The Real Key To Budgeting Is Discipline

Jan 16, 2020Lifestyle

There’s nothing magical about living within your means. There’s nothing spiritual about not spending money where you don’t need or have to. It’s not a tall order to see your life in a different light temporarily. The simple fact of the matter is, budgeting is all about discipline. Your mindset has to be absolutely concrete to get through difficult times. Like many great people have said, ‘if you know you have to do something difficult to get to better days, do that thing as if it’s your favorite thing in the world’. Budgeting really is about tightening. This means no longer living a life of relaxed finance. From the moment you finish your budget on paper, you will need to put yourself into a different mindset; one which you may never have been in before.

1.  Crushing Your Cravings

Many budget advisors, from your colleagues to your friends, will tell you the grocery shop is the number one budget killer. When you’re shopping for groceries, you will be tempted to go just a bit over the limit you set. A bit here and a bit there. Just a few cents more each time and before you know it, you’re at the mercy of your taste buds. However, there’s one thing you can do that will solve most of your problems. Have a strict rule of ‘no name brands’. Not a single item that you buy, should be a name brand. Buy store brands and new affordable brands only, for every single item that you need. This way, you will crush your cravings but still get the type or kind of food that you would like.

2.  Know Your Limit

What drives people really around the bend, is being too strict. Okay shopping for groceries is not a big deal because you will still be eating the type of food you want. However, other things such as playing real-money games have to be reined in. Look for games that are friendly for newcomers such as those on They have a policy of new players only. So you’ll be put among players that are playing the games for the first time. Thus, the limits will be smaller than average, the games might be slower, they will also have smaller bets. Before you do anything regarding betting, you must know your limit. Before you sit down, choose an amount you won’t go over.

3.  Change Your Lifestyle

Budgeting should always be coupled with changing your lifestyle. A budget cannot be given the best chance of success unless you change the way you live. Perhaps cutting a holiday out of the picture for this year would help your finances more than anything? Picking up some extra hours at work, preferably on the weekend would get you quicker to your goal. Cancel subscriptions to entertainment websites and instead, go to the park more often or perhaps have more dinner parties for entertainment.

You can be really savvy with mathematics. You can have a great budget plan. But, without discipline and a willingness to change your lifestyle, you leave too much up to temptation.


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