Disasters That Can Throw Your Budget Off

Mar 11, 2020Lifestyle

No matter how much you strive to stick to a budget, there is always something that crops up to throw you completely off your game. Sometimes, you can prepare for this; that’s part of the reason you have a budget, after all. However, other instances come entirely out of nowhere, and these are the ones that can disrupt your budget much more severely than you might think.
1.  Car Accidents
From getting in touch with your insurance to liaising with a car accident attorney, motor accidents can be a sudden strain on your financial situation, and these can be especially frustrating if the accident was not even your fault.  These issues are further compounded if your car is damaged without any proof of who the culprit is. Furthermore, it’s not just the inconvenience of the damaged car, but also potential money you could lose by missing work or being unable to make other commitments.
2. Home Repairs
Home repairs are another thing that is generally never your fault and can strike at any time. They could involve a flood, electrical damage, pipes blockage, and bursting, or a mixture of all three and more.  Emergency callouts can be expensive, too, mainly if such emergencies occur late at night during out-of-hours. Severe damage could also make your home unlivable for a time, and you might be forced to stay in a hotel while you wait for repairs.
3. Unexpected Bills
Random charges on credit cards, including those caused by identity fraud and other potential issues, are another thing that can wreak havoc on your finances. Typically, these issues are slow, so you don’t notice anything odd happening until it’s too late. With these sudden and unexpected bills, you risk falling entirely out of your weekly budget. Because you’ve lost money already through nefarious means, it can be even harder to get back on track without the help of others, whether that’s your partner, friends, or the bank.
4. Medical Costs
Medical costs, even with insurance, can knock you out of sync with your budget, and if it is something more severe than a mere trip to the clinic, you could find yourself working on a small budget for months.  Whether its flu season or an injury caused after an accident or experienced during sport, these medical costs are never pleasant regardless of who you are, and if they come out of nowhere, there’s a risk they could keep you off work, also.
5. Pet Care
We love our pets, and so we will do anything to ensure they are happy and healthy, but just like medical bills for us, medical bills for pets can be astronomically high.  Your dog could eat something it shouldn’t have done when you turned away for a second. Your cat could have injured itself when exploring the neighborhood, and while pet insurance is useful to have, it can still sting the wallet.
6. Staying In Line
There is no way for you to avoid disasters. No matter how careful you are in one aspect, there’s always the chance that another one will come crashing through your door at any moment. This is why budget, savings, and insurance are more important than ever before. It’s always a good idea to be prepared for anything, no matter how unlikely it seems right now.
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