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If You Hide Every Time The Door Goes, You Know Your Debt Has Gone Too Far

Feb 8, 2019Lifestyle

No matter how good we are with money, debt has a habit of sneaking up.

One missed payment can snowball into endless people chasing you for what you owe.

It’s a stressful experience and, as can be seen from sites like, it’s one an average 80% of Americans face.

That’s no surprise given that we start with education debts, then have to take out credit cards and loans to manage the cost of living.

By the time you’re in your thirties, debt could have a firm grip no matter how good your money management skills.

debt has gone too far

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This is a fact which many of us choose to ignore.

It may be that, over the years, you’ve become put those debt notices in a drawer.

Perhaps you’ve just about managed to pay the minimum amount on your bills.

But, the fact that you’re reading this post suggests that you can’t keep your head above those debt waters any longer.

Do you reject every call on your phone? Do you dive behind the couch whenever your door goes?

If yes, it’s a sure sign that your debt has gone too far.

Keep on ignoring them, and you’re going to make yourself miserable.  You could even find yourself on the wrong side of a debt collection agency.

We’ve all seen Confessions of a Shopaholic, right? You don’t want to end up with Derek Smeath on your back.  Private ringtone or not, he got our Shopaholic in the end.

To make matters worse, ignoring debts can see you facing legal action and fines which cost more than you owed in the first place.

You could say, then, that your avoidance here is a backwards way of dealing with the issue.

It’s past time you got out from behind the sofa and dealt with things in the following ways.

Face The Fear

Your avoidance here suggests some level of fear.

That’s fair enough given that issues with money are some of the most frightening we face.

But, not answering the door because you don’t want to face up to this is no way to live.  It’s a sure sign that you’re letting your fears take over your rational ability to deal with debt.

As such, the first way to get around the issue is to face those fears head-on.  Answer the door. Take the phone call.

You may imagine some dark, sinister person shouting at you on the other end, but that’s not the reality.

The people who are chasing you are just doing their jobs. They aren’t going to shout at you or hurt you. They want you to pay what you owe.

More often than not, you’ll find that answering the door can see you settling on a manageable payment plan.

In many ways, we have the regularity of debt to thank for that.

Endless amounts of us have experienced debt. The people knocking on your door right now may have debts or their own to deal with.

As such, they probably have every sympathy for your plight.

That doesn’t mean they can stop chasing you, but it does mean that they’ll treat you well when you finally let them in.

More often than not, you may find they’re willing to drop some of your debt if you promise to start paying something.

That’s the best scenario you can hope for, and it’s one which won’t be possible unless you face that fear already.

If you’re feeling brave, pick up the phone and make the first move.

This can lighten a load off your mind, as well as showing that you’re willing and ready to cooperate.

Get Organized

The only reason those companies are having to chase you is because you’ve missed payment dates.

And, the chances are that you’ve missed payment dates because you aren’t on top with organization.

If you had paid every bill you owed on time, these companies would never have any reason to chase you down like this.

And, the moment you start paying again is the moment you can start answering your phone again with ease.

So, it’s worth developing a decent organization system to get back on track with your payments.

If you want to keep things simple, something like the bullet journals found at could be a fantastic help here.

By having easy access to every payment date, there’s little chance that you miss another.

If that doesn’t suit, you could open a separate savings account.

Many people find that putting bill money straight into a seperate account is the best way to make sure they don’t spend it.

Knowing that money is to hand at all times could be what you need to pay off your credit card debt or meet those loan payments without fail.

Consolidate Your Debts

If you have debts in a load of different places, the chances are that you dodge calls from all different numbers.

In extreme cases, you may even decide that it’s easiest not to answer your phone at all.  Better that than risk picking up for the wrong number.

But, this is obviously not practical, and it’s an issue with an easy solution.

If you can’t breathe for companies trying to get hold of you, debt consolidation could be the best way to go.

The consolidation loans you can find if you view and other sites like them could be your saving grace. That’s because these ensure you only owe money to one set company. This makes things a whole load more manageable for your future, as well as acting as a clean sheet for your finances.

Then, all you’d need to do is take care of the organization mentioned above to ensure this company never comes knocking.

debt has gone too far

Living in fear is never pleasant, and it’s not something you have to put up with anymore.

Just take a deep breath, and put each of the pointers mentioned above in place.

Within weeks, you could be answering the door with a smile on your face again.

Are you dealing with debt?  What is your plan to climb your way out?  Comment below!


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