Reach The Top Of The Career Ladder In 3 Simple Steps

Sep 2, 2020 | Lifestyle

If you are considering your professional options because the Covid-19 crisis has made you more reflective, you might be keen to strive for a promotion. Scaling the career ladder can be difficult at the best of times. Throw in a pandemic and a time of economic uncertainty, and trying to position yourself favorably in the job market can be more challenging than ever. You need to consider how you can make yourself stand out from the crowd. As redundancies are on the increase, there will be more job hunters than ever. You need to be the candidate that is shortlisted for the roles that you want. Take a look at this guide to help you scale the career ladder in three simple steps. 


With the lockdowns that have ensued, you have probably been spending more time than ever at home. This can mean that our home and work lives blur. While you are getting used to working from the home office, the lack of office camaraderie and banter can be isolating. Rather than feeling low and thinking that this is now your employment lot, you need to work on changing up your resume for the better. Do this by upskilling. Spend some of your hours at home achieving a new qualification that employers actively seek out for the management work you are looking for. 

Senior management roles are the pinnacle of any career plan, so require well-qualified candidates. Consider whether you need to take an MBA or whether you need to work on obtaining an industry-standard certification. Check the job and person specs for the sorts of positions you want and try and match your resume to all of the essential and desirable criteria. This will help you to become an outstanding candidate.

Shadow Someone

It can be challenging to reach the next rung on the career ladder because you don’t have the experience required. However, getting the experience can be difficult if you are stuck in your middle management role. To combat this, you need to take on more responsibility with your current employer. Ask to shadow the next level of management up. Go to meetings with them, enquire about their tasks, look at their diary, and get a feel for the job. Shadowing, while not direct experience, shows any future employer that you are willing to step out of your comfort zone and seek out opportunities to develop.

Apply Well

When you make your applications, ensure that you plan out a bespoke cover letter and answers for each one. Don’t use a generic template as these can be spotted from a mile off. Instead, do some research on the companies that you want to work for and concentrate on what you can bring to the business rather than what the business can do for you. Employers will have a lot of candidates to choose from, so you need to be the individual that exceeds their expectations. When heading to interviews, get suited and booted, be professional, and smile. Talk freely but don’t waffle and try to structure your answers to show your impact.

Follow this guide and you will soon be taking your next step up the career ladder.


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