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4 Legitimate Ways To Make Money From Home

Feb 7, 2019Lifestyle

Although the internet has certainly come a long way since it’s rather sleazy past in the early days, and we all now know far more than we ever did about most things – one of which is that we don’t need to follow the old model of go to school, get a degree and work for the same employer for the rest of our lives, many people are still quite cautious and even downright skeptical when it comes to the idea of making money from home.

They think there must be some elaborate scam involved or that they’d have to be doing something illegal.

ways to make money from home

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Neither of these are true – not even close.

Of course, you can make money from home doing illegal stuff and scamming people, but we’re pretty sure that’s not why you’re reading this post.

Plus, that’s a pretty pointless strategy since you’ll get caught and it’s not exactly going to be fulfilling.

So, if you’ve ever been a bit skeptical about the idea of making money from home, then we’re going to share with you four tried and tested, very legal and above board businesses, that you can start from home and that will allow you to create your own schedule, help people and make money on your own terms.

ways to make money from home

1.  Freelancing

If you’ve never started a business before and want to work from home, then freelancing is a great way to get started.

You can offer your services, such as copywriting, graphic design, IT Support & Consulting, or even tax consulting to business owners who struggle with these aspects of their own business, and it’s a great way to really help other people whilst working on your own schedule and working with the kinds of clients you like working with.

2.  Blogging

Starting a blog has gotten a bit of a bad rap over recent years since it seemed like everyone jumped on the bandwagon and then started using sleazy strategies to monetize their blogs.

However, nowadays with more demand than ever for good content, and Google really coming down on blogs to make sure they play by the rules, if you’re creating great content and offering good solutions, you can really make good money with a blog that shares useful information.

And, you’re writing about things you’re passionate about.


3.  Virtual Assistant

If you’re good at things like admin, putting together systems and keeping things running smoothly, but don’t necessarily want to be the front face of your business and are happy supporting someone else in theirs, then working as a virtual assistant (VA) could be the perfect way for you to go.

4.  Social Media Manager

Social media is one of the best ways for business owners to market their business online, but it’s something that’s constantly evolving, and they just don’t have time or desire to keep up and learn everything at that pace.

So, since it’s not where their time is best spent, then they need someone to do this for them, and they will pay a social media manager to manage everything on their behalf because it really does make a big difference for their business.

Do you earn a living working from home?  What do you do?  Let us know in the comments, below!


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