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Keep Your Business Safe Online With These Tips

Mar 13, 2019Lifestyle

Most small businesses these days are online in some form or another. Some are based entirely online, and even those that are based in offices or factories have an online presence which helps them to sell, grow and build loyal relationships with their customers – usually a website or social media. Many of the small businesses that are around today exist because the internet has allowed them to reach out to customers. The internet is an excellent tool for small businesses, but sadly, it is not always safe.

Everyone is at risk when they are online, and while it can seem as though big businesses and corporations have a lot more to lose,  it is important to remember that these bigger businesses have more money to spend. They can afford dedicated IT support and perhaps more up to date internet protection.  While you might be a smaller target, you are much more vulnerable and easier for would-be hackers to target.

Unfortunately, internet security is something that many smaller businesses forget to take into consideration when they first launch. They start off small and as they get bigger, and their presence online grows, they have other, seemingly more pressing, things to deal with. In their bricks and mortar premises, they think about security, installing CCTV cameras, locking doors, setting alarms and taking out insurance, but when it comes to their online world – well, security is far down the list of priorities.

In this article, we are going to look at some of the ways that you can protect your business online.

1.  Passwords

Choose your passwords carefully, as they are your first line of defence against any unwanted online visitors. Make sure you have different websites for your website, your host and your FTP provider. All of your social media accounts will need passwords, and it is always a good idea to have one set on your computer and devices. Never write them down, and if anyone else has access to your computer or device, make sure that you don’t save the passwords.

2.  Prevent Viruses

If you use a Mac, anti-virus software is built in. If you are using another provider, you will need some decent software to reduce the risk of viruses, trojans, and malware appearing on your hardware. Make sure every computer and device in your office is protected.

3.  Updates

It can be annoying when you see update notifications on your computer or device, and many of us are guilty of ignoring them. However, it is vital that you don’t. Updates don’t just fix any niggles and bugs or add new features. They also keep the security software on your computer or device up to date.  As soon as you are notified that an update is available, do it.

4.  Remove Unnecessary Programs + Apps

Not only will having apps and programs that you no longer use slow down your computer or device, but it is just another avenue for a hacker or a virus to get in. Regularly clear out and delete anything you no longer use – here is a guide to uninstalling apps on Mac if you aren’t quite sure how to do it.

How do you keep your business safe?  Comment below!


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