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Oct 16, 2019Lifestyle

Your support network can get you through some of the toughest times in your life. Starting a business is one of the times that you will need to lean on that network of people. When the late nights of idea generation have you bouncing with creativity, and the long process of funding makes you feel like you are running out of options and want to give up – these people will see you through to the end.

1.  Business Coach

Your business coach might just be one of the most important places that you spend time and money in the early days of your business. Sure, money is going to be tight, but the return on investment is high. A business coach will look at everything that you want to achieve and find avenues to make it work. Of course, the plans that will be put in place don’t work unless you do. But once you have your business path totally mapped out, you’ll see profit and direction.

2.  Law

There are a lot of things that go into running a business. Registering your business, names, trademarking, and sometimes you might land yourself in legal issues. Having a firm that you can go to when you need to for contracts and more is always in your best interest. Sometimes in the business work, things can get really messy, and the big guns need to be pulled out. It always pays to find out more about the type of lawyers available to you should you need one.

3.  Accountant

In the early days, you will probably be able to do your taxes with ease. Because the cash flow is less and less complicated. As time goes on and there are deductibles, VAT, different tax rules for various counties, and maybe even salaries for others, you’re likely to need an expert. You can hire a freelance accountant that can get your books in shape nice and quickly, or you can choose to go to a firm that specializes in small business. Either way, it is worth considering as soon as you can afford it.

4.  Freelance

While you are content handling the bulk of the business, you might find that once in a while, you need to have an extra pair of hands. Which is great – because it means your business is growing. Building a talent pool early on of freelancers is a great idea. You will probably need things like copywriters, graphic designers, virtual assistants, social media managers, and so on. So hiring for smaller jobs that aren’t expensive will help you start finding people that you can trust to go back to with more work later on.

5.  Friends

Having people that you can talk to about your business or life, in general, is something everyone needs. It will help you unwind and relax, which is an essential part of being creative and producing high-quality work. Downtime enables you to reset and relaunch. That and laugher is just pretty good for the soul.

Having the right people around you will make launching and growing your business more enjoyable and more profitable.





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