10 Easy Ways To Save Money Every Day

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10 Easy Ways To Save Money Every Day Everyone wants to save some money. No matter how you save your money, you want to move as many dollars as possible into your savings account to get that dream vacation you’ve always wanted instead! So, to enable this to happen, you need to consider exactly what savings you could make day to day so that you can shave off those dollars as you go. Let’s take a look at ten ways that you can save money every day!
1.  Your Car
Start with your car. There are a lot of ways that you can save money on your vehicle, and this goes for choosing cheaper gas and researching this pay-per-mile insurance review to figure out whether this is a better option for your insurance. If you can swap driving for public transport or a bike – even better!
2.  Budget
Sit with your money once a week and update your budget and accounts so that you know where you are with your progress.
3.  Food
Start planning your meals and writing shopping lists based on that plan. You want your grocery shopping to match your meals so that you only buy what you need. It’s the smartest way to shop!
4.  TV
If you have cable AND Netflix AND other streaming sites, it’s time to cut them down. Pick one and eliminate the rest, and you’ll be able to save some cash once more. That money may not look like much but if you’re paying $60 a month for cable, you’re going to save over $800 per year!
5.  Gym
Quit the gym and embrace the great outdoors. You can buy some weights to do at home, too, so that you’re not missing out on your cardio and strength training. The only difference is you’re not spending through the nose to do it in a fancy gym space!
6.  Going Out
Cut back on nights out and, instead, get friends round for potluck dinners. Everyone brings a dish and you all feast!
7.  Work
Start bringing lunch to work and coffee in a reusable coffee cup instead of spending every day. You can save $5 a day on coffee when you bring your own. Milk frothers are cheap on Amazon, so save some money there, too!
8.  Make Money
If you have a spare room sitting empty, you should think about getting it online and renting it out. You can make a second income with a rented room and start paying off your mortgage.
9.  Work More
Where you can, pull extra shifts at work. You want to make sure that you are able to pull in as much income as possible, and you can do that if you have the option to at work. Ask for more shifts once or twice a month to top up your income if necessary – you’ll find it easy to do when you get into the swing of it!
10.  Self Care
You can still indulge in self-care, you just have to choose to do it cheaply! Get online for recipes for face and hair masks that you can make at home, and then learn to make your own clothes, too! 10 Easy Ways To Save Money Every Day
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