5 Planner Productivity Tips To Get Your Shit Together

Feb 21, 2019 | Planners + Printables | 6 comments

Updated On January 12, 2022

Do you find yourself always buying a planner, telling yourself that you’re going to finally get organized and on track?

Then, you get home, excitedly break out your new planner and fancy pens and begin scribbling away, planning how you’re going to be a whole new you.


Do you buy planners with the intention to get organized and become productive? But can't seem to get the hang of using a planner? Use these planner tips to help you use your planner effectively to become more organized and productive. These planner tips and tricks will show you how to use common sections of planner and what to do with those blank pages! You'll also find daily planner tips and weekly planner tips. Don't forget your free printables at the end of the planner tips! #plannertips

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…then a week goes by and you don’t even know where your new planner went.

It’s ok:

I’m totally guilty of this, too!

But then the unimaginable happened.

I finally found the planner of my dreams and learned how to use it effectively.

And, once I did this, I became 1000% more organized and productive.

I know what you’re thinking:

“How does she not know how to use a planner?!”

Well, of course, I’m capable of writing down goals, appointments, to-do lists, etc.

What I didn’t know was how to record this information in the most efficient way possible in order to increase organization and productivity.

Because the bottom line is:

It’s fine and dandy to scribble down “publish five blog posts this week” in the notes section of your planner.

But what are the action-packed steps you’re going to take to actually accomplish that goal?


That’s where my five simple planner productivity tips come in.

Today I’ll walk you through the exact 5-step process I use to purchase a new planner and use it to be the best version of myself every day.

You’re going to:

  1. Invest in a planner you love
  2. Make time for your planner
  3. Use your calendar for big picture stuff
  4. Use your weekly/daily spreads for action-packed to-do’s
  5. Use all that blank space for….

Ok! Let’s dive into the deets!

Planner Productivity Tip #1:  Invest In A Planner You Love

I strongly believe that you won’t be able to effectively use a planner until you find a planner that you actually enjoy using.

I’m not talking about a planner that’s cute and visually appealing (although, also important).

I’m talking about a planner that has all the bells and whistles!

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Because the truth is:

If you don’t have a planner that you love, it is hard to use it effectively.

You might be wondering what planners I recommend.

You’re in luck!  I’ve got two killer planners for you to explore!

The Erin Condren Life Planner is easy to use and comes with everything you could ever want from a planner.

The LifePlanner includes:

  • Vertical, horizontal, or hourly daily planning pages
  • Goal Setting Worksheets
  • Inspirational Quotes
  • Two-Page Monthly Overviews
  • Monthly Notes
  • Two-Page 2020 Future Planning Page
  • Folder
  • Stickers

I really appreciate the easy layout of this planner and die over the cute design.

It’s true:

This planner helps me plan out and accomplish my goals every single day.

I would be lost without my LifePlanner!

The Life Boss Planner is an un-dated life planner that will help you stay productive, plan your days, and track your success.

Included are 38+ planner printables that you can use year after year.

Some of the planning printables included are:

  • monthly calendar
  • weekly planner
  • daily planner
  • time-blocking schedules
  • meal planner
  • habit tracker

and more!

Planner Productivity Tip #2:  Make Time For Your Planner

You can’t plan for things if you don’t have a time dedicated to planning, right?!

Whether it is once a month, week, or day, find the time to sit down with your planner and fill in your goals and action steps for the month/week/day.

This way, you’ll have to simply glance at your planner each morning to know your schedule for work, appointments, to-do’s, and more.

I like to cozy up with my planner once a week, usually on Sunday’s, to plan out my upcoming week.

I am far more efficient at getting something done if it is scheduled at a specific time during the day.

PRO TIP:  Try a planner with time-slots to increase accountability + productivity.

Planner Productivity Tip #3:  How To Utilize Your Monthly Calendar

Use your monthly calendar for big picture stuff only!

Ugh, I used to squeeze soooo much information into the monthly spreads in my planner.

I mean, it was mainly because I used to buy planners that only had monthly spreads, hah!

But, also because I didn’t know any planner productivity hacks.

productivity planner - planner productivity - productivity tips - productivity planner organize your life - productivity planner time management - productivity planner goal setting

Use your monthly spread for big picture things like:

  • big-picture monthly goals
  • bill due dates
  • appointment times

This makes it easier to get an overall feel for what your month looks like at a glance, but doensn’t overwhelm you with tons of information.

Do you have a planner but still lack productivity? I felt the same way until I started using my planner according to these 5 simple tips. These simply tips increased my planner productivity by a ton! If you want to increase productivity with your planner, then you can't miss these tips. To be the most productive you can be, you need these 5 planner productivity tips! Time management is easy with these planner productivity hacks. Don't forget your printable planners! #plannerproductivity

Planner Productivity Tip #4:  How To Utilize Your Weekly + Daily Planner Pages

Your weekly and/or daily spread is where you can really get down to business with your goals and tasks.

This where you should plan out your action steps to achieve the goals you wrote down on your monthly calendar.

I tend to focus on three goals each month,

  • one personal,
  • one health-related,
  • and one career-related.

Then, in your weekly and/or daily spread, write down the action-steps you’re going to take to accomplish your goals.

productivity planner - planner productivity - productivity tips - productivity planner organize your life - productivity planner time management - productivity planner goal setting

Now, you can wake up each morning, glance at your planner while eating breakfast and clearly see an outline of what needs to happen that day.

For example, if one of my big picture goals was to write five blog posts this month, my daily spread would include action-steps such as, “draft first post, edit post, create graphics for post.

Doing this has really, really, really helped with my productivity!

Planner Productivity Tip #5:  How To Utilize All That Blank Space

Is it just me, or do most planners have more notes pages than you know what to do with each month?

I never utilized these pages, until, a little light-bulb went off.

Now, I use these blank pages for:

  • important dates
  • memories
  • milestones
  • goals
  • random lists
  • quotes
  • gratitude

I love jotting down cute things my kids say, saving the dates of all their milestones, and adding small pictures to relive the moments. (Yes, I am that person who saves all of my planners, lol!)

The notes sections are also great for recording your thoughts and reflections.

Utilizing the blank space in my planner this way has made it so much more personal, and is a great, all-encompassing planner + journal.

**Bonus:  Take your productivity to the next level!

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Skip To The Bottom?

Skip to the bottom?

It’s cool.  Most of us do. 😛

Let me recap for you:

1.  Find A Planner You Love – You cannot use your planner successfully if you hate it.  So, take the time and invest in a planner you enjoy using.  I equally recommend the Erin Condren LifePlanner and The Planna Planner to anybody looking to discover their dream planner (or planners!)

2.  Make Time For Your Planner – Once you have the planner of your dreams in your hands, schedule out planner time to increase your organization and productivity.  Try writing in your planner each night before bed or plan your whole week on Sundays!

3.  How To Utilize Your Monthly Calendar – Only use your monthly calendar for big picture stuff.  Stuff like: big-picture monthly goals, bill due dates, appointment times, etc.

4.  How To Utilize Your Weekly and/or Daily Planner Pages – Use your weekly and daily planner pages to write out your action steps to achieve your goals.

5.  How To Utilize All That Blank Space – Is it just me, or do most planners have more notes pages than you know what to do with?  Use these pages for important dates, memories, milestones, goals, random lists, quotes, gratitude, etc.

Happy planning,

– michelle

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