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Luxury Apartment Searching? Look For The 5 Unique Signs

Mar 9, 2019Lifestyle

From the retirement penthouse, all the way to the bachelor pad, luxury apartments have grown in popularity.

Once upon a time, they were limited to the very wealthy, but more and more professionals are seeking to live among plush furniture, be situated in the best locations, and of course, have the ability to say they live in an incredibly atute property.

Why do so many people want to do this now more than ever?

For one thing, luxury apartments have always been status symbols. If you work hard, that should allow you to play hard too. The far more complex reasons are things like investing in modern and contemporary properties that young millionaires will want to buy.

Foreign property sales are going through the roof now more than ever too.

Perhaps you want to live in a certain part of the world where the views is just as spectacular as the weather.

There are many reasons why luxury apartments are so popular and sought after, but make sure you understand the 5 unique signs to identifying them.

Quitting your job isn’t the risk that it once was. There are now endless platforms like blogging which can provide you with an income.

The thing to bear in mind, though, is that this income will be less than your day job pay packets to start.

You could argue, then, that the secret to realizing your freelance dreams is merely to budget better.

When it comes down to it, most of us spend a whole load of unnecessary money.

By cutting back in certain areas, you may find that you can live for almost half the amount. That would make it easier than ever to hand in your notice.

But, what are these three magic areas?

1.  It’s Always Contemporary

Luxury apartments are designed from the beginning, not to be mundane.

This means not having the typical interior design that mass produced homes have.

They are distinct and must be set apart from the rest in order to be seen as on the upper echelon of property choices.

The interior design is always contemporary. It’s cutting edge, incorporating the most modern technologies.

You can expect to find pristine decor pieces also, such as chaise lounge chairs, single sheet tempered glass dining tables, alpaca wool carpets and premium Italian leather corner sofas.

2.  Open + Clear Views

The most luxurious apartments will always provide the owner or tenant with an incredible view.

This is usually something that is deemed a ‘clear view’ such as, toward a harbor, an ocean view, beaches, and sometimes even views into the heart of the city.

Open clear views will often add a huge amount to the price tag because they are so unique.

More often than not, these views will be achievable only form high rise buildings or apartments that have been built on hillsides.

Of course, an ocean view won’t add as much as a city view but again it all depends on the location.

3.  The Unique Location

Locations add perhaps the largest amount of external value to the property because, unlike the interior, it cannot be changed.

Looking at this property news portal you can see that apartments that are situated in or close to the city, are always going to be the most popular. You have access to public transport, as well as parking your own vehicle.

The amenities comprise of indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and the modern modern and revered shopping brands are just a few minutes away usually.

4.  Your Privacy Is Respected

Luxury apartments afford perhaps the most valuable thing to you, which is your privacy.

These kinds of properties will often consist of two or more floors.

You’ll have an upstairs which you can treat just like a regular home would, such as for your bedroom and bathroom. The downstairs will be for entertaining, the kitchen, dining room and lounge to name a few.

However, you will also have a landing, meaning you will be given your own space from the other tenants.

This is sometimes desired by people because they also don’t want any kind of noise pollution to reach them from within the building.

5.  The Professional Outlook

Any luxury apartment that does not seem desirable to professionals is something that isn’t doing what it should.

Every affluent professional wants a luxury apartment, and if something isn’t doing it for them, then it can only go down from here.

This is quite simply because if a property is not attracting young and rich clients, the value of the property isn’t going to rise as high as it should in several years.

Young professionals often increase the value of surrounding properties because they are making it a long term stay. Therefore more young professionals who will compete for the property will be willing to pay higher and higher prices in the future.

If there are many young faces around, that means the apartment will be rising in value in an almost guaranteed fashion.

Luxury apartments always have five unique signs to them.

The interior has to be completely contemporary.  The location has to be incredible and the view, just as awe inspiring.

Make sure you are paying attention to the potential rise in value of the property over just a few years.

And always appreciate the value the view itself will add to the price.

What do you look for in a luxury apartment?  Comment below!


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