5 Ways To Deal With Grief

Oct 15, 2019Lifestyle

5 Ways To Deal With Grief

Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult things that will happen to you, and dealing with it isn’t easy. Readjusting to the world without them in it feels like an impossible task, and all you want to do is talk to them once more. Whilst grief never really goes away, there are ways to deal with it and positive steps that you can take to make your life more positive. We’ve noted down 5 ways to deal with the grief that can turn those sad feelings into happy memories.

1.  Don’t Think You Have To React In A Certain Way

One mistake that people make is thinking that they have to react in a certain way. Not everybody deals with death in the same manner; some deteriorate and find living their day-to-day lives extremely difficult, and others find it easier to carry on with work to keep their minds occupied. You’re not too emotional or too ‘cold’ for doing either of these things!

2.  Talk About It

Grief can feel like a big black cloud hanging over your life and your former happiness. You’ll feel things that you may not have felt before, you may struggle to cope sometimes, and finding your positive outlook on life again can be a challenge. However, a problem shared is a problem halved, and talking to your loved ones about your grief can help you to make sense of it, too.

3.  Look Back With Fondness

The hardest thing about grief is accepting that you’re not going to be able to make any more memories with the person who was once in your life. Sometimes, though, it’s helpful to remember all of the things that you did do together, and to look back on them with fondness. The person you’ve lost wouldn’t want you to do anything different, would they?

4.  Carry On Their Legacy

Sure, the person that you care about may not be here anymore, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t continue their legacy for them. For example, maybe they were a veteran and you want to help others with veterans disability info, or perhaps they always had a beautiful garden and you want to keep this going for them now. Whatever you do, continuing their legacy can help you to channel your grief.

5.  Do Something For You

In a lot of cases, grief is a family affair. You have to be there for others, arrange the important stuff, and make sure that you’re pulling your emotional weight. Whilst this is something that you have to do, you should also be sure that you’re not neglecting your own feelings, and that you’re giving yourself time to heal. Book a trip, go to the theatre, and just give yourself time to breathe.


Dealing with grief is a complex process, and it’s one that almost always gets better with time. However, there are some things that you can do to begin to put yourself back together, so be sure to exercise some self-care where you can.





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