51 Legitimate Work From Home Jobs That Anybody Can Do

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These are 51 high paying work from home jobs! Perfect for moms, dads, students, part-time teachers...anybody. These jobs are legitimate, non-phone, and include data entry, transcription, editing, writing, and more. Click now to find your perfect work from home job! #workfromhome #jobs #onlinejobs

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Having the ability to work from home is becoming more and more vital each day.

Whether you want to stay at home with your kids or have the flexibility to work whenever you want, having an online job can help you tremendously.

Today, I’m gonna go over 79+ online job opportunities including:

  • side hustles
  • freelancing
  • blogging
  • taking surveys
  • proofreading
  • virtual assistants
  • transcribing

I’ll also include where you can find job opportunities for each category.

Let’s get into it!

1.  Side Hustles

Side hustles are the perfect way to dip your toes into the world of making money online.

Side hustles allow you to build up your income over time until you have a stable and reliable second source of income, which can eventually replace your current job.

These are the best ways to start a side hustle:

Open an Etsy Shop:  You can create and sell endless things on Etsy, such as t-shirts, jewelry, decor, planners, beauty products, etc.  If you have a skill such as knitting or painting, consider opening your very own Etsy shop to list your unique products and earn money online.

Affiliate Marketing:  The basic concept of affiliate marketing is this — You recommend affiliated products to an audience, they make a purchase, and you receive a commission.  To get started with affiliate marketing, sign up for affiliate programs such as Amazon.com, CJ Affiliate, and ShareASale.  Once approved, you can begin promoting products on Pinterest, Instagram, your blog, and more.

Hint:  This blogger makes $100,000+ a month using affiliate marketing and will share all her secrets with you!

Start a YouTube Channel:  You can start a YouTube channel about literally anything — from toy reviews to make up tutorials, there is a niche for everybody.  And, over time, you can earn thousands (if not millions) of dollars using this platform.  To get started with your own YouTube channel, simply START.  Film your first video (even if it is on your iPhone) and get into a routine from there.  Consistency is key!

Create Digital Products:  I make $3,000+ every month with ONE digital product (see it here).  And the best part is this — you don’t need a blog to sell your own digital product.  Heck, you don’t even need to create your own digital product.  Simply head on over to Creative Market to find digital products to sell, purchase the rights to them, and list them on your own e-Commerce shop such as Square Space or Shopify.

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Become a Consultant:  Are you currently working in a field such as accounting or legal?  Or maybe you’re an expert in gardening or blogging.  You can turn your knowledge into a consulting gig to earn extra money!

Sell Your Stuff:  Selling your stuff on eBay, Craigslist, and/or Facebook Marketplace can be a very lucrative side gig.  And, when you run out of your own stuff to sell you can scour thrift stores and yard sales for more items to flip!

Rent Out Space on Airbnb:  Do you have a spare bedroom or even an inlaw apartment in your home?  You can make big bucks by renting these spaces out on Airbnb.  Simply click here to get started today.

2.  Freelancing

Freelancing using a skill you already have is a great way to earn a living from home.

For instance, you could design websites for clients, manage social media accounts, or handle the accounting for a small business.

Here is a list of the best places to find freelancing gigs:

Upwork: Simple and free to get started.  You can find freelancing jobs for web development, graphic design, writing, sales, marketing, administration support, customer service, and more.

Fiverr:  A personal favorite!  Find professional freelancing opportunities for designers, developers, writers, musicians, and more.  You can create your seller profile by clicking here!

Toptal: Perfect for freelancers with years of experience.  When you sign up with Toptal, you will be connected with a “top-tier professional network, great clients, and resources you can leverage to accelerate your career.”

Simply Hired:  A job search engine that will connect you with thousands of remote and work from home job listings.  Simply Hired is free to use and offers job tools such as a resume builder.

People Per Hour:  Simply fill out your application to join their community of high-quality freelancers!

Task Rabbit:  When you sign up to become a Tasker with Task Rabbit, you can find jobs that are right for you, set your own prices, and create a schedule that works for you.  Win, win, win!

99 Designs:  The perfect freelancing place for designers!  Apply as a designer to be connected with high paying design work.

Freelancer:  Freelancer is the world’s largest online platform for finding online jobs, freelance employment, outsourcing services, and more.  It takes less than 5 minutes to sign up and is super simple to use!

Flexjobs:  An entire job search engine dedicated to remote and flexible jobs!  A.K.A., the dream!  Signing up for Flexjobs is $14.95/month and is well worth the cost if you want to quickly find a work from home job.

3.  Blogging

Running a blog is a lot of work but has a very high payout if you do it correctly.

On average, bloggers make anywhere from $1,000/month to $10,000/month.  However, some bloggers are making over $100k per month!

So, as you can see, blogging can be a very (and I mean very) smart investment if you want to work from home full time.

And, the good news is this:

You can earn money from blogging 3 ways — starting a blog from scratch, buying an already established blog, or flipping blogs for profit.

Start A Blog:  Starting a blog is very affordable and will only cost you about $200 to begin.  Then, once you have your blog set up, you can earn money by creating content that contains affiliate links, launching new products, writing sponsored posts, and generating ad income.  Most bloggers see a full-time income from their blogs within 1-3 years, so patience and consistency are KEY.

Hint:  The most profitable blog niches are health & fitness, personal finance, personal development, parenting, and travel.  Start your blog today for just $5.95/month!

Buy A Blog:  Don’t feel like starting a blog from scratch and waiting 12-48 months to see a full-time income?  Well, you’re in super-duper luck!  There are tons of blogs for sale on places like BlogsForSale.co and Flippa that are already earning a full-time monthly income.  So, if you can afford to invest in an established blog, you will be able to earn a full time living at home instantly.

