Six Times You’ll Need A Lawyer In Life

Nov 12, 2019Lifestyle

There is every chance that you go through life never needing the help of a lawyer, but for most people this is not the case. No one ever imagines that they will be in a position of needing a lawyer, and it is quite likely that you will at some stage. You could also go your entire life without seeing a doctor, but the likelihood of that is very unlikely, too! There will be moments in life where seeing a lawyer is a necessity, and it doesn’t always mean that you’re in trouble with the law, either. It’s far better to have one than not have one when you need it, and while it’s true that you could need one at a time where you’re in trouble, you can also need one to advise and guide you in many different situations that pertain to the law. There are six different times in your life that you could require the services of a lawyer, and understanding them can help you to learn whether you need one at that particular time. These are common occurrences that happen throughout life, and while in some cases you could theoretically do things on your own, the best thing to do is get the right legal help! Let’s take a look at those six instances where a lawyer can be helpful to you through life.
1.  You’re getting a divorce
This is a big if as to whether or not you need a lawyer here, but in most cases you need a lawyer if you go to court to get a divorce finalized. It’s also a smart idea to seek legal advice if your divorce involves children. A divorce isn’t the simple signing of papers and you go on your merry way: they’re a difficult time in life and they are emotional and hard on the heart. It’s very rare for a couple to make it through a divorce without emotion and pain, and the lawyer is the medium who can provide rational thinking and balance throughout the proceedings. Effectively, you’re disentangling your life from another, and that takes some knowledge of the law. Divorce lawyers are excellent at representing your interests to the other party, and no matter how messy the divorce is, they can steer you through the murky water and make everything that little bit easier for you.
2. After an accident
You may be lucky enough to go through life and not need the help of a lawyer because you’ve been in an accident and need to claim compensation. However, people who are in an accident often need the assistance of a car accident lawyer to see them through a hearing and negotiate with the insurance people. Their expertise and knowledge can help you to get the compensation that you deserve for an accident that wasn’t your fault. An accident lawyer can navigate the water from the start of a claim through to the resulting compensation, which takes a lot of the paperwork and weight from your shoulders.
3. Starting a business
If you start a new business, you are always going to need the help of a sound legal mind. New businesses come with plenty of paperwork and you need a lawyer to protect yourself – businesses start on contracts, with vendors and clients and customers. Most of these are pretty standard and easy to write, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consult a lawyer to help you with your wording and with your client dealings. Their advice could be invaluable and prevent you from making huge mistakes in your business.
4. Planning the end of your life
Whether you like to hear it or not, you are going to die – it’s not a question of “if” unless you’re some kind of God or immortal being. And it’s very likely that you’re not. So, you will need to plan the end of your life and you can do this when you are of sound mind and can consult a lawyer without an issue. Drafting a will and medical directives is par for the course in life, and you need to get these wishes out of the way while you are able to do so.  It’s never an easy topic to bring up – death never is – but you need your affairs in order so that your children or siblings don’t have to deal with it for you. It also means that a lawyer can carry out your wishes and ensure that your belongings and money get to where they have been told to go.
5. Through Bankruptcy
When you are dealing with bankruptcy or facing debt, you need some expert legal advice to help you to get through it. It may seem like it’s counterintuitive to pay a lawyer when you’re struggling financially, but it’s the best thing to do when you need some legal advice to get you through it. When you are in financial trouble, there is the possibility that you will face bankruptcy, and you need someone to guide you. It’s not an easy process, and that’s why there are lawyers who know how to talk through bankruptcy and other financial issues.
6. Adoption
Not everyone goes through adoption to have a child, but those who do need legal help. Adoption is a long and drawn-out process, which means that you need someone there who knows what’s what to bring you through it with the result that you want the most. Hiring a lawyer is a smart decision to ensure that the child you adopt is legally yours with no strings attached.
There are times in life that you need the protection of a good legal mind, and if you recognize that you need that lawyer in that time in your life, then you will be aware of the protection you need at all times. Don’t panic in times where you need someone more knowledgeable than you – you may need the protection of a lawyer and there are plenty out there to choose from.
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