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How To Afford A Trip Around The World

Apr 25, 2019Lifestyle

Most people would certainly love to have a trip around the world, but the fact is that because of things like schedules, jobs, family, and the money it costs to do this, then going around the world really isn’t anywhere as difficult or impossible as it seems nowadays, and in fact there are many ways you can do this without having to wait years and saving like crazy or going into debt, although it certainly does help if you do have some savings in place when you look to go around the world.

So, in this post, we’re going to share with you some of our top tips for helping you to afford a trip around the world.

Take on extra work:

One of the very best ways to get more money is obviously by earning it, so this could be from taking on extra hours at the place you already work or it could be looking for ways to earn extra money online such as by taking on things like freelance writing jobs, translation work, design work, or anything that allows you to make money in your spare time and that really helps you cash in on your creative skills. There are plenty of places like websites and online freelance marketplaces where you can advertise your skills to clients and have them hire you for one-off or ongoing projects that they need help with.

Have a clear out:

Another great way to make some extra cash is by having a clear out and getting rid of stuff that you already have lying around your house. The great thing about this, you not only get rid of the things you don’t need and make money, but it’s something less to worry about when you’re going to traveling, so it’s definitely a good idea to have a bit of a declutter before going on a world trip even if it’s stuff you can’t sell. Places like eBay allow you to sell things like clothes, electronics, shoes and furniture, so it’s a good idea to have a look around your house and see what you could be doing with getting rid of.

Cash investments:

If you have any kind of investments that you’re thinking of cashing out, then now could be a good time to look into this and see what you could make from them. There are plenty of places where you can go and see how this works, and if you have a financial advisor, then they’d be good people to speak to about cashing out on any investments you have that you’d like to make some return on. If you have something an Annuity that you’d like to consider selling, then a quick search online for how to sell my annuity should really help you with this.

Rent out your property:

If you have a property that you own, then definitely one of the best ways to raise money for your world trip is by renting this out. Not only will it ensure that your bills and rent are covered, but it will also help you with things like making sure you have a place to come back to when your trip is done.

How do you afford to travel?  Comment below!


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