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Learning To Function Healthily Running A Stressful Business

Aug 6, 2019Lifestyle

Learning To Function Healthily Running A Stressful Business

The very act of running a business means stress in abundance. As such, all semblance of a self-care routine can go out the window. We tend to rely on quick fixes, not in terms of the business, but in terms of our health and our happiness. Running on little sleep, but with numerous duties to complete means that we rely on unhealthy foods, not to mention a few cheeky drinks now and again. But it’s essential that if we have a healthy body, we will have a healthy mind. And relying on these vices is merely a short-term solution, how can we overcome these, especially when we’re feeling the stress?

Stop feeling you need to drink to be confident

Dutch courage is not a new concept, and if you feel that you need a couple to relax around prospective clients, this is when things can get a little hazy. What’s more, what if you accidentally have a few too many and end up with a DUI? While there are DUI attorneys, like that can help you out, if you feel that you need a drink here and there to keep you functioning, this is over-reliance on something that really won’t help you in the long term. If you become dependent on alcohol, this becomes a cycle that is difficult to break. Confidence comes from within. If you want to be a confident business person, learn the right lessons.

Learning how to function under stress

In order to remain productive on a day-to-day basis, we all need to be able to maintain a certain order and structure to our routines, that keep us moving forward when we might otherwise like to take a long break, and that give us a sense of direction when we might otherwise be distracted or demotivated.

A move naturally throws your everyday routine and schedule into a state of disarray, at least for a time. It simply impossible – or at least very difficult – to keep your usual structure in place when you’re moving a bunch of boxes around, in an unfamiliar environment, and are trying to re-establish a sense of normalcy.

What’s even worse, is the fact that a move presents a great series of excuses for letting things slide – and as human beings, we all tend to seize upon such opportunities with great enthusiasm.

A key thing to do here, is to impose some sort of structure on each day at a time, no matter how chaotic or unusual it may be. Use a planner app, tool, or system, and make to-do lists. Try and structure and schedule your time as effectively as you can.

Your attempts at structuring during this time won’t be perfect, but anything is better than nothing.

Understanding when to walk away

Not forever, but a break is essential. You might think that there’s no opportunity because there’s so much at stake. But if you feel like this, will you ever actually take a break? It’s unlikely. Learning the benefits of switching off your phone, even for half a day, so you can get back to a sense of normality, could provide so much in the way you have clarity and perspective, that you realize that life isn’t all about the business. What’s more, you may actually feel good for once!

When feeling this stress and pressure, temptations loom large in the brain. This means that we go for unhealthy choices, but being healthy throughout our entire lives isn’t just about the food we eat, but it’s about the life that we lead. And if big entrepreneurs like Tony Robbins can run four businesses and still make healthy choices, so can you!

Learning To Function Healthily Running A Stressful Business

How do you function healthily while running a stressful business?  Leave your tips below!


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