

Don’t feel like you have to join a gym or own fancy equipment to be able to workout effectively!

I workout from the comfort of my living room, and it works just fine!

I enjoy pulling up Youtube on my TV and doing one of Fitness Blender’s routines!

This channel is great because it offers so many options – whether you’re looking for a quick 10-minute full body routine or targeted routines, they’re sure to have something you’ll enjoy.

Phew, doesn’t it feel good to get your body moving first thing in the morning?

Now that you’ve worked up a good sweat it’s time to shower and eat a big, well-rounded breakfast!




Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right?

How often do you put your breakfast on the backburner and only grab a granola bar on your way out the door?

Or worse, don’t eat breakfast at all!

I’m guilty of the latter more times than I’d like to admit, but we can all benefit from routinely eating a healthy, well-rounded breakfast.

My go-to breakfast is usually yogurt with fruit and granola, oatmeal, or breakfast toast — all super filling and delicious and equally easy to make 🙂

If you’re crunched for time in the morning, think about taking the time to prepare your breakfast the night before.

Or, if you’re feeling super ambitious, try dedicating a day out of the week to food prepping, like I do on Sunday’s.

That way, it only takes me an hour or two one day each week to have healthy and delicious meals all week long!

Oh, and hey, it’s finally time to drink that coffee you’ve been so desperately missing!



I have super fussy skin, so I stick to a pretty ritualistic skin care routine!

Like I mentioned in my night routine, I’ve been experimenting with the 10-step Korean Skin Care Routine and have been loving it!

If you’re interested in what my 10-Step Korean Skin Care Routine looks like, as well as the products that I use, you can check out that post here! 🙂

In the morning, though, I like to stick to something a little more simple!

First, I simply wash my face with a hydrating cleanser, such as this Cetaphil one!

Then, I apply my Cetaphil moisturizer which also has SPF in it and I’m ready to go!

Most days I don’t have the time or the patience to deal with applying makeup, but I am trying to get better about this.

Even if it’s just some tinted moisturizer to even my skin tone, concealer to hide my eye bags, and a little bronzer!

This makes me feel more awake since I look more awake, ha!

Not to mention the confidence boost it gives me knowing I don’t look like a cast member from The Walking Dead.

And now we’re eady to tackle the day!


6. #OOTD

I don’t know about you, but if I stay in my pajamas or lounge clothes all day long, I’ll never get anything done!

Cause, hey, if I’m in my pajamas it’s not my fault all I can think about it crawling into my comfy cozy bed! Zzzzzz

Each morning make an effort to put together an outfit that gives you confidence!

You’re more likely to have a great and productive day if you feel good about yourself!

So, do yourself a favor and change out of those sweats!

(Leggings are still acceptable, duh)

If you can’t be bothered to put an outfit together each morning, try planning ahead on Sunday’s like I do and plan your outfits for the entire week!

Make up some cute labeled hangers and have fun with it!

Spending a few minutes on Sunday’s to plan out your outfits for the week will save you so much time throughout the week and will relieve the stress from your mornings when you don’t have to try on a million different outfits before you’re satisfied enough to leave the house!

Another thing that I’ve learned about getting dressed, is that it is a billion times easier to throw together an outfit when you don’t have a million articles of clothing.

I literally have two pairs of jeans, guys!  Two!

Try a minimalist approach to your wardrobe, you might be amazed at how much you enjoy it!


If you didn’t know, I love to plan.

It makes me 100% more productive with my time each day and so of course, each morning I have to show my planner some love.

I plan out my weeks on Sunday’s – of course – but each morning I still like to look over what my day looks like.

This way, I know what things I need to work on with the blog, what personal things need to get done, and also if I have any appointments or special reminders!

Make it a habit of looking over your planner during breakfast.

That way, when you’re done, you’ll be ready to start your super productive and positive day!

Morning routine for moms, for kids, for teens, for everyody. Morning routine tips to make every morning a good morning!

There you have it!  My morning routine.

I try to stick to this most mornings, but hey, sometimes life gets in the way.

The way I see it, as long as you’re making efforts each day to work on improving yourself, a few hiccups along the way don’t really matter!

We can’t all be perfect…and anybody that tries to tell you that their morning routines are perfectly executed every single day are lying…or just don’t have kids, haha!

What do you enjoy doing each morning to really wake you up and increase productivity??  I am alwaaaays looking for energy boosting tricks and tips!

