How to Resolve Business Debt

Aug 27, 2019Lifestyle

To start any business, you need to have the right funding. But, for most entrepreneurs, funding also means debt, whether that is a long or short term loan or investment from creditors.

Of course, debt isn’t always a bad thing and if you use a debt to invest in something that will become profitable, it’s a good idea. However, once your business is in debt, you need to work your way back to solvency in order to stabilize your company and have a bit more financial flexibility later on.

1.  Ask For Help

As an entrepreneur, you might assume that you need to know everything about business in order to succeed. This isn’t true. Actually, one of the best qualities to have an entrepreneur is knowing your limitations and being able to seek the help you need.

Employing an accountant to help manage your business finances is a really good idea. They will be able to advise you on good spending and investments as well as warn you about tax implications and other obligations. If you get into a pickle with your debts, you can also get legal outsourcing help for debt lawsuits for your firm to help your business get back on track. 

You don’t need to be good at everything, but you do need to know where to look for help.

2.  Interrogate Every Bill

Before you purchase or invest in anything, you must interrogate the bill. This means asking whether an item is necessary now, whether you could wait and save for it or if you need it at all. Silly spending is one of the major leaks in most companies and is usually made up of lots of small overspends. The old saying is true: pennies make pounds; save your pennies and you’ll quickly be saving pounds. 

Another good way to resolve debt is to make sure that you are spending the minimum amount on it each month. This means working out where the best deal is and how to spend less on accrued interest. You might have to shift your debt around a lot, which can be a faff, but at least you won’t be overpaying for the privilege of having debt.

3.  Create A Debt Repayment Strategy

Anyone in debt should have a repayment strategy in mind and it’s no different for businesses. You need to make sure that you are bringing in enough profit to cover your repayments, which may mean that you need to think carefully about building your business and bringing in more customers. 

Start by listing your debts and working out how much you need to be earning each month. From here, you will know how much you need to raise and where any further investment might be best spent. For example, a social media marketing campaign is often a cheap way to raise awareness and boost sales.

Again, an accountant or financial advisor would be really helpful in creating a strategy for you, so don’t be shy about talking money. You can resolve business debt, but you must be sensible to do it properly.

How do you resolve your business debt?  Comment below!


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