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3 Considerations Before Going To University In Later Life

Aug 22, 2019Lifestyle

Considerations Before Going To University In Later Life:

Everyone goes through life at different paces. Some go to a university right after school or collage.Others experience a bit of life first. For those who decide to go back later in life, it can be tough. There are a myriad of reasons for returning. You might want a skill so you can get a better job and sort out that awful budget, maybe you want to follow a long held passion, or perhaps you’ve retired and want to get a degree to broaden your mind. All reasons are valid, but you really need to assess certain things before you make a decision. Hopefully the points below can give you some guidance and set you on your way. Good luck in school!

1.  Online Or Traditional?

Making the choice around studying at home and online or going to a traditional university is a tough one. Some say having a presence in the lecture theatre helps you learn, others say online is the way to go. First you need to find the right resource, for example if you were interested in law you’d consider paralegal online schools. Whatever you use, make sure its vetted and verified by the right examining bodies, you wouldn’t want to find your new qualification isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on half way through the course. Due diligence pays off when considering an online course. Look at the commute to the physical university. Is it close? Do you have a family where it would be far more convenient to just learn from home? But then, do you have the space at home to learn effectively? Weigh up the pros and cons. Speak to your family and friends and make the decision that makes sense for everyone.

2.  Pick The Right Course

This is imperative. Don’t pick a course simply because you think it’ll give you a lot of money once you’ve passed. You need to pick something you’re passionate about. Something that stokes your interest. Otherwise it’ll all be a chore. You won’t want to learn. A degree is a long winded process. Something that takes a significant investment if you want to come away with a good qualification. Do it for the love of the subject. It’ll take mental input and time. Make sure you’re intellectually able to do it. If you think you might be a little out of your debt, consider an introductory course first. This way you can hit the ground running when you eventually go onto a degree.

3.  Get The Budget Right

Going to higher education means you’ll be spending less time working. You may think this isn’t the case, but you’ll find that trying to work full time and study is tough. Make sure you have the money to take the loss. There are many schemes out there that can help you financially. Also, check with your employer. If you’re in it for the promotion there may be a way of getting some aid from them. They may cover the whole cost but be careful, there may be a contract where you’re expected to stay with the company for a certain amount of time. Get the budget in place before you start, otherwise you may have to drop out midway through your course.

What are your considerations before going to University in later life?  Comment below! 


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