Talk soon!


7 Simple Routines You Need To Get A Better Nights Sleep

7 Simple Routines You Need To Get A Better Nights Sleep

This post may contain affiliate links.  All opinions are our own, honest review.  Read our disclosure here.

Is your life lacking a night routine!?

Mine was too, until recently, and I feel amazing now that I’ve been following this routine for a couple of months now.

Never before have I had this much energy (well maybe before two kids, ha) or felt happier and more relaxed.

If you’re feeling the chaos that this crazy world often brings, having a night routine is a great way to sort through the stresses of everyday life and focus on your own wellbeing.

There’s no better way to have a happier and more productive morning than ending the previous night on a good note!

Hopefully, the things I do during my night routine can find a cozy home in your night routine 😉


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.

SHUT IT DOWN. (any New Girl fans out there?!)

It is no secret that being on your phone or tablet, or watching tv until you go to sleep is super bad for you.

Like, soooooooooooooooooooo bad for you.

Check out why Reading On A Screen Before Bed [Could] Be Killing you, here.

Now, do I have your attention? 😉

They say you should be shutting down from all electronic devices up to two hours before your bedtime – but hey, even thirty minutes is a good start in my books.

Try to keep all electronics out of the bedroom, that way you won’t be tempted once you turn in for the night.

I know, you’ll have to buy a real alarm clock, Ha!

Think about setting up a charging station somewhere in your house where you can safely leave your phone each night while you tackle your night routine.

When I first committed to shutting down from electronics every night, I began with thirty minutes the first week and then gradually increased that time over the next few weeks until I was comfortable with and used to shutting down a whole two hours before bed to begin my night routine!


Each night I like to prepare myself for the following day so I feel stress-free and motivated to tackle the day!

And, also, so I can sleep in longer…. 😉

Take some time during your night routine to quickly prepare your breakfast and lunch for the following day.

I make doing this even simpler by meal prepping for the week on Sunday’s.

This way, all I have to do is throw some premade containers of meals into my lunch bag and head to work in the morning!

Also, I like to have my clothes for the following day planned out – cause whose got time for trying to look cute at 5am.

Another great way to prepare during your night routine is to check over your planner for the following day so you know what important things need to be crossed off your to-do list.


Who likes waking up to a disorganized space?

Not me!

Waking up and seeing nothing but disarray only sets up your day for disorganization.

If all I can think about is when I’ll be able to get the dishes done, there’s no way I’ll be able to concentrate on working on the blog, or whatever else needs to be done.

Taking a few extra minutes before bed to quickly clean your space will save you boat loads of time in the future.

Now, I don’t mean you need to break out the duster and vacuum – save that for another day.

Simply put things back where they belong and wash the dishes, etc.

This way, in the morning you won’t be searching for your shoes or wondering where you last left your keys.

Thank you, night routine!


I have suuuper high maintenance skin, meaning I have to dedicate quite some time each evening to loving my face.

But that’s ok, cause I need something to distract me from the fact that I haven’t checked Instagram in an hour!

I’m also like most normal humans and enjoy waking up to clear, glowing skin.

Getting into the habit of taking the time to take care of your skin each night will totally benefit you in the future to keep acne and wrinkles at bay.

I’ve recently begun experimenting with a Korean skincare routine and have seen GREAT results.

This skincare routine consists of 10 steps, and like I said – it’s almost cleared my stubborn acne completely.

In case you’re interested, I’ll list out the steps and the products I’ve been loving to follow through with the Korean skincare routine!

  1. Makeup Remover/Oil Cleanser: I use coconut oil!
  2. Water Based Cleanser: The Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser is great for my dry sensitive skin!
  3. Exfoliation:  I use Era Organics Microdermabrasion Scrub/Mask to exfoliate every other day and honestly think it is the main reason my skin began to clear up.  I don’t think I was spending enough time removing dead skin, so my pores got clogged more quickly, hence the breakouts!  Yay for exfoliation!
  4. Toner: I’m actually still trying to find a toner that works!  I was previously using Witch Hazel but it became too drying for me.  Have any suggesting?!  I would love to get some tips in the comments 🙂
  5. Essence: MISSHA Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence – this stuff is gold.
  6. Serum(s): I like to do a little DIY here and use a mixture of coconut oil, tea tree oil, and lemon essential oil.  Not only does this moisturize my dry skin like crazy, but the tea tree and lemon essential oils are especially good for acne prone skin.  I’ve seen an impressive decrease in acne since incorporating this DIY into my skincare routine!
  7. Sheet Masks: This isn’t an every night kind of step for me, but about twice a week I’ll use a sheet mask.  My favorite are from Tony Moly!
  8. Eye Cream:  I’ve been using Yes To Grapefruit’s Dark Circle Correcting Eye Cream –  I don’t love it but I don’t hate it.  I’ll likely try something different when I use up all of this product.
  9. Moisturizer:  At night I use Era Organics and in the AM I use Cetaphil!
  10. Sun Protection:  Obvs for the mornings only, I use!  My Cetaphil Moisturizer has an SPF of 30, so I kill two birds with one stone here!
What are your absolute go-to skin care products?! I am always dying to try new things!


