Are you sick and tired of budgeting?

Each week analyzing your income and expenses, figuring out how much money you have to pay your bills and other necessities and how much, if any, you can save?

I know I am…was.

That’s why I designed my most perfect budget.  One that doesn’t require you to actually budget.

Ever heard of the Zero-Based Budget by Dave Ramsey?  Same idea – Except the automated version.  The version that requires a one-time step-up and not much more.

What if I told you that you could finally take the work and the stress out of budgeting?

You can.

With our Budget Automation System.

This budget system will take you no time to set up and then will be automated to budget itself.  With some simple math, you can create a fool-proof and automated budget system that will help you to easily pay your bills and allow you to save more simply.

Over the course of 4 days, you’ll receive daily emails that will quickly and easily walk you through each step until your budget is automated and ready to go.  We’ll teach you how to deposit your income into specified expense accounts that will be systematically set up to automate themselves via direct deposit and automatic bill pay.

We’ll transform your budget to balance itself, so you don’t have to.

Sign up for our FREE 4-Day Budget Automation Email Course and kick what you thought you knew about budgeting to the curb.


–> Take the stress out of budgeting?

–> Pay your bills more simply?

–> Save your money more simply?

–> Never balance a checkbook again?



Learn how to automate your finances

so you never have to budget again!

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