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14 Easy Ways To Decrease Expenses From Your Budget (Without Sacrificing Your Quality Of Life!)

Jun 20, 2019 | Budgeting, Master Your Money, Save Money | 0 comments

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Is money tight?

I’ve been there! (I think we all have!)

It is absolutely no fun being short for bills or worrying about how you’ll afford dinner.

It gets better, though:

Some of the links in this post are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.

It is simple to decrease expenses from your budget and save loads of money.

I’ve got 13 ways you can decrease your expenses (without sacrificing your quality of life) so you can stop stressing about money.

Let’s dive in!

Free printables?!  Heck, Yeah!

Join our resource library and get instant access to tons of free printables to help you become financially successful!

free printables?!  Heck, yeah!

Join our resource library and get instant access to tons of free printables to help you become financially successful!

1.  Create A Budget

The first thing you should do to decrease expenses from your budget is to actually create a budget.

Because here’s the deal:

If you don’t have a budget, you cannot know exactly how much money is coming and going each month.

And, until you have that information handy, it will be very hard to cut expenses.

So, take action:

Read this post about how to start budgeting.

Then, start budgeting! (Tips 2-4 will be much easier after.)

Don’t forget to track your budget to ensure success!

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2.  Get Rid Of Variable Expenses

Once you have a budget in place, you should have an understanding of how much you spend on variable expenses every month.

Things like food, gas, trips to Target, etc.

(If not, track your spending in a budget planner to get an accurate number to work with!)

Variable expenses are the easiest things to cut from your budget or decrease in cost.

Get started by:

Listing out all of your variable expenses and their costs.

Next, go through the list and cross off any expenses that you do not need.

Finally, research ways to decrease any variable expenses that you cannot get rid of, like food and transportation costs. (More on that soon!)

(Monthly Expense Organizer found in our Budget Boss Planner)

3.  Find Lower Costs For Fixed Expenses

To lower your fixed expenses, you’re going to do the same thing you did for your variable expense.

Firstly, list out your fixed expenses and their costs.

Now, since you can’t really get rid of a fixed expense (quickly anyway) your going to try to reduce the expense by as much as possible.

For example:

Your phone bill.

It used to cost us $110/month for our two cell phones with T-Mobile.

Then, we switched to Mint Mobile and saved $70/month.

So, take action:

Analyze your list of fixed expenses and do whatever you can to decrease (or get rid of) each one.

You have the potential to save thousands of dollars every year by doing this simple thing!

4.  Track Your Spending (And Then Slash It)

Do you know how much money you spend each month on coffee?  Trips to Target?  Random late night shopping sprees?

It’s cool.  Neither did I.

It wasn’t until I started tracking my spending in a budget planner that I realized this:

It is insane how much money I was spending without even realizing it.

And, you probably are, too.

It’s a simple fix though:

Start tracking your spending in a budget planner and then stop your bad spending habits.

By doing this, I cut my personal spending expenses by $250/month! (And you can too!)

5.  Utilize Expense Cutting Services

Services like BillBargain and Trim can help you drastically decrease your expenses – with little to no effort.

Here’s the low down on both of these killer resources:


Simply send your bills to BillBargain and they’ll negotiate lower prices for you.

BillBargain has successfully negotiated over 85% of the bills they have received and specialize in decrease your:

  • WiFi bills
  • Internet bills
  • Cable bills
  • Satellite TV bills
  • Home Alarm System bills

To cut your expenses, get started risk-free with BillBargain here.


Connect your accounts to Trim and they’ll start analyzing your spending for recurring subscriptions and bill payments.

Then, they’ll cancel unused subscriptions and negotiate lower bill prices for you.

It doesn’t get much easier than that!

To decrease expenses with Trim, click here.

6.  Earn Rewards For Every Day Spending

Taking advantage of cash back apps and reward credit cards can help you decrease expenses on stuff you have to buy.

For example, if you use Ebates, you can earn up to 10% cash back on everyday purchases – essentially saving you money.

These are my favorite cash-back apps:


Saving money with Ebates is super easy!

Before you shop, simply:

  • Open the Ebates App or login via (or connect your debit card to Ebates to skip this step)
  • Find the store you want to shop from and shop as usual
  • Earn as much as 10% cash back for your purchase

You can turn in your cash for PayPal payments or a check.

Get $10 for free by signing up for Ebates today!


To save money with Ibotta:

  • Download the app
  • Add eligible offers from your favorite retailers (like Target, Uber, Olive Garden, and more) to “My Offers”
  • Shop as usual online or in store
  • Snap a pic of your receipt to get cash back!


You can turn in your cash for PayPal payments, gift cards, or Venmo payments!

Sign up today to start saving and earn your free $10 welcome bonus!


The Dosh app is my favorite way to earn cash back because there’s no work involved.

All you have to do is download the Dosh App and connect your debit or credit card.

Then, shop as usual and earn cash back instantly.

You can earn as much as 15% cash back on normal purchases by swiping the same card you always do.

Here’s the best part:

Dosh will give you $5 for free just by signing up and linking a card & you’ll get $5 for every friend you refer!


7.  Get Out Of Debt

The faster you pay off your debt, the sooner you can significantly lower your expenses.

Between school loans, credit cards, car payments, and more, your debt payments can quickly reach the thousands.

To get rid of this huge monthly burden and possibly cut your expenses in half, make a debt repayment plan.

(Debt Repayment Goals & Roadmap + Debt Repayment Tracker found in our Budget Boss Planner)

Once your debts are written down and your repayment plan is clear, you can immediately get to work paying down your debts.