Stretching before bed feels incredible.

Seriously, add this to your night routine tonight!

Who knew how much wear and tear your poor muscles were getting on a daily basis.

Stretching before bed helps me to relax, destress, and really release any negative emotions from the day.

I like to follow a night time yoga routine to incorporate stretching into my night and love how relaxing it makes me feel.

It’s great to focus on something other than your thoughts for a period of time while helping your body in more ways than one.

Unfortunately, I don’t exercise quite as often as I should, but making sure I stretch at least once a day has really helped me feel healthier and less out of shape.

My favorite place to find night time stretching and yoga routines are on Pinterest and Youtube.

If I am looking for something quick, I’ll grab a 5-minute stretching routine that is easy to follow from Pinterest.

But, if I am feeling a little more motivated, I’ll connect YouTube to my TV and follow along with one of Yoga With Adriene’s routines.



Your brain is overloaded with information all day long and now it’s time to play brain dead for a bit!

So, do whatever it is you enjoy to take your mind of any stressors!

Depending on my mood, I like to spend some quality time with my planner, or catch up on my reading.

Night Routine of highly successful people! Start a night routine today to get a better nights sleep and feel more motivated for tomorrow! Free printables!

I find that when I have too much information floating around in my head, I can’t concentrate on anything else.

When this is the case, I’ll grab my brain dump printable and my planner and write down everything that’s clogging up my brain.

The brain dump printable is to get everything out, regardless of order or organization!  It should look like a bunch of jumbled information!

After you’ve emptied your brain, take your planner and organize your thoughts.

Maybe you need to jot some to-do’s down in your calendar, or write a reflection or gratitude page in your notes!

Whatever it may be, doing this during your night routine will really help to begin clearing your brain for a good nights sleep!

No worrying should be fueling your insomnia anymore!

FREEBIE ALERT! Grab your Brain Dump Printable, along with tons of other awesome freebies, now!


Has it really already been two full hours without any electronics!

Phew, see easier than you thought right?!


Your Twitter feed can wait until the morning 😉

(Keep your phone on ringer so any important messages can still reach you)

Now that your night routine is coming to a close, it’s important to make sure you’re getting the right amount of sleep each night.

Because, regardless of how awesome your night routine is, it still won’t be quite as good if you aren’t getting the right amount of sleep for your body.

Try experimenting on days when you don’t need an alarm clock to wake up and see when your body naturally wakes you up from sleeping.

This will help to get an idea of how many hours of sleep your body needs to replenish itself for a new day.

Then, based on your magic number, set a bedtime and stick to it.

Don’t forget to plan two hours in advance of your bedtime to start shutting down!

You’ll also want to make sure your room is optimized for a good nights sleep by keeping the temperature cool and maybe using an essential oil diffusing humidifier!

Ah, sweet dreams!

What does your night routine look like?!  Tell me, tell me, tell me!!

Talk soon!



5 Daily Tricks That Will Change How You Clean Your Home

5 Daily Tricks That Will Change How You Clean Your Home

This post may contain affiliate links.  All opinions are our own, honest review.  Read our disclosure here.

We all want a clean home…all the time, right?

It seems impossible to do when you have a million other, more important, things on your to-do list every single day.

I mean, sometimes I barely have time to shower – let alone clean my entire house.

Well, the impossible just became possible when your break your cleaning down into smaller, more frequent tasks.

By doing a little cleaning here and there on more instances than you are used to, keeping your home looking and feeling clean will become simple and automatic!

I got into the routine of practicing these five simple ‘clean home’ tips and let me tell ya, my home is almost always looking as if we don’t have two small kids who leave rooms like a tornado rolled through. 

