Can You Afford A Pet?

Jan 7, 2020Lifestyle

Can You Afford A Pet? Pet ownership is a real joy. Welcoming the patter of tiny paws into your home as an addition to your family is what many people strive towards. However, pets are not cheap. They tend to be costly, because they require as much care as a human being. A fish might not cost the Earth, but a cat may do, and a puppy definitely will. If you are keen to have a canine pal, think about whether you can afford to look after him or her. There’s nothing worse than having to give up an animal family member for them and for you. Take a look at the joys of dog and pet ownership as well as the costs involved.
1.  Vet Bills
Even if your little canine darling is a healthy specimen, he or she will still need regular check ups at the vet, especially during their first year of life. They will need vaccinations, growth checks and dietary check ups to ensure that they are maturing correctly. It’s vital that you can afford to pay the vet bills that don’t tend to come cheap. This is where pet insurance can come in handy which will require a monthly commitment to paying for cover that will look after your canine pal should an accident occur or should he or she get sick. Cover should also include legal expenses. You may need to hire a firm of personal injury lawyers if your dog lashes out and bites a human being. While they may have been provoked, insurance and cover are vital to stay protected.
2.  Food
Some pets, especially dogs, require special diets. Some dogs may develop diabetes or kidney issues that require a more specialist and bespoke kibble or wet food. This means that the cost of their food goes up astronomically. In any case, you shouldn’t be choosing the cheapest dog food on the high street anyway, as it will be nutritionally poor and your pooch won’t grow up as healthy as he or she can be. Instead, go for a sensible option, full of protein, real meat, low in fat that includes omega oils for a shiny coat. Some dogs are allergic to chicken or grain so opt for a food that accounts for this.

3.  Entertainment

While you might think that you don’t need to buy your dog or pet too much to entertain them, the chances are that you will succumb to all of the different sorts of toys, collars and attire on offer. From designer to educational, dog toys are more popular than they ever have been. You could choose an expensive puzzle toy to test your mutt’s intelligence. Or you could choose to go for a range of soft toys and mock bones for your dog to chew on. Many dogs have toy baskets that are more full than their child equivalents.
If you are thinking about welcoming a dog into your life, you need to make sure that you are financially stable and ready for such a long commitment. Can You Afford A Pet?
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