Performance Dashboards Are A Must For Accounting Firms

Jun 27, 2021 | Lifestyle

Do you currently offer a business advisory service to your clients? Gone are the days when accountants merely looked after their clients’ books. Nowadays, businesses want to know how they can improve their profits, and this is where performance dashboards are of huge importance. Read on to discover why this is something that all accounting firms should be investing in. 

More and more clients are seeking accountants that can provide them with solid business advice, from effective growth