Cheers to clean homes and happy parents!


Clean home schedule and tips to always have a clean house. Get your cleaning checklists to create a clean house schedule, clean your house in one day, and how to deep clean your house. With free clean house printable checklists!

Having a clean home really doesn’t take all that much time and/or effort.

The secret is to have bins and baskets strategically located around your house where you can easily throw everything that is currently cluttering your space.

So, take a day to hit up your local dollar store and go nuts buying baskets, bins, and containers – truly, you can never have too many.

Then, grab your label maker or attach cute chalkboard labels and label your bins!

After, go room to room and place these baskets, bins, and/or containers in places that aren’t all that visible, such as under your coffee table, end tables, in closets, and in drawers.

This way, when you quickly need to tidy up your space, you can easily throw all the toys in their toy bin, blankets in the blanket basket, and remotes/controllers in their tray – and voila, instant clean home!

This simple – and cheap – trick has made keeping my home clean and clutter free so much easier.

It’s also helped my four-year-old to lend a helping hand since he can easily recognize where his toys need to go.

SO simple, right?!


A quick and simple way to always have a clean home is to dedicate a small portion of time each day to cleaning.

Now, I don’t mean you need to wash the windows and walls.

Simply make sure clutter is back in their homes and dirty surfaces are wiped down.

Each day, I also like to make sure our beds are made (or at least the covers are thrown up in an attempt to have it looking made) and the dishes are done.

(And if you know anything about my family – our dishes are never done…hey, progress takes time.)

I like to do this quick ‘clean home’ cleaning routine at the end of each day after the kids are in bed and not making more messes.

It takes me about fifteen to thirty minutes to quickly move from room to room tidying up.  Sometimes I break out the vacuum, but not always.  Save that for your more in depth weekly cleaning routine!


I never really thought of my family as living minimally until I really took the time to look around my home.

For the most part, we really try to only keep necessary items in our house as to not add to the clutter that a family of four brings with it.

That means if it isn’t serving a purpose any longer – it’s got to go.

About four times a year (once each season), go through each room in your house and ‘spring clean.’

You can do this with toys, electronics, movies, games, clothes, and the list goes on!

The fewer things you have cluttering up your space, the fewer things you have to worry about cleaning.

Let me tell you, for example, having fewer clothes has never made my life so much easier.

Picking out an outfit in the morning is 100x simpler when I don’t have to rummage through five billions pairs of jeans and tee shirts trying to find the perfect outfit.

The same goes for our kids’ wardrobes – making dressing themselves much easier!

This with also decrease the amount of laundry you need to do, and amen to that!

Think about trying a minimalist approach to life – you may be surprised at how much you enjoy it!


Have a clean home, take some stress off of yourself, and teach your kids responsibility by creating chore charts so they can help out around the house!

We just made our four-year-old his first chore chart – I know, a long time coming – and it has helped us immensely!

Not only is he able to feel more independent and learn how to do things on his own, but he takes certain tasks off of our plates so we can free up time for other things.

Included in his chore chart is things such as getting himself dressed in the morning, making his bed, cleaning up his toys, etc.

We also got a little creative with his chore chart and added in eating his fruits and veggies each day, since this is a chore all in itself.

As a reward, he earns five minutes of screen time for each accomplished chore each day.

There are tons of chore charts floating around Pinterest that cater to different ages that you can easily print and hang on your fridge!

Or, like we did, I simply wrote up the chart on a blank sheet of paper, inserted it into a plastic binder sleeve and can now use dry erase markers on it each week!

It hangs on our fridge, and let me tell you, being able to check off his chores with the ‘magic’ marker is motivation enough for our little guy to do his chores!



Along with cleaning out your clutter each season, you should also be deep cleaning your home each season.

I find that roughly four times a year is plenty to keep most things looking clean with little upkeep throughout the weeks.

Take this time to dedicate a little extra love to each room in your home.

Think about making a checklist for each room (or find one on Pinterest)!

Seasonally cleaning will include bigger jobs like washing the windows and walls, moving around furniture in order to clean beneath, washing couch cushions and pillows, and of course getting rid of things you no longer use and/or need.

Season cleaning are a few of my favorite days of the year – when you get to open the windows and prepare for a new and exciting time in the year 🙂

And, only having to do these things four times a year is a total score!

What do you do to keep your home always looking fresh and clean??  Do you have any favorite checklists or products you use!?

