Trim Financial: Save Hundreds Of Dollars In Only 5 Minutes!

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We’ve all got them.

And we all wish we had less of them.

Here’s the deal, guys:

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You can decrease your bills and save hundreds of dollars each month in only 5 minutes with Trim Financial.

Things like your cable/WiFi bill, your phone bill, and your credit card APR’s can all be negotiated for a lower cost.

And the best part?

You don’t have to be the one to do it.  Trim Financial will do all the work for you.

All you have to do is sign up, sit back, and save.

Today I’ll fill you in on:

  • what Trim Financial actually is/does
  • how Trim Financial works
  • how to get started with Trim Financial for free

Let’s do this!

>> What is trim financial?

Trim Financial is a money management tool that will help you budget better, save money, and pay off debt.

Once signed up with Trim, you will be asked to connect your checking account.

Then, Trim will analyze your spending and earnings to help you “make the most of your money” by:

  1. Negotiating Your Bills
  2. Finding & Cancelling Your Unused Subscriptions
  3. Automating Your Savings
  4. Assisting With Debt Payoff

I mean, guys, get this:

In the last 30 days, Trim has saved its users over one million dollars!

Epic right?

And, I know you want to cash in on these savings, too.

So, let’s dive into how Trim Financial will save you hundreds of dollars a month!

>> How does Trim Financial work?

As I mentioned, Trim utilizes four areas of expertise to save you money:

  1. Bill Negotiation
  2. Canceling Unused Subscriptions
  3. Automatic Savings Features
  4. Debt Payoff Assistance

Now, let me explain how they’ll save you mad cash.

1. Bill Negotiation:

Trim Financial will negotiate a lower price for some of your bills, including your:

  • Cable bill
  • WiFi bill
  • Cell Phone bill

The process of lowering your bills is super simple; just upload your bills, sit back, and watch the savings roll in.

That’s not even the best part, though:

You don’t have to call up your providers and negotiate yourself!

2. Canceling Your Unused Subscriptions

Once you’ve connected your checking account(s) to Trim Financial, they will automatically find your recurring subscriptions.

Then, simply head over to the “subscriptions” section of your account and review them.

You can easily request to cancel any subscriptions found and they’ll do the work for you!


Already in love with Trim Financial? (I knew you would be!)  Get started now for free!

3. Automatic Savings

Trim Financial will help you add more money to your savings account through the use of ‘Simple Savings’.

All you have to do is set a price and forget it!

Then, Trim will use an automated weekly transfer system to add money into a high-yield savings account.


And, that’s not all:

Ever wonder how much money you should have saved in case of emergency job loss?

Well, Trim has an Emergency Fund Calculator that will tell you exactly you should have saved.

Simply add your monthly expenses to the calculator and bam: your customized emergency fund number.

4. Debt Payoff Assistance

Using Trim Financial to get rid of your debt is hella smart, simple, and, well, awesome.

Trim will help you with your debt in 3 ways:

  1. Automating Credit Card Payments
  2. Creating A Payoff Plan
  3. Negotiating Lower APRs

Here’s the deets:

1. Automate Credit Card Payments:

Trim will automate your credit card payments so you never miss a due date again!

This way, you’ll avoid late fees, save money, and pay off your debt faster.

2. Create A Debt Payoff Plan:

Trim will create a custom debt payoff plan for you using the debt avalanche method (the fastest way to destroy debt) so you can become debt-free ASAP.

It’s simple:

First, provide Trim with your debt information, such as how much owe and what your interest rates are.

Next, set a target monthly payment and voila – your debt avalanche payoff plan is created!

You’ll be told exactly how much to pay on each debt, each month, and exactly how long it will take you to become debt-free.


3. Negotiate Lower APRs:

Ok.  So this is definitely one of the coolest benefits of signing up with Trim.

You know this:

Having high-interest rates makes paying off your debt so. much. harder. 

So, to make your debt payoff go smoother, Trim will negotiate lower APRs FOR YOU.

Simply give Trim your credit card information (the non-confidential stuff, of course), and they’ll do whatever they can to score you a lower APR!

Freaking amazing.

>> How to get started with Trim Financial (for free!)

I know you want to get started with Trim ASAP and reap it’s many saving benefits!

So, here’s the super simple way you can get started for free:

  1. Visit asktrim.com
  2. Click to signup with Facebook or via Email
  3. Create an account (for free) with your name and email address
  4. Connect your bank account(s)
  5. Start saving!

Trim has an easy-to-use dashboard and makes saving money so damn simple, so don’t wait to sign up!

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Happy budgeting,

– michelle

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