Looking Back To Where It All Began

Jan 10, 2019Lifestyle

where it all began

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When you’re just starting up on your own, it can be truly terrifying and completely exhilarating all at the same time.

If you’ve quit your 9 to 5 to start your own business you’ll know how in those early days it felt like you were sailing pretty close to the wind financially, before you finally saw decent profitability.

In this post ask yourself: what advice would you give your younger self when you were just starting out?

If you are that startup, keep reading for top tips on how to hang on through that bumpy take off before you break through the clouds into calmer weather and some money generation.

where it all began


If you’ve got a history of debt then now’s the time to consider debt consolidation loans with guarantor support.

Try your best to clear up any outstanding finance so you can move forward with a clean sheet and see your profits go where they should, rather than get swallowed up in debt repayment.


From your accounting to your marketing strategy, prepare to win and to carry out the research necessary in order to sell your products to the right people.

Don’t waste time guessing how to sell or who to sell so invest your time and profit in carrying out in-depth marketing research and pitching everything accordingly.


Business experts will tell you that the first few months of setting up on your own are the hardest and they’re probably right. But what they might not say is that the hard work is all worth it.

Once you’ve found your rhythm and your daily working patterns you’ll be pleased that you took that brave step towards becoming a solo entrepreneur.


Even when you’ve had the longest day and perhaps things haven’t gone as planned, you’ll still find the courage and the energy to get back to it the next day and the next.

The drive you have to reach your goals is what is driving you forwards each day and what will ultimately pay off in the long run.


You’ll find yourself becoming your best PR, HR officer, accountant and admin assistant, not to mention the work you actually promote.

Learning new skills can be an immensely satisfying experience, particularly when it comes to adding value to your business.

Whatever service, whatever product you provide, you’ll never regret setting out on your own.

For some it’s a once in a lifetime experience, while for others it’s another step along the path of finding financial success. However you approach running your own business make it yours, do it your way in your own style.

Get to know your customer inside and out to make those pitches just right and give yourself a round of applause for every new skill you pick up along the way.

Sticking to your guns and following your dreams will soon see you imparting advice to a whole new generation of entrepreneurs.

What’s your advice for new entrepreneurs?  Start the discussion, below!


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