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7 Simple Things That Will Help You Have The Best Nights Sleep Ever

Sep 26, 2018 | 0 comments

I was lacking a night routine in my life till as of recent and I seriously don’t know how I was living without one for 25 years.

Since incorporating a night routine into my life a few months back I’ve been experiencing some noticeable differences, including that;

  • I’ve never had this much energy (well, maybe before the two kids, ha)
  • I fall asleep faster & sleep better
  • I have more productive mornings

Overall, I am a happier person now that I’ve committed time each night to my night routine.

If you often feel stressed or find it hard to fall asleep and stay asleep, a night routine may be your answer.

Steal my 2018 Night Routine to have better night sleeps and more productive mornings!

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Like I said, I’ve been so much happier and more productive since starting my night routine.

I strongly believe in the magic of a good routine, as you’ll see as you explore our blog 😉

My night routine consists of seven steps (done in this order):

1.  Shut Down

2.  Prepare For Tomorrow

3.  Tidy Up

4.  Stretch

5.  Tend To Your Mental Health

6.  Skin Care

7.  Go To Bed At A Reasonable Time (Every Night)

This may seem like a lot, but it’s not, I promise.

Your night routine is worth every minute because it will prepare your mind and body for a deep sleep which will, in turn, increase your happiness and productivity in the morning.

As you can see, something that I love doing each night is planning my day for tomorrow, so to help you do the same, we’ve created a sweet daily planning printable that you can snag fah free!  (It is available in both letter size and A5!)

step one  //  shut down!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.

SHUT IT DOWN!! (Any New Girl fans out there?!)

It is no secret that being on your smart-phone or tablet, or watching TV until you go to sleep is super bad for you.  (Check out why Reading On A Screen Before Bed [Could] Be Killing you, here.)

Now, do I have your attention? 😉

They say you should be shutting down from all electronic devices up to two hours before your bedtime – but hey, even thirty minutes is a good start in my books.

I quit all electronics two hours before my bedtime at 11 pm which is the perfect amount of time to do my night routine.

To stay committed to being off your phone until the next morning, set up a charging station (outside of your bedroom) where you can safely leave your phone while you complete your night routine.

When I first committed to shutting down from electronics every night, I began with thirty minutes the first week and then gradually increased that time over the next few weeks until I was used to shutting down two hours prior to bedtime.

I challenge you to shut down thirty minutes before bed tonight!  You got this!

step two  //  prep for tomorrow

Each night I like to prepare myself for the following day so I feel stress-free and motivated to tackle the day!

And, also, so I can sleep in longer…. 😉

I like to prepare for tomorrow in two ways:

1.  Meal prepping

2.  Outfit prepping

So, take some time during your night routine to quickly prepare your breakfast and lunch for the following day.

I also like to have my clothes for the following day planned out, cuz whose got time for trying to look cute at 5am.

Another great way to prepare during your night routine is to check over your planner for the following day so you know what important things need to be crossed off your to-do list, but more on that later.

Hey, wanna never have to prep a lunch again by becoming the self-employed blog boss that you were always meant to become?!  For real, though, I recently quit my 9-5 to blog full-time and, maaan, does it feel good not packing lunches or waking up at 5 am.

step three  //  tidy up
Who likes waking up to a disorganized space?  Not me!

If I wake up to a sink full of dishes, there’s no way I’ll be able to concentrate on working on our blog or whatever else needs to be done.

Take the extra time the night before to quickly clean your space cuz ain’t nobody likes to start their day with cleaning.

Now, I don’t mean you need to break out the duster and vacuum – save that for another day.

Simply put things back where they belong and wash the dishes, etc.

Having a tidy house before bedtime means that you won’t be searching for your shoes or wondering where you last left your keys the next morning.

Thank you, night routine for keeping me organized AF!

step four  //  stretch

Stretching before bed feels soooo gooood.

Seriously, I can’t tell you enough times to add this to your night routine, tonight!  You won’t regret it!

Stretching before bed helps me to relax, destress, and release any negative emotions from the day.

Stretching is also proven to:

  • increase flexibility
  • improve posture
  • prevent injuries
  • increase nutrient absorption
  • decrease soreness
  • calm your mind
  • increase your energy

Time spent stretching is super beneficial to both your mind and body, which is why we should all make room for it during our night routines.

If you’re unsure of what stretches to do, my favorite place to find night time stretching routines are on Pinterest and YouTube, but simply doing what feels good for your body is the best thing you can do.

step five  //  tend to your mental health

Life can get exhausting, especially in this technology-crazed generation that we live in.

So, it’s important to wind down and tend to your mental health at the end of each day.

There are tons of ways to tend to your mental health, but my favorite are:

All of these options are great ways to cleanse your mind of unwanted thoughts and wind your brain down in preparation for a good nights sleep.

Meditation and yoga are amazing at calming and centering you, helping you sleep better and wake up rested the next morning.

And, it may sound crazy if you’ve never tried meditation or yoga, but I swear these two things have helped my anxiety and depression more than anything else ever has.

You haaaave to check out Yoga with Adriene if you’re interested in trying out yoga.  She is the sweetest and makes yoga inclusive for all levels of experience.

Reading and planning out tomorrow in your physical or digital planner (be cool, guys…use the lowest brightness on your device and shut that shit down asap!) are two other great ways to relax your senses and ease your body into sleep mode during your night routine.

I find that when I have too much information floating around in my head, I can’t concentrate on anything else.

That’s when I break out my planner to organize my thoughts, and I suggest you do the same!

No worrying about tomorrow should be fueling your insomnia anymore!

(Side note:  I don’t do all four of these things each night.  Usually only one or two.)

step six  //  skin care

I have suuuper high maintenance skin, meaning I have to dedicate quite some time each evening to loving my face.

But, that’s ok, cuz I need something to distract me from the fact that I haven’t checked Pinterest in almost two hours!

Getting into the habit of loving your skin each night will totally benefit you in the future to keep acne and wrinkles at bay.

I stick to a super simple, cruelty-free skin care routine that I can outline for you below:

Step 1: Cleanse with Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap

Step 2:  Calm with Mario Badescu Facial Spray With Aloe, Herbs, And Rosewater

Step 3: Moisturize with Rosehip Oil

Like I said, I keep it quick and simple…cuz I’ve got sleeping to do!

So, do whatever works best for your skin, and hop into bed!

What are your absolute go-to skin care products?! I am always dying to try new things!
step seven  //  go to bed at a reasonable time

Has it really already been two full hours without any electronics?!

See, easier than you thought, right?!


Your Twitter feed can wait until the morning 😉

Now that your night routine is coming to an end, it’s important to make sure you’re getting the right amount of sleep each night.

Because, regardless of how awesome your night routine is, it still won’t be quite as good if you aren’t getting the right amount of sleep for your body.

Try experimenting on days when you don’t need an alarm clock to wake up and see when your body naturally wakes you up from sleeping.

This will help to get an idea of how many hours of sleep your body needs to replenish itself for a new day.

Then, based on your magic number, set a bedtime and stick to it.

Don’t forget to plan two hours in advance of your bedtime to start shutting down!

You’ll also want to make sure your room is optimized for a good nights sleep by keeping the temperature cool and using an essential oil diffusing humidifier!

What does your night routine look like?!  Tell me, tell me, tell me!!
sweet dreams,
xx michelle
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