What Happens After Breaking The Chain? Starting Again Post-Debt

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Debt is one of those all-consuming things, they arise from sudden expenses in life, and getting out of the hole is one of the most arduous tasks anybody can undertake.

What happens after we’ve done this? In many ways, breaking free of the debt spiral can give us a new lease of life, but we could feel emotionally exhausted as well.

How can we make the most of starting again after breaking free from debt?

big expenses


For some, the memory of being in debt is enough to spark seismic changes in their lifestyle.

Having an idea of the common mistakes people make when they get out of debt is something to bear in mind. On https://money.usnews.com/ there is a list of the common mistakes people make after getting out of debt, and using these as constant reminders of the journey you still have to make after debt, you can work at preventing the debt spiral reappearing in your life.

Budgeting is one of those approaches that can help people to stay on track but it’s also worth noting the resources that can help you out if the worst case scenario was to reappear. Websites like https://debtconsolidation.loans/ provide an abundance of information to get out of debt, as well as supply you with the options.

Prevention is vital, and much like an addict that has come off a substance, it’s about managing the environmental risk.

You know the situations where you are likely to be gregarious with your finances, and by sticking to a plan, this can give you a template to cope.


Believe it or not, some people miss being in debt.

This may sound silly, but because people have a challenge in life that is insurmountable, and the stakes are high, when this has been overcome, the feeling of accomplishment cannot be matched. And if you get bored in life, you can easily think that if you’ve got out of debt once, you can do it again!

When we feel this temptation, we have to remind ourselves of the emotional repercussions. Not just with ourselves, but the people we love. It may have been a miserable existence, where you struggled to put a meal together sometimes. And in hindsight, it can seem like a very romantic notion, but we have to put ourselves back in the frame of mind we had at the time; a frame of mind that consists of stress, anxiety, and no doubt, depression.

Remembering how horrible it was you should be more than enough to keep you from going back there.

Starting again after debt is a new lease of life, but we got to be careful we don’t fall back into our old ways. It’s easier than we think to get sucked back into the spiral.

But once we have broken free, we have to make sure we’ve learned the lessons.

This may sound silly but we’re all capable of retreading old ground, especially as money is so easy to access these days!

Are you recently debt free?  What are you going to do to stay debt free?  Comment below!

Happy budgeting!

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