Talk soon!


25 Free Resources You’ll Need To Create Your Perfect Planner

25 Free Resources You’ll Need To Create Your Perfect Planner

Feeling prepared to take on the day is a big step in being productive.

If you don’t have a plan, procrastination sets in and before you know it, three hours have passed and you’ve accomplished nada.

This used to be an issue of mine until I started using a planner.

Spending time planning out my days and recording action steps to accomplish my to-dos, projects, and appointments, made my life 100x easier.

And the best part?

You don’t have to shell out a ton of money to make planning in your life a reality!


Prepare for the week ahead on Sunday by starting 8 simple routines. These eight simple routines on Sunday with make your weeks more organized, simpler, and better.

This post may contain affiliate links.  All opinions are our own, honest review.  Read our disclaimer here.

Finding great planner printables is super easy and quick now that we have Pinterest.

And nine times out of ten, the content is FREE.

Yup, free.

Sometimes you might have to dish over your email for access to a blog’s free printable content, but WORTH IT.

That way you have lifetime access to their resource library and will always be the first to discover their new content!

I’ve compiled a list of all the best (25 to be exact) FREE printables out there that will help you create the Yearly Planner of your dreams!


We all need a monthly calendar to kick off our planners!

Whether you like a vertical or horizontal spread, plain jane or super fancy, dated or undated – I’ve got you covered 😉

I love using my monthly calendar’s to display my big picture goals and to-dos for the month, but you can read more on that here.

Simply print, 3-hold punch and insert into your Perfect Yearly Planner binder!

Here’s the roundup:

Floral FREE 2017 Monthly Calendar by On Sutton Place

Oh typography, how you make things so CUTE! FREE 2017 Monthly Calendars by Beautifully Tarnished

Minimal Free 2017 Monthly Calendars by Foreign Rooftops

Horizontal FREE 2017 Monthly Calendar by Alice and Lois

Blank FREE 2017 Monthly Calendar by World Label

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In addition to a monthly spread, a weekly spread is super helpful for planning!

Weekly spreads are great for brain dumping all the things you need to do for the upcoming week such as to-do lists, projects, appointments, etc.  Read more about that here!

Here are the 5 best weekly spreads out there:

Super cute FREE Weekly Planner Printable by Skip To My Lou

For regular and bullet journal style planners FREE Weekly Spreads by Jolani Jolie

A4 & A5 Options Free Weekly Planner Printables by Eliza Ellis

Horizontal Weekly Spread by Short Stop Designs

Minimal Weekly Planner Printable by Station Seven

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Daily spreads are my favorite type of planning printable!

There’s nothing like organizing all your thoughts and to-do’s in the morning to have a super productive day.

You’re more likely to follow through with something if you write it down and schedule it in…so write it down 😉

Here are the goods:

Stinkin’ adorable FREE Daily Planner Printable by Inkstuck Studio

Minimal Daily Planner Printable by The Organised Student

Girly “It’s A Beautiful Day” Planner Printable by Eliza Ellis

Floral Daily Planner Printable by Lovilee

Simple Daily Planner Printable by Fab n’ Free



A planner is never complete without a few extra pages to help you stay organized in all aspects of life!

Store these in the back of your binder in a miscellaneous section, create new tabbed dividers for each printable, or print out multiple and store at the end of each month!

Here are my favorite planning printables to stay organized and prepared all year long:

FREE Weekly Meal Planning Printable by Who Says What

FREE Weekly Menu Printable by Cut and Create

FREE Habit Creator Printable by Who Says What

FREE Habit Tracker by Who Says What

FREE Weekly Fitness Tracker by Who Says What

FREE Monthly Workout Progress Printable by Printable Crush

FREE Weekly Sunday Routine Printable by Who Says What

FREE Brain Dump Printable by Who Says What

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There you have it!

25 awesome and totally FREE printables to make creating your 2017 Planner a breeze!

Happy planning 🙂

What are you favorite yearly planning printables?  Link them down below!  Sharing is caring 😉

Talk soon,


How To Use Your Planner The Right Way To Be More Productive

How To Use Your Planner The Right Way To Be More Productive

Do you find yourself always buying a planner, telling yourself that you’re going to finally get organized and on track?

You get home, excitedly break out your new planner and fancy pens and begin scribbling away, planning how you’re going to be a whole new you.

And then a week goes by and you don’t even know where the planner went.

