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4 Reasons To Start Your Very Own Blog

Sep 5, 2019Lifestyle

Blogs are becoming more accessible and popular as the years go by, and there are so many different types of blogs available, that there should be a relatable topic for everyone to read about somewhere. But if you have a story to share, then it’s essential to do so, and since running a blog can be relatively cheap and easy to set up, then why wouldn’t you? There are ways to earn an income from blogging as well, which is an added bonus to sharing your story with the world. 

1.  You Have A Unique Story

Although there are topics for nearly everything in life available in the blogging world, it can sometimes be challenging to find someone to relate to and a story like yours if you have a unique story to tell. Maybe you have a collection of obscure collectibles, perhaps you have a disability and would love to share your experience of using a disability law group and everything that happened as a result? Whatever the reason for wanting to write your story online is absolutely fine. Be bold and don’t worry about what the critics may say, you don’t realize how many people you may help or inspire by sharing your truth.

2.  Building Business SEO

When trying to fight for the top spot on Google it’s always tricky because there are so many different companies all doing the same thing. But if you educate yourself a little on SEO and how to incorporate that your website blog, not only will you have a beautiful website that will help attract new customers. But it will also help your search results arrive at the top of the list if you do it just right and stay consistent. 

Make sure you’re up to speed on keywords and exactly how to layout your site to give you the best results, you really don’t want to waste precious time getting things wrong.

3.  Document Your Family

Very many people are blogging now as a way of documenting their family life, from the birth of their babies to weddings and celebrations. There are so many memories to capture and very little time. Some parenting/ family blogs earn a lot of money from blogging, and that allows them to go on holidays and receive great gifts. You’ll be surprised at how much fun you can have with your family just recording and photographing days out. They don’t need to be round the world trips, or theme parks every weekend, as even the best BBQs can be great long term memories.

4.  Sharing Your Talent

When people are searching for help on how to complete a new task, it’s usually the internet they start with to gain a correct answer or just a little advice may be just what they need. But if you’re willing to blog about the troubles you’ve had getting to this point and how others might be able to avoid any massive problems because you’ve already been through the trial and error stage. You might even inspire people to try something new with your creations!

Whatever your reason for setting up a new blog just remember to be true to yourself and have fun in the process!

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