Planning Your Year Ahead With Success In Mind

Oct 14, 2019Lifestyle

Planning Your Year Ahead With Success In Mind

So you’ve decided to
start making money online? 

That’s great. A side hustle is something everybody, regardless of situation or skill, should consider. But what happens when your side hustle starts to grow a life of its own? 

A casual business that you tend to as and when you can is one thing, but a full-blown company is something vastly different. You can’t just log on to your page whenever the whim catches you to see if you managed to sell that signed copy of The Rasmus’ In The Shadows. Instead, you need to be there at the grind every day. 

But not like a regular job. An online business gives you the chance to be your own boss. Just because you’re not answering to some cantankerous guy behind the scenes doesn’t mean you can relax. In fact, it’s the opposite.

Being the boss means you need to know what comes next

Successful entrepreneurs are all about planning. But it’s not as simple as knowing what they’re having for breakfast tomorrow. There is an endless list of things to think about when looking at the year ahead, but here are the most important.

You need to prepare for disaster

Going it alone means you need to deal with everything that goes wrong with your business, which is a scary thought by itself. However, you only need to deal with everything if you don’t properly prepare for what could go wrong. And there’s likely to be a lot. 

You can manage problems such as crashed websites and downtime by looking into Proactive IT Management services, which will allow you to shift the responsibility to professionals who will be able to make your website maintenance, security, and support a priority.

You need to prepare for all this extra cash

With passive income, you saw a little extra money here and there. It helped you save for a holiday, it helped you pay off your loans, but it wasn’t a massive difference. However, with a full-blown business on your hands and the knowledge you’ll (probably) never need to be at the mercy of a credit card again, it’s time to think about where this money will go.  

It’s too easy to treat yourself, but investing the money wisely in company growth or on the side will prove more lucrative. You’ll also need to declare to the taxman you came by these funds legally, so save your Vegas blowout for a few years.



You need to prepare for the future

You never finish preparing for the future, so understanding where you want to be in a month, a year, or five years is crucial to your planning. You might want to keep it simple and enjoy a modest income, or you may want to focus on world domination, whichever works best for you.

You need to prepare to be the boss

Planning Your Year Ahead With Success In Mind

Whether it’s freelance writing, an online store, or commission-based projects, being your own boss comes with its freedom, but also it’s necessities, and planning your next step will make these necessities a much easier to deal with, so you can enjoy that freedom that much more.





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