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4 Personal Issues That Can Disrupt Your Progress

Mar 25, 2019Lifestyle

We all have hopes and dreams, ideas about the type of person we want to become and the life we want to lead.

And when we can, we do things that’ll make those ideas become a reality.

But if there’s one thing you learn about life as you navigate adulthood, it’s that life is always lurking, trying to trip you up.

While you might want to be completely focused on becoming the best version of yourself, there’ll be other factors at play. Some are within your control, some are not.

Below, we take a look at five such issues that can put the brakes on your development, both temporarily and in the long-term.

1.  In The Wrong Crowd

It’s a rare person who has the drive to block out their surroundings, and proceed forward just as they planned.

Most of us have at least some concern for the people around us; we want to fit in, we want to socialize, we want to be a part of society, essentially.

The problem is that the people we meet won’t always want what’s best for us. They might say they do, but really, they want us to stay where they are, not move up in the world.

If you’re not making the type of progress that you’d like or expect, take a look at who you’re spending time with.

Are they helping or hurting you?

2.  One Mistake

It doesn’t matter how well we live during 99% of the time.

If we make one mistake, we could find that we face criminal charges.

Most people think that they’re a million miles away from ever being in trouble with the law, but this isn’t really the case — it only takes one drunken mistake for everything to unravel.

Some four million Americans admit to drink driving, for example — and they’re just the ones who admit to it!

Staying on the right side of the law is something that needs to be carefully managed, in order to avoid complacency and potentially life-ruining consequences.

3.  Stressful Work

Oh, all the things we’d do, if only we had the time.

Of course, we all need to work in order to keep those lights on and build the capital we need to make our dreams come true, but if we’re spending all our time working, when do we have the time to get the ball rolling when it comes to our own dreams?

If you’re currently swamped with work, and it looks like there’s no end in sight, then look at talking with your boss, and reducing your hours.

If we’re living life at full speed, we won’t have the time or energy to see what else is available.

4.  Family Issues

Life could be so easy sometimes, if it weren’t for other people.

All relationships are difficult to manage, and especially family relationships.

If you have a turbulent home life, then you won’t have the headspace required to move forward and become a better version of yourself.

Focus on getting that right before moving forward.

What are your tips to reignite your fire for progress?  Comment below!


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