What Do Entrepreneurs Do on Their Off Days?

Aug 19, 2019Lifestyle

Successful entrepreneurs aren’t sitting at their desk 24/7 and they’re not forced to work weekends either. Sure, working harder and more hours is always a good way to get further ahead and to ensure that your business is successful, but there comes a point where the amount of time you pour into your work ends up being less and less effective. This is because even the most successful entrepreneurs need to be able to relax, take time off and give themselves a bit of breathing space.

But what exactly do entrepreneurs do on their off days? What do they do on weekends to help them stay focused, and do they ever go out on weekday evenings?

1.  Entrepreneurs Relax With Their Friends

Even the most serious and hardened entrepreneur knows how to have fun and enjoy themselves on the weekends and even on weekdays. As an entrepreneur, you typically have the freedom to plan around the events and meet-ups that your friends set up. Whether it’s going out to a sporting event, having a drink at a bar or even going on a weekend holiday with your best friends, there are plenty of ways to enjoy yourself and have fun without feeling bad that you’re not running your business.

During these kinds of events and meet-ups, it’s important that you don’t focus too much on your business. The last thing you want is to be answering emails or working remotely when the rest of your friends are all having fun, so make sure you take time off when your friends aren’t busy and give yourself some time off. Stressing out and constantly forcing yourself to work because you’re self-employed will eventually burn you out and is never a good idea.

2.  Entrepreneurs Know How To Squeeze In Bursts Of Fun

Entrepreneurs are masters of managing their time and are able to squeeze in a bit of fun throughout the day to help them get some relief from their stress. This could be something as simple as listening to an entertaining podcast while commuting or even playing a few casino slots games when they’re on the toilet. There are also countless mobile games that they can enjoy without spending money or investing too much effort into. It’s a fantastic way to get a quick burst of fun by treating it like a little pick-me-up.

There are also other ways to get in a little bit of fun between busy workdays. If you’re a self-employed entrepreneur then you can often plan for breaks in your schedule to go out and meet up with a friend for lunch or even go for a quick game of squash or a similar sport. The freedom you have as a self-employed individual can often be abused, but if used correctly, you can create situations where you break up the monotony with a well-placed fun event.

3.  Entrepreneurs Consume A Lot Of Educational Content

A successful entrepreneur understands the power of words and reading. If you’re an entrepreneur that wants to succeed, then you owe it to yourself to read as much as possible. However, it’s not just a case of reading the daily newspaper that you find on the train, but choosing specific sources to read so that you can keep up with the latest trends and news in your industry. This will help you stay in the loop with any changes that are relevant to your business but it’s also a great way to improve your general knowledge and skills.

A lot of learning can take place through listening and reading alone. For instance, there are plenty of articles out there that can teach you technical and business skills, and there are also podcasts and videos that you can watch to improve your abilities. There is no shortage of educational content out there that you can consume as an entrepreneur and it’s in your best interests to read and watch as much of it as possible to grow your knowledge and confidence.

Hopefully, you can notice a trend in these habits that entrepreneurs have. They understand two major things; that it’s important to make time for themselves and that every moment can be used to consume content in order to learn. By adopting these two habits, you too could become a successful entrepreneur. It’s all about understanding the value of time and optimizing it so that you can relieve yourself of the stress of working as a self-employed individual and also using it to acquire as much knowledge as possible.

Are you an entrepreneur?  What do you do on your off days?


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