Ya, guilty!

That was until I found the planner of my dreams and learned how to actually use planners effectively.

I’ve found that these five planner tips have changed the way I plan and changed how successful I am at following through with my planning.

And I am here to pass them along…you’re welcome 😉


How to use a planner to be the most productive. Want to actually accomplish the goals you set out to every month? Learn how to actually use a planner with these 5 helpful and handy tricks to transform yourself into a productive boss lady...or man.
This post may contain affiliate links.  All opinions are our own, honest review.

You must be thinking, “how does she not know how to use a planner!”

Well, of course I’m capable of writing down goals, appointments, to-do lists, etc.

The problem was that I didn’t know how to record this information in the most efficient way possible in order to increase productivity.

It’s fine and dandy to write down “write five blog posts this week!” in the notes section of your planner.

But what are the action-packed steps you’re going to take to actually accomplish that goal?

That’s where these handy tips come in.

Since I started using my planner this way, I have been more productive than ever before.

Consider these 5 helpful tips to stick to using your planner and actually accomplishing all those goals you’re so excited about!


I strongly believe that you won’t be able to effectively use your planner until you find a planner that you actually enjoy using.

I’m not talking about a planner that’s cute and visually appealing – although also super important.

I’m talking about a planner that actually has all the necessary components of your perfect planner.

If you enjoy exercising, how’re you going to be the most productive if you don’t have a spot in your planner for planning your fitness goals and action steps each week?

If you don’t have a planner that is right for your specific life needs, I find it hard to be super successful in following through with effectively using a planner.

It took me far too long to find a planner that I love and enjoy. Don’t let it take you that long! 

My all-time favorite planner is from Plum Paper and mmmm is it perfect!

This planner is 100% customizable so you can easily create a planner that works best for you.

Need a spot to plan out your blog posts, goals, and stats?  The plum planner has got you covered!

Enjoy having a monthly, weekly, and daily spread to schedule out your days?  Customize each month to be exactly how you love!

My Plum Paper Planner is perfect for me because I designed it, and you can too!

I could go on for hours about why I love this planner, but you can read more on that in this post 😉

Don’t have a planner you love?  Fall in love with one, here.



You can’t plan for things if you don’t have a time dedicated to planning, right?!


I love it 😉

Whether it is once a month, week, or day, find the time to sit down with your planner and fill in your goals nd action steps for the month/week/day.

This way, all you’ll have to do is simply glance at your planner in the morning each day and you’ll know your schedule for work, appointments, etc., and what things you need to accomplish throughout the day.

I like to cozy up with my planner once a week, usually on Sundays to plan out my upcoming week.

I like a planner with a daily spread with time slots so I can pencil out my entire day.

I find that I am more efficient at getting things done if there is a planned time in my day devoted to certain tasks/to-dos.

When is your favorite time to bond with your planner?




I used to squeeze soooo much information into my monthly spreads in my planners.

Mainly because I used to buy planners that only had monthly spreads.

But also because I wasn’t using my planner effectively.

Using your monthly spread for big picture things like broad monthly goals, bill due dates, appointment times, etc., makes it easier to get an overall feel for what your month looks like at a glance but doensn;t overwhelm you with tons and tons of random information.

You’ll get an idea of the important stuff but won’t have to overload your brain with the small stuff.

This way, when I glance at my planner in the morning, the monthly view will tell me what bills are due, if any, if I have any appointments or activities, and an overview of your goals to remind yourself to stay on track.

Want to utilize a monthly planner spread but don’t want to dish out the cash for a planner?

Grab this awesome and FREE monthly calendar printable from Jessica Keala!



Your weekly and/or daily spread(s) is where you can really get down to business.

This where I and I recommend you plan out your action steps to achieve the goals you wrote down at the beginning of the month.

I tend to focus on three big picture goals each month: one personal, one health-related, and one career related.

Then, in the weekly and/or daily spread, I write down the steps I am going to take each week/day to work towards actually accomplishing my goals or what I’ll do to work towards really making new habits stick.

Like I mentioned before, I like to devote one day a week, usually Sundays,  to filling in my weekly/daily spreads so I don’t have to think much about my days throughout the week.

I just wake up in the morning, glance at my planner while I’m eating breakfast and can clearly see an outline of what needs to happen that day.

For instance, if one of my big picture goals written in the monthly view was to write five blog posts this month, my daily spread would include things such as, “draft first post, edit post, create graphics for post, etc.”

