How To Get The Most Out Of Vision Insurance

Aug 3, 2020 | Lifestyle

If you wear glasses, or you’re thinking about buying a new pair of glasses, you might have been offered vision insurance. While on paper, vision benefits seem appealing, policies are not always as attractive as they look. The infographic below highlights the potential pitfalls of vision insurance, providing tips to help you make the most of your plan.

Many employers provide vision benefits as part of an employee package. Premiums are usually relatively inexpensive, but they’re not always as advantageous as they seem. In many cases, the policyholder is required to use an in-network store, which can limit options and push up prices. Stores that are part of the network may charge a lot more for the same products and services than out-of-network providers, with either employers or employees footing the bill. There’s also a risk of losing benefits if they are not utilized within a set time frame. Some policies are also difficult to decipher, which may mean that employees don’t bother to use them.

If you do have vision benefits, it’s a great idea to set a reminder to ensure you take advantage of your allowances and to explore free frames and lenses. If you need better quality glasses, or you wear contact lenses, look for out-of-network providers, and compare prices online. For employers, providing HSA (Health Savings Accounts) instead of FSA (Flex Spending Accounts) is beneficial, as it eliminates the risk of losing benefits that haven’t been claimed before a deadline. 

Before you buy glasses or invest in benefits for your employees, take a good look at this handy infographic.

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