Surprise Costs You Can Eliminate From Your Life

Aug 2, 2019Lifestyle

Surprise Costs You Can Eliminate From Your Life:

When it comes to personal finances, it’s easy to think that we have everything figured out and planned for right up until we don’t. Forgotten and sudden expenses can take a real toll on your budget but, just like every other cost, they can be planned for and can be mitigated. Here are ways to cut down, to avoid, and even to eliminate some of those frequent sudden costs.

1.  The Credit Card Sting

When using a credit card, the best strategy is to make sure you have it paid off in full by the end of each month. However, if you don’t quite manage that, it’s easy to forget that a bill could be coming your way. If you’re having trouble getting your finances in a healthy place due to recurring credit card bills, personal loans and debt consolidation to structure and pay it off in a planned fashion might be the right approach.

2.  Those Subscriptions You Forgot About

Video streaming services, online game services, money management apps, there are a lot more online subscriptions in play in the average life. It’s all too easy to forget about them, especially if you’re signing up for free trials, but not paying attention to when they run out. Tools like Truebill can help you monitor your expenses and automatically identify those subscriptions, making it easier to spot and cancel what you don’t need.

3.  The Ticket You Didn’t Deserve

Sometimes, we do deserve to be ticketed. However, it’s not uncommon to have to deal with a cop that’s made a genuine mistake or is just trying to find any reason to fill their quota. Challenging your tickets can seem complicated, but sites like TicketBust can use algorithms to make it a lot simpler. You might find that you don’t have to pay anywhere near as regularly as you normally do.

4.  Those Car Repair Costs

When your car needs to be fixed, you shouldn’t put it off. You should, however, try and stop it from happening as much as you can by learning some DIY car maintenance. Another way to take the sting out of your mechanics’ bill is to have a car repair fund set aside from the emergency fund. By budgeting enough to cover the costs in cash, you avoid the credit deals that can end up forcing you to pay more for each fix.

5.  The Hidden Home Bills

Similarly, you can’t really ignore a need for home repair. Besides doing DIY maintenance on your home, ensuring you get the right home insurance deal, as shown at ValuePenguin, is the best way to keep it cost-effective. Plus, such a major asset needs some protection in the first place.

The most important thing about sudden costs is that you become aware of them. If you get stung by a surprise bill, make sure to incorporate it in your budget, and that you have an emergency fund ready to cover it so, even if you can’t eliminate it, you can ensure it doesn’t put your finances in a bad spot.

Surprise Costs You Can Eliminate From Your Life!

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