I can even write down the specific time during each day when I estimate I’ll be able to accomplish those things.

Doing this has really, really, really helped with my productivity for all things in life.




Is it just me or do planners have way too many “notes” pages than you know what to do with each month?

I never utilized these pages, always leaving them blank, until I bought my Plum Paper Planner.

My Plum Paper Planner has an add-on section labeled ‘home’ with tons of space to record important dates, quotes, pictures, and milestones.

When I saw this it was like a light bulb went off!  I could have been using my note pages each month in my other planners to record these same things!

I love that I am able to jot down cute things my kids say that I want to remember, save the date for all of their milestones, and add pictures to relive the moments.

I also like to use the notes sections to record my thoughts and reflections on certain days.

Doing this made my planner so much more personal to me, as now it is kind of an all-encompassing planner and journal.

Which is why I 100% recommend keeping all of your planners.  At least I know I’m gonna!

What a better way to look back on your year than your planner/journal?!

How do you use your planner to be the most productive at accomplishing your goals?


Talk soon!


How To Create A Luxury Spa In Your Own Bathroom

How To Create A Luxury Spa In Your Own Bathroom

Ah, the spa! 

Such a luxury!

But does it have to come at a luxury cost?

I think not!

Check out all these awesome DIY recipes for the best, and cheapest, *at-home* spa day ever.

Pamper yourself with this at home spa day routine! 10 DIY recipes to create the most relaxing day ever!

This post may contain affiliate links.  All opinions are our own, honest review.  Read our disclosure here.

I’m guessing you could use a day off, eh?

We all may not be able to take long luxurious vacations whenever we want, but we can treat ourselves to an at-home spa day of our dreams!

Treating yourself to a day at the spa doesn’t have to be expensive…and you can stay in your comfy pj’s all day 😉

Try out some new DIY recipes – pamper yourself edition.

You’ll be left feeling relaxed, destressed, and oh so luxurious!


What better way to kick off your spa day than with some refreshing and SUPER good for you infused water!?

Not only are infused waters nutritional and delicious, but they also have great detoxifying properties.

Here are a few of my favorite infused water recipes:

Strawberry Lime:  My favorite!  Just slice some strawberries and lime and top with a sprig of mint!  Try with sparkling water for an even fancier experience!

For better digestion: Cucumber + Strawberry + Lime!

For clear, glowing skin: Cucumber + Lemon + Mint!

Citrus Twist: Lemon + Lime + Orange!

Simply add to a glass of crushed ice and water and enjoy all day!




Fair warning, I have an obsession with face masks. 

There’s an entire drawer in my bathroom dedicated just to face masks.

I know this may seem excessive, but when I have a spa day, I go big. (in the way of face masks, at least.)

You can never have too many face masks, amiright?

To get started, let’s make sure your skin is squeaky clean. First, remove makeup with your favorite oil cleanse and then follow up by washing your face with your facial cleanser of choice.

I love using organic coconut oil to remove my makeup and Cetaphil cleanser.

Now, in order to get rid of all that built up dead skin – gross, I know – exfoliate your face with this DIY exfoliating mask.


What you’ll need: oatmeal, manuka honey, favorite carrier oil (I use coconut oil)

How you make it:

Yay for baby-bottom smooth skin!

Too lazy for DIY?  I feel you 😉 Here’s a great alternative!

In order to make the most of your next – yes we’re doing more than one, (it’s spa day)! – DIY face mask, try steaming your face. You’ve never steamed your face before?! Where have you been living!?  Under a rock, clearly.

You’ve never steamed your face before?! Where have you been living!?  Under a rock, clearly.

Under a rock, clearly.

Start off by boiling a pot of water. Once boiling, place the pot on a towel on your table, drape a towel over your head and hold near the pot to steam your face. After about 5-10 minutes, your pores should be nice and open and ready for your next face mask!

This is when I apply a skin detoxifying mask since our pores are open.

Try and make this DIY clay mask to purge and shrink your pores!