Flip Blogs:  Another way to make money in the blog world is to flip blogs!  To do this, you would create a blog and then sell it for profit.  You can sell an established blog (one earning a full-time monthly income) for $25,000+ and starter blogs for $500+.

4.  Taking Surveys

Taking surveys – in the right places – can help you earn a living while working at home.

Here’s the deal though:

Although you definitely can earn a full-time income taking surveys, it is much more realistic to use survey taking as ONE of the ways you earn money from home.

I love taking surveys when I am waiting in the doctor’s office, in line at the store, or waiting for the bus to drop the kiddos off.

Doing this boosts my at-home-income by up to $500 a month!

These are the places I recommend taking surveys for money:

Inbox Dollars:  Earn extra cash by taking surveys, watching TV, playing games, and more.  Click here to get started for free.

Swagbucks:  Make money from home taking surveys, searching the web, and playing games.  Sign up here to earn a $10 bonus!

Prize Rebel:  Take surveys to earn money!  Click here to become one of many earning hundreds of dollars a month.

Vindale Research:  Earn up to $25/survery!  Sign up now to get started.

Survey Junkie: Take short surveys to earn rewards that you can cash out via PayPal!  Get started here.

5.  Proofreading

Proofreading opportunities have skyrocketed lately, which is awesome news for all of us!

On average, you can earn $20+ per hour proofreading, depending on education level and experience.

These are the best places to check for high-paying proofreading jobs:

ProofreadingServices.com: Find full-time and part-time online proofreading and ESL tutoring jobs here.  Earn up to $46 per hour!!

Scribendi: Apply to become a freelance editor/proofreader. *4-year degree required.

Proofreading Pal: Currently hiring experienced applicants with a graduate degree.

WordVice: Find job opportunities in freelance editing, translating, research, writing, teaching, and tutoring.

Kirkus Media:  Currently hiring experienced book reviewers of English and Spanish-language books. To apply, click here.

Gramlee:  Always looking for editors to add to their team!  Apply here.

6.  Work From Home Careers

There are tons of mainstream jobs that are turning into work from home jobs.

Now that technology has advanced and computers are in almost every home, offices are becoming obsolete (and expensive)!

Check out the careers below that have remote work opportunities!

Medical Coding: Get your certificate in medical coding to start earning $22+ an hour from home!  *I worked as a medical coder for a hospital for 3 years before getting my CPC certificate.  Now, I can apply to remote medical coding positions and work in my pj’s!

Amazon:  Amazon.com is currently hiring for over 1,000 remote positions.  Things like Alexa Support Associates, Technical Support Associates, Escalations Investigator, and soooo many more.  Click here to apply!

Programming:  Do you have a history in programming?  Check out over 500 remote job opportunities on Indeed.com. *This one pays $150,000/year!

Graphic Designer: If you have a degree in graphic design you can find tons of work from home job opportunities.  Try searching on Indeed.com, Remote.co, and FlexJobs.com.

Virtual Call Centers:  Tons of companies need people to answer the phones for them to answer general questions.  Find opportunities here.

Writers:  Use your writing skills to create a work from home career.  Publish a book, write for a magazine, ghostwrite for bloggers, and more.

Data Entry: These jobs are usually entry-level and you can’t beat being able to do it from home!  Apply here.

Online Education & Tutoring:  There is a huge demand for teaching English online. Find opportunities at VIPKid starting at $22/hour!  You can also become an online tutor here.

7.  Virtual Assistants

With so many people starting their own online businesses, the need for virtual assistants is growing.

A virtual assistant does things like answering emails, writing blog posts, managing clients, social media marketing, and more.

You can find virtual assistant jobs here:

Zirtual.com: Email [email protected] to inquire about job openings!

Upwork:  Sign up to be connected to hundreds of virtual assistant jobs.

Guru: Join the 800,000 others finding work from home jobs at Guru.com!

Craigslist: Don’t forget to check your local Craigslist ads for virtual assistant jobs and work from home jobs.

Indeed.com:  Simply search “virtual assistant” to find thousands of job openings!

LinkedIn:  LinkedIn is a great way to connect with other online professionals and seek out virtual assistant positions.

Belay: Be connected with virtual assistant jobs after applying here!

8.  Transcribing

Transcribing is the act of listening to a recorded conversation, meeting, phone call, etc. and writing it down verbatim.

If that’s up your alley, find opportunities at these places:

Rev Transcription: Find job opportunities for converting audio to text, creating captions for videos, and subtitles for foreign media.  Apply here!

GMR Transcription:  Click to apply to transcription and translation jobs!

GoTranscript:  Earn up to $1215 per month by signing up here!

• CastingWords:  Work as much or as little with CastingWords.  Apply to become a freelance transcriber, here.

Transcribe Me: Top rated, best work from home site!  Earn $15-$22/hour by signing up here.

• Daily Transcription:  Currently looking for stay at home moms and dads, students, part-time teachers and more to join their team!  Earn up to $950/week by applying here.

There you have it — 51 places to find work from home jobs!

Which ones are you gonna try to create your at-home career?  Comment below!

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– michelle

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These are 51 high paying work from home jobs! Perfect for moms, dads, students, part-time teachers...anybody. These jobs are legitimate, non-phone, and include data entry, transcription, editing, writing, and more. Click now to find your perfect work from home job! #workfromhome #jobs #onlinejobs
These are 51 high paying work from home jobs! Perfect for moms, dads, students, part-time teachers...anybody. These jobs are legitimate, non-phone, and include data entry, transcription, editing, writing, and more. Click now to find your perfect work from home job! #workfromhome #jobs #onlinejobs

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