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Why Would You Ever Go To An Auction?

Jul 18, 2019Lifestyle

Most people have heard about auctions. Yes, it involves someone slamming down a hammer and shouting ‘sold!’ but it’s much more than that. Most of the time, auctions have a bar they will ask their entrants to meet. Therefore the things that are up for auction will usually go through a rigorous examination of not just quality, but style, historical period, capabilities and materials for example. Different kinds of auctions also have their own style of requirements but there’s a different culture as well. For example, a used car auction is going to be a bit more hectic than a fine art auction. However, the fine art auction is usually only for invited guests so there’s also a benchmark for exclusivity. But why would you ever go to an auction in the first place?

Looking for something specific?

When you’re on the prowl for something unique and distinguished then you will need to give going to an auction some serious thought. Those that are trying to search for a specific jewelry, will often look for auctions that are going to be selling the kind of style or historically important jewelry they’re looking for. This can happen for timepiece watches, fine china such as tea pots, model cars, paintings and lots of other finer-things-in-life. This is because pieces that are old, unique and hold some prestige among collectors will always fetch more at auction than when selling any other way. The other dilemma is, where else do you go? If you’re searching for something very specific and no longer sold, then you have to go to where there is the highest chance of finding it, i.e. at auctions.

Because it’s fun!

Many people would love to get involved in the action of auctions. Many of us that don’t have the money or the know-how will enjoy watching two or more bidders go at it. We get to see who really has more of a passion for what they are buying. Millionaires will often go head to head for a very prestigious painting and that’s always fun to watch. If you would like to get in on the action, here’s how to buy at an auction. You have to register with the event long in advance so they know how you are and since there are only a set amount of seats per auction, they have to make sure they are not giving it away so easily. Then you will sight your interest or why you’re coming to the auction.

Making money

If you have cleared out your garage and you found something that looks expensive and rare, such as a golden grandfather clock, then you should take it to an auction. You don’t have to have it sold right away, the experts on hand can see if the thing you have is worth anything. If so, use the right channels and you could become richer thanks to a wealthy collector.

Auctions are great fun for those who haven’t been. Don’t let something old but beautiful go to waste by selling it at a pawn shop. Instead bring it to an auction house to see what it’s really worth.

Do you frequent auctions?  Tell us about it in the comments below!


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