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How Do You Recover From A Bad Fall?

Mar 15, 2019Lifestyle1 comment

You’re walking along the street, in a store, inside a building or perhaps in a sporting stadium.

Minding your own business, you suddenly slip and crash onto the floor.

We all make the same facial expression when we fall. The look of surprise and sudden panic, screeches across your face.

However, we also fall the exact same way by stretching out our arms and with our hands trying to grab something. Our legs tend to bend closer to our bodies and thus most of our weight when hitting the ground is on our wrists and pelvis.

All your own body collapsing underneath hurts a lot and you could be sore and in severe pain for many days or even weeks.

So how do you recover from a fall the right way?

1.  Wrap yourself up

Bandage wraps or dressings are fantastic for stabilizing bone. If you have a very sore write and everytime you move your hand up and down it hurt, wrap up your wrist using bandages. Make sure that is very tight. Align your forearm with your hand. Straighten everything up and then very tightly wrap the wrist up. You could also use a splint to make sure that the wrist had some support so if you should happen to bump into anything, it won’t cause you to shout out in pain. If the soreness doesn’t go away after a week or so, then you should see if you have trouble moving your fingers around. If you do, go see a doctor right away because you might have a fracture.

2.  Take some time off

Falling awkwardly can seriously damage your body. Anything has the possibility to be potentially injured seriously. If you cannot walk without pain or have trouble with some basic movements, then you should take some time off from work. Continuing on might make the problem worse and worse then you’ll end up spending time at home anyway. If you don’t have paid leave at your job then you are going to lose money for each day you’re not working. Contact a good personal injury lawyer and explain to them your case. If a store has been negligent and not put out signs of a wet floor or a shopping mall not having warned customers of a slippery floor, you can recoup your losses from them using a good personal injury legal team.

3.  More layers and more cold

When our bodies are recovering from an injury, the last thing we need is to be cold. This can actually slow down the healing process as energy is diverted from healing to heating you up. Wear more layers when you’re recovering, but also use ice to focus the white blood cells to the exact position you have been hurt. Wear an extra layer over the spot of the injury especially.

A fall is no joke, you can get seriously hurt when you slip and hit the hard ground. As soon as you get home, wrap up the area with some additional support to stabilize the bones. Use ice packs to aid in the healing process but wear an extra layer or two as well.

How do you keep your business safe?  Comment below!


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