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Hammering Down Debt

Jul 15, 2019Lifestyle

Hammering Down Debt:

Millions of us have some sort of debt that we would like to hammer down. Sometimes it is overwhelming and becomes too much to manage all the debt separately. Occasionally it pays for to get more information about loans so that you know all of your options. 

While avoiding your debts might’ve been something that seemed okay to begin with, making time to plan how to pay them off is going to make you feel much better over time. The weight that is lifted once you have cleared even the smallest of debts is fantastic. 

So, let’s get started hammering down debt.

1.  Honesty

Be honest with yourself about your debts. Please sit down and put them all in an order that makes sense to you. Some people like to have the one with the most significant interest at the top. Others want to put them in order of the most considerable amount of money owed. It would be best if you decided what you are comfortable with and where you would like to start making some headway.

2.  Banking

Open a basic bank account and start putting a few dollars and cents in every month or week. It isn’t the goal to make significant savings here; it is about starting a small nest egg. Start with a small goal in mind, somewhere about $500, then when you get there you can choose to pay a chunk off any of your debts or keep saving. An emergency fund is always a good idea, and if something should happen, it will mean you don’t need to find a way to make quick cash.

3.  Repayment Agreements

There is often a way to renegotiate repayments. More than the minimum payment will barely cover interest, which means you will not really be paying all that much of the debt off. Make some phone calls and see if you have freeze the interest, lower the payments, or come up with an agreement that is more suited to your circumstances.

4.  Sell-Off

We are all living with approximately 4 thousand dollars/pounds of excess things that we don’t need. So start taking a look around, what do you have that you don’t use, love or need? The chances are a lot more than you think. You can list them on Facebook marketplace, eBay, Craigslist, or in local newspapers. If you haven’t used something in the last three months or more, it’s time to say goodbye – and enjoy the extra cash.

5.  Relax

It is easy to be really hard on yourself about owing money to various companies. However, being hard on yourself will only increase your stress levels. It is much better to remember that you are doing everything you can to get it under control, and if you get really stuck, you can reach out to a debt management company. If you begin to feel harassed by any of the companies you are dealing with, you, have the right to ask to have everything sent by post only, and skip the phonecalls.

What are your hammering down debt tips?  Comment below.




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