How To Create A Christmas Budget So You Don’t Go Broke This Holiday Season

Oct 15, 2019 | Budgeting, Frugal Living, Master Your Money | 0 comments

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The holidays are quickly approaching and I know it has you feeling stressed!

Between friends, family, coworkers, and more, the pressure to spend tons of money each holiday season is ever rising.

Here’s the deal, though:

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You can have an epic, stress-free, and affordable Christmas when you use these 5 tips to prepare your budget for the holidays now!

You’re gonna wanna:

  1. Evaluate your current budget
  2. Create A Savings Plan
  3. Be Frugal
  4. Start Early
  5. Collect Cash Back NOW

Let’s dive in!

1.  Evaluate Your current budget

When’s the last time you budgeted your money?

Can’t remember?

To prepare your finances for the extra expenses that come around the holidays, get your budget on point NOW.

Download the Budget Boss Binder to quickly organize your finances and create a budget that will help you save money.

When you do this, you’ll be able to easily afford everybody on your Christmas shopping list!

2.  Create a savings plan

Use a savings tracking printable, like the one below, to create a holiday savings plan.

Commit just $25 a week for a few weeks and you’ll have plenty of cash on hand for your holiday shopping.



When you act fast, you can download our best-selling Budget Boss Binder for only $9!  But, quick!  This deal ends tonight at midnight!

3.  Be Frugal

Living frugally is beneficial all year round, but especially during the holidays.

Check out these 101 Ways to Be Frugal Without Trying.

4.  Start early

When you start preparing for the holidays now, you won’t feel stressed later!

Take the time today to organize your finances  and a savings plan in place so you’re prepared come last-minute holiday shopping.

You can also organize your gift list, to-do list, party ideas, and more with our 2019 Christmas Planner!

5.  start collecting cash back now

Start earning cash back now that you can use for Christmas gifts, later.

These are the best apps for earning cash back without even trying:

  1. Rakuten (Ebates) ($10 Sign-Up Bonus!)
  2. Ibotta ($10 Sign-Up Bonus)
  3. Dosh ($5 Sign-Up Bonus)

With the cash bonuses from these apps, you can cross another person off your shopping list for free!

6.  cut costs & put more money in your pockets

When you decrease your monthly expenses, you’ll end up putting more cash in your pockets each month.

So, take the time now to cut costs so you have more flexibility in spending for the holidays.

These are the best ways to decrease your monthly expenses to:


If you do just one thing on this list to prepare your finances for the holidays, let it be to decrease your current monthly expenses.

Not only with this help you tremendously in affording a kickass Christmas, but it will also benefit you all year long.

When you use these six tips to prep your Christmas budget now, you’ll be super prepared come the holiday shopping season!

  • 683

’tis the season!

– michelle

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