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Home-Grown: Using Your Business To Nurture Your Local Community

Apr 16, 2019Lifestyle

The great thing about having a business that you’ve fine-tuned over time is that you managed to increase your productivity, but also cast your net as wide as possible. When this happens, and people know your name in a local sense, you can use this to your advantage to help your local community. But, are there any good ways in which to do this effectively, not just so you turn up at the next charity drive, but actually, create something that is fundamental and will benefit your community?It’s always great to look at your savings account to see a healthy sum in there accruing interest. The risk with a savings account is low, but the interest can be dire. Instead, you might want to take a more proactive approach with your hard earned cash, making it work in a more aggressive way for you. To do this, you need to withdraw some of this money and pump it down different financial avenues. While riskier, you could end up with a more lucrative pot of cash for your twilight years. Take a look at these potential investment opportunities that you might want to consider.

Take Inspiration From Those That Have Been There

What have other people done prior? When you look at the people who have given back, either on a small scale or a large one, what did they do to get to that point? If you look at award winners, this could be a good place to start. At the Mosaïque awards, they awarded Kheng Ly, the founder of Brivia Group, the Top 20 Diversity: Personality Of The Year accolade, an award that focuses on social and community engagement as well as diversity in Quebec, is a very good example. And, you can look at other big names. Tony Robbins is a very good example of an entrepreneur who has managed to cast his net very far and benefit so many other people. And of course, there’s Bill Gates, who appears to be the very living definition of “humanitarian” right now. Get inspiration from the people that are out there doing it, but also, the people that you look up to. They don’t always have to be award winners but if they can spark you off with the right idea, then follow that scent.

Working Together

You have to be the very embodiment of working together. And when you are used to protecting your business idea from other companies, especially those local ones, that idea of extending the olive branch can seem a difficult thing to achieve. But you can work with small businesses to achieve something on a grand scale but on a local level. Working with other small businesses to give back to the community is a wonderful way for you to support your local area, but also, by working with other businesses in this manner, you can actually build up on your network, and it’s all for a good cause. So many people decide to work with other businesses to benefit their own needs. But when you work together with other businesses for a cause that’s far more important than all of you combined, this could be a very humbling, but motivating MO.

When you are a home-grown business, you can use your name to benefit the community in so many ways. And while this does give you some positive publicity, if you really want to start giving back, you’ve got to start locally. A lot of people go for the big guns, and try to change the planet. But, in a political sense, if we start local, and conquer that aspect, we will be able to spread further out gradually, but if everybody took this approach, then we look after our own individual patch, and the whole planet benefits.

How do you use your business to benefit your community?  Comment below!


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