How To Make A Budget Binder DIY Style

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I’ve been using a DIY budget binder for almost 7 years now.

And, here’s the deal:

Once I learned how to make a budget binder, my finances improved almost immediately (and are still kicking ass today).

It gets better:

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To make a budget binder DIY style is hella simple and equally affordable!

Today, I’ll walk you through:

  • what you’ll need to make a budget binder
  • how to set up your DIY budget binder
  • a basic overview of how to use your budget binder for financial success

Alrighty!  Let’s get into it.

Free Printables!

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Free Printables!

Sign up for our resource library to access tons of free goodies!

What You’ll Need To Make A Budget Binder

Making a budget binder DIY style is super simple.

Better yet?

DIY budget binders are also SUPER affordable!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your budget binder:


Once you have all your stuff (I love using Amazon Prime!) you can get started on creating your DIY budget binder.

How To Make A Budget Binder DIY Style

To quickly and easily set up you DIY budget binder, follow these steps:

1. Print your budget binder printables (get every budget printable needed here)

2.  3-hole punch your printables

3.  Place your yearly budgeting printables at the beginning of your binder (before the first divider)

4.  Insert your monthly budgeting printables, separated by 12 dividers; one for each month

It’s that simple!

How To Use A Budget Binder For Financial Success

Setting up your budget binder is simple.

The hard part?

Actually using your budget binder for financial success.

Here’s a quick overview of how to use a budget binder so you can finally stop stressing about money.

Income + Expenses

Use an income and expense organizing printable to write down your monthly income and expenses.  Then, evaluate if you’re living within or above your means by doing some simple math (total expenses – total income).  This information is critical to setting up a successful budget.

Create A Budget

Use the Create-A-Budget template to outline your budget for the year.  Decide how much money you can afford to put towards bills, miscellaneous spending, debt repayment, savings, and more.  Use a weekly or bi-weekly budget tracker to make sure you stick to your budget.

Financial, Debt Repayment, & Savings Goals

Use a financial goal planning printables to create long-term financial goals and plan out your action steps for success.  Do the same thing for your debt repayment and savings goals.  Then each month, track your progress with guided printables.

Bill Pay Calendar/Checklist

Use a bill pay calendar and/or checklist to list your monthly bills and check them off once they’re paid.

Account Ledger

Track your bill-pay account by monitoring how much money is coming in and going out.  Your ledger will help you stay on top of your account balance so you don’t spend money that you do not have.  Also great for noticing funky account activity and/or planning for unexpected expenses.

Daily Expense Tracker

Track your daily spending on miscellaneous items so you can recognize poor spending habits and stop them.

Take Action:

If you want to stop stressing about money, you gotta set up your DIY Budget Binder!

As you can see, it’s super simple and hella affordable.

So, don’t wait!

Click here to get your printables and never stress about money again.

Do you use a budget binder?  How do you set up it up?  Comment below!

Happy Budgeting!



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