A Few Things to Write about in Your Journal

Sep 4, 2020 | Lifestyle

The practice of journalling has been around for millennia, in one form or another – and many of the most fascinating records we have into different historical periods and events, come directly from the journals that certain individuals kept at the time.

The Great Fire of London, for example, is mostly recorded in the diary of Samuel Pepys.

In recent times, journalling has enjoyed something of a revival, partly due to things such as the Bullet Journal Method, which have made the practice cool and interesting again for a whole new audience.

There are many potential benefits to keeping a journal – ranging from leaving a record of your thoughts and experiences for the future generations of your family, to helping you to work through some of your own ideas and concerns about things, by “having a conversation with yourself.”

So, if you’re thinking about starting up a journalling practice – or if you’ve already started and aren’t that inspired to write – here are a few things to write about in your journal that can really help to get you going.

  • Your goals and dreams, and any ideas relating to them

One of the best ways of ensuring that your life always feels meaningful and engaging, is to proactively identify and pursue your ideal goals and dreams.

A journal is a great place to write about your goals and dreams, in order to get a greater sense of clarity on what it is you’re after, and to remind yourself of the steps you’ve taken on the journey so far, and the great adventure that lies ahead.

In addition to writing about your goals and dreams as a reminder and a record, you can also note down any ideas relating to them – such as a great house listing you might have seen on https://www.camijoneshomes.com/kansas-city-homes-for-sale/ that you can visualise yourself living in one day.

  • Big life topics that you are trying to wrap your head around and figure out

A journal can be a great place to write about “big life topics” that are difficult to grapple with and get a clear understanding of, in the short term.

Write about your thoughts on spirituality, your feelings about love, your ideas about what you think leads to a good life, and anything else that you’d like to “hash out” with yourself.

One of the best things about journalling is that it’s a way for you to have a productive back-and-forth conversation with yourself, over time. This means that journalling about big and tricky topics can really help to provide you with insight – and can deeply develop your thinking about different topics.

  • Things you’re grateful for, and things you’re concerned about

One of the best practices anyone can engage in for their own wellbeing is to regularly reflect on the things they are grateful for. This can go a long way in putting life’s worries and concerns in perspective – and in helping fuel positivity and optimism, in general.

In addition to journalling regularly about the things you’re grateful for, you should also address the other side of the coin and consider journalling about things you are concerned about.

Often, just writing about your worries can help you to figure out tentative solutions to the various challenges you may be facing.


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