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MIA: Social Media Actions Your Blog Is Missing Out On

Jan 31, 2019Lifestyle

social media actions your blog is missing out on

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Using social media to market your blog has never been as important as it is today

With the help of Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, it’s possible to connect with millions of users around the world. You don’t need millions of dollars of startup capital any longer, not when you can advertise your brand online.

However, it doesn’t mean bloggers aren’t doing everything possible to target their base.

The truth is that there are a lot of users left on the table and it’s not a wise move, not in a traffic-centric industry.

With that in mind, here are four things to consider regarding your social media strategy.

1.  The Far East

China is fast becoming one of the biggest drivers of content in the world.

With over one billion people living in the country, it’s not hard to see why people want a slice of the pie.

But, the majority of Western blogs don’t rank in China for one reason: they don’t use the same sites. Facebook and Twitter are replaced by WeChat and Weibo, their versions of the platforms.

To break into the sector, a profile with either of these is essential.

Otherwise, Chinese social marketing is pretty much impossible. Some agencies will help if you don’t know where to start.

social media actions your blog is missing

2.  Landing Pages

Users that click-through via social media accounts are bona fide leads.

They wouldn’t have done it otherwise.

Therefore, it’s important to give them what they want when they land on a page.

Clicking for one thing and finding something else on arrival is a massive turn-off and will lead to an increased bounce rate.

So, your landing pages have to be relevant to their experience.

For this, consider keeping things short and concise and to the point. Also, make sure the social media and landing pages mirror one another for consistency.

Finally, think about where the lead has come from and what they want.

3.  Segmented Content

Features of one platform tend to make their way onto another and it isn’t healthy.


It’s because each audience is different and only certain things work.

Twitter is an excellent example. More than 40% of users want to find breaking news and content compared to Facebook.

Therefore, marketing on the Twittersphere should center on blog broadcasts and bulletins.  On FB, use videos to create popular content which has the potential to go viral.

Always segment content based on the platform.

4.  Analytics

Big data is imperative as it holds the answers to key questions.

One thing you can learn is how to retarget previous leads.

Only a small percentage of people will convert to the blog, which means you need to find new ways to connect.  How you do it is a personal choice; however, analytic software will show you which people to target.

People who have visited the site before or clicked on previous ads are good places to begin.

Nobody wants their blog to go missing in action.

So, be sure to include the most powerful social media actions to propel it forward.

What social media actions do you use to get the most traffic to your blog?  Start the discussion below!




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