How To Get Your Blog To The Top Of The Search Rankings

Oct 29, 2019Lifestyle

How To Get Your Blog To The Top Of The Search Rankings

Blogs are proven to help you earn some passive income. These days, if you learn how to correctly monetize your blog, you can take home thousands of dollars a month. 

Having said that, your earnings are pretty much based on one crucial thing; traffic. 

Blog traffic refers to the number of users visiting your site and reading your articles. Most monetization methods reward sites that get more traffic, meaning you can potentially make more money. 

So, how do you get more blog traffic? The trick is boosting your visibility and credibility – both of which can be done by attacking the search engine rankings. Make your blog appear at the top of the results, and you increase the chances of people visiting it. 

Bearing that in mind, here are some actionable tips to catapult your blog to the top of the search engine results:

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1.  Research keywords

Keywords can help you rank for certain phrases or searches. They’re vital for ensuring your blog appears in searches that are relevant to your content. For example, my blog is about income independence and managing your money. So, I want to rank for keywords like ‘money management tips’ ‘passive income’ and so on. An SEO company can help you do some research to find which keywords are worth ranking for. Then, you can work on implementing them into your blog content, so you improve your ranking.

2.  Improve your on-page SEO

On-page SEO refers to everything you can do on your blog pages to influence your search ranking. Mainly, you need to focus on the structure. Make your blog easy for people to read, and include the keywords in title tags, the URL for your posts, headings, and throughout the content.

3.  Make your blog user-friendly

Similarly, ensure that your blog is easy for people to navigate and access. The pages need to load quickly, all the buttons should work, and you should have a transparent menu navigation system to help everyone get around. Also, make sure that the blog loads up quickly on mobile devices, and is mobile-friendly. This enables you to capture some of the mobile market and perform well in mobile searches. The more user-friendly a website is, the higher it ranks in Google searches.

4.  Build links to your posts

Off-page SEO is just as important as on-page SEO. Link building is a core part of this strategy, and it involves getting other websites to link back to your posts. You can do this by offering to write guest posts on someone else’s blog, then linking back to one of your own articles. They benefit from some fresh content, and you can build links. Or, join some type of blogging network where bloggers agree to share links around. For example, you link to someone’s article in your post, and they link to yours in one of theirs. When you generate natural backlinks like this, it makes Google think that your blog is a credible online source. So, your ranking improves, and you fly up the results pages.

An excellent search ranking helps you bring in a steady stream of consistent web traffic. Most people find content through search engines, so don’t neglect your blog SEO when trying to capture a wide audience. With more traffic, you can potentially make more money!

How To Get Your Blog To The Top Of The Search Rankings


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