To eliminate debt as quickly as possible, I recommend:

The quicker you get rid of your debt, the better off you’ll be financially.

8.  Start A No Spend Challenge

Wanna know the easiest way to cut expenses?

Stop spending money!

Stop spending money on:

  • clothes
  • shoes
  • purses
  • makeup
  • coffee
  • take out food
  • movies
  • concerts

You get it.

Instead, do free things like:

  • hiking
  • biking
  • going to the park
  • enjoying the clothes, shoes, purses, makeup, etc that you already have 😉
  • cooking at home

Start now:  I challenge you to not spend a dime for a whole month!

9.  Save Money On Food

We all need to eat food to survive.

So, unfortunately, this isn’t an expense that you can get rid of.

But, you can cut your food bill in half.

Here are my best tips:

Seriously, I cut my food bill in half with these tips!

10.  Switch Banks

You can relate, right:

You log into your online banking and F@%K!  You’re in the negatives.

You forget Netflix was scheduled to come out, and now your $7.99 bill turns into a $35 overdraft fee.

Not cool banks, not cool. (Deny the charge goddammit!!)

So, what’s my point?

change your money mindset

My point is: you can bank, free of fees, with Chime Bank!

That’s not even the best part about Chime, though.

See, with a Chime account, you’ll get:


  • Award-Winning Online Banking
  • An Automatic Savings Feature

(Read more about why I love Chime, here!)

I wish I’d know about Chime sooner but am grateful to cut my expenses with them now.

To grab your $50 free gift, sign up for Chime here.  (All you need is your full name and email address! So easy!)

11.  Do It Yourself

Don’t call the plumber for your leaky sink!  DO IT YOURSELF!

Doing things yourself around the house will save your bucketloads of money every year.

I know what you’re thinking:

“Mmmmm, but, I don’t know how to fix my sink…”

Ah, well, with one small investment, you can learn how to do it all!

Seriously, for $20 you can pick up The Complete Do It Yourself Manual and learn everything (and I mean everything) you’d ever need to know about your home.

From emergency repairs to plumbing to remodeling a basement, cut expenses by doing it yourself.

(You could literally build a house from the ground up with this bad boy)

12.  Buy Used

Cut your spending expenses in half by buying used products instead of new.

This goes for:

  • clothes/shoes
  • furniture
  • electronics
  • cars

For clothing and shoes, shop at your local thrift store.  (Especially for kids who need new wardrobes every season!)

Thrift stores are also great for used furniture, as well as Craigslist.

And, if you’re in the market for electronics, shop on Gazelle for certified pre-owned products for half the price.

13.  Downsize

The ultimate way to cut expenses from your life is to downsize.

This is going to take the biggest effort but has the largest payoff.

For instance:

Do you really need two cars?  Or could you save hundreds of dollars a month and get by with one?

And, is your home maybe bigger than you need?

I mean, you could cut your mortgage in half by downsizing or moving somewhere more affordable.

Downsizing would save you HUGE amounts of money, so if you’re desperate to cut expenses, don’t overlook this option just because it is a little hard. (We moved from MA to upstate NY because housing is a third of the cost!)

14.  Live Frugally

Adopting a frugal lifestyle can dramatically cut your expenses when times are tight.

Here’s the deal:

Saving money doesn’t have to mean being boring or spending no money at all.

Yup!  And, it gets better:

Frugal living is super simple.

When you use the tips in this post, you’ll be saving money on autopilot without even realizing it.

Skipped To The Bottom?

Skip to the bottom?  It’s cool, most of us do 😉

Here’s the recap:

1.  Create A Budget:  Create a budget so you know where you stand financially.

2.  Get Rid Of Variable Expenses:  Make a list of your variable expenses and get rid of as many as possible.  Reduce the ones you cannot get rid of.

3.  Find Lowers Costs For Fixed Expenses:  For your fixed expenses, research cheaper options.  For example, switch to Mint Mobile and save an average of $100/month on your phone bill.

4.  Track Your Spending (And Then Slash It):  Track your spending in a budget planner to see how much you actually spend at Target.  Then, stop your bad spending habits in their tracks.

5.  Utilize Expense Cutting Services:  Use BillBargain and Trim to decrease your expenses without any work.

6.  Earn Rewards For Every Day Spending:  On the stuff you have to buy, earn cash back for your purchases with Ebates, Ibotta, and Dosh.

7.  Get Out Of Debt:  Significantly cut expenses by getting rid of your debt.  I recommend consolidating your debt into a personal loan, using the debt snowball or debt avalanche methods, and tracking your debt repayment progress.

8.  Start A No Spend Challenge:  I challenge you to not spend for one whole month!

9.  Save Money On Food:  Save money on that dang stuff you gotta buy by making a shopping list, not buying name brand, using $5 meal plan, swiping coupons from Coupon Surfer and, and more.  (You gotta go back and read this one!)

10.  Switch Banks:  Switch to Chime Bank to stop paying unnecessary fees.  (And get paid two days earlier than your coworkers!)

11.  Do It Yourself:  Don’t hire people to repair your home; do it yourself!  This book will help tremendously.

12.  Buy Used:  Shop for second-hand clothing and used furniture at thrift stores and use Gazelle for used electronics. (Cars, too.  Never buy a new car!)

13.  Downsize:  Move into a smaller home, get rid of your second (or third) car, or move somewhere cheaper!

14.  Live Frugally:  The tips in this post will help.

There you have it!  14 ways to cut expenses from your life.

Good luck 🙂

Any ways to cut expenses that I missed??  Share with us below!




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