How you’ll make it –

  • Mix together two parts clay, one part water or ACV, 1/2 part coconut oil, few drops lemon essential oil
  • Use a flat makeup brush to spread evenly on face and let harden 10-20 minutes (this mask is intense, you might feel your face tingling – so normal)
  • Remove mask with warm water and face cloth (warning – this mask is difficult to remove (worth it) and will leave your skin slightly red)

Apply favorite moisturizer…or your next face mask 😉


After the detoxifying face mask has pulled all the grime out of my skin, I like to apply a renewing mask to add moisture and essential vitamins to my skin. (

(I have the driest skin on planet earth…*eyeroll emoji*)




  • Mash avocado, then mix together two parts avocado, one part manuka honey, few drops carrier oil (coconut oil), few drops essential oil(s) (lemon)
  • Use a flat makeup brush to apply evenly to skin
  • Let sit for 10-30 minutes, then rinse off with warm water

Pat skin dry and nooowww you can apply your favorite moisturizer 😉 



This isn’t necessarily a DIY, but it is a super fun and healthy addition to your ultimate pamper routine.

Just pretend this is the point in your spa-day that you’d be getting a massage 😉

You can find a dry brush for your body on Amazon for super cheap!

And the benefits are great, especially before you soak in the tub with your DIY bath bomb.

Just follow the instructions here!


Aren’t bath bombs awesome?

What better way to spice up spa day while also fulfilling your kid-like self?

Plus, they’re made up of crazy good ingredients that’ll make your skin super smooth!

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good Lush bath bomb.

But did you know how easy it is to make your own bath bomb?

Relax in the tub with your DIY bath bomb while your detoxifying face mask does it work!

Find some awesome recipes, here!


Masks just aren’t for your face, they’re for your hair, too.

While you’re soaking in the tub, letting all your stresses fly away, soak your hair in a luxurious combination of oils and nutrients!

Rinse it out and feel the silky goodness that is now your hair.

I like using a hair mask at least once a week to keep my hair strong and healthy!

My favorite DIY hair mask is so simple it only has one ingredient – coconut oil

(Can you tell how much I love coconut oil??  It’s so affordable and has countless uses!)

Simply apply a generous amount of coconut oil from roots to ends, tie up in a top knot, and let it do it’s magic while you enjoy your relaxing bath!

I hope you remembered to pour yourself a glass of wine before you hopped in 😉



What would a relaxing bath be without some luxurious bath accessories?

Leave your skin feeling super smooth with this DIY sugar scrub!

*Sugar scrubs make super awesome gifts, too…combine with some of the other DIY spa day recipes and pass along the gift of relaxation!*


HOW YOU MAKE IT: Mix together two parts sugar, two parts coconut oil (if you like your scrubs more coarse, use less oil), few drops of each essential oil

Hop in the tub and massage into your body to leave your skin feeling smoooooth!

Ever thought of making your own body butter?

You should!  Especially for spa day 😉

Moisturize your skin post-bath with this DIY body butter!


It wouldn’t be a day at the spa without scheduling in a mani/pedi!

Grab your favorite nail polish and treat yourself to an at-home manicure and pedicure!

I know, there’s no DIY product to make…but, in regards to your nails you are ‘doing it yourself’ 😉

In the market for some new nail polish?  Check out Kathleen Lights’ new line of nail polishes!  She has the best colors and it lasts soooo long on my nails!

‘Cause is there really anything worse than chipping nail polish?

If you’re feeling super fancy, you could take it a step further and use an at-home gel manicure kit to really prolong the lifespan of your nail polish!


Ah, so relaxed.

What a day.

I wish I could enforce my pamper routine every day of the week. *sigh*

Wind down from your day of relaxation with a detoxifying smoothie.

Detox smoothies don’t just have to be used in dieting.  Detox smoothies have great benefits and it is always good to flush your body of unwanted toxins every now and again.

Find my go-to detox smoothie recipe, here!

Or, if you’re anything like me – you’ll likely be indulging in a pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream instead while watching some How I Met Your Mother.


So, we just spent all day pampering ourselves and de-stressing our bodies with the ultimate DIY spa day!

Now it’s time to destress our minds!

Grab your planner or just a piece of paper to brain dump all your thoughts, concerns, and to-dos.

Then, sort your thoughts into smaller, more organized categories with checklists and action steps to stay productive and on track to accomplish your goals!

What better way to end our pamper routine than to put all our thoughts to rest for some much needed mental clarity?

Here’s to praying our totally and insanely relaxed state lasts past noon on Monday 😉


What’s your go-to strategy to feel less stressed and more productive?  Have any awesome DIY spa day recipes??  Comment below 🙂

Don’t forget your Spa Day Printable to write down all your DIY recipes!

Talk soon, 


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