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How Can You Make a Positive Difference?

Sep 4, 2019Lifestyle

Many people say that the world has turned crazy, but it’s not really true — not if you believe the data, any way, which shows that this is a safer, less violent, more empathic world than ever before. That’s pretty impressive. But of course, it’s not like we’re living in Utopia here, and the world will always need people to make a positive difference in the world. Even though we’re all busier than ever before, it really is worth taking the time to ensure you have a net positive impact. We take a look at a few tried and tested ways below. 

1.  Through Your Career

There was a study conducted a few years ago regarding how people felt about their work. The results were pretty damning. The majority believed that their role made no meaningful difference in the world, and a shockingly high number believed that what they did actually made the planet a worse place. Imagine! If you think your impact is minimal or negative through your work, then would you consider changing your career? There are many careers that really do have a profoundly positive impact on the world, such as anything related to healthcare, teaching, and urban planning.

2.  Charity Work

Of course, it might be asking too much to get people to switch careers. But you don’t necessarily need to: you can do charity work instead. You don’t necessarily need to dedicate your life to voluntary jobs (though feel free), but if you have a spare afternoon, why not look at what you can do? It might be with a local organization that picks up trash, or you could offer professional services to bigger groups. There are ways to benefit charities without giving up your time, too. You could donate furniture or clothing to LifeSavers Thrift Store, for instance, or set up a monthly donation to a charity. If you’re not sure what you can do, call up an organization that interests you, and ask what they need.

3. Everyday Tasks

The big stuff, such as changing the world by curing an illness or stopping a war, is, of course, effective and noble, but most people, for various reasons, just aren’t capable of such big acts. But does that mean you can’t have an influence? Absolutely not. You can nudge the world in the right direction by just doing your best to be kind and sympathetic, every single day. You’ll see people get angry as they’re going about life, but they’re dragging the rest of us back. Do good, and set the example. Plus, and not for nothing, but you’ll be a lot happier too. You can do this anywhere and everywhere, but it’s based nearby to your home — you’ll be helping to foster a sense of community, which is important for the world’s well-being!

4.  Improve Yourself

If everyone could get to a good place, the world would look pretty great. Focus on yourself, find your confidence and happiness, and then you’ll be ready to do the right thing, if you’re asked!

How do you make a positive difference in the world?  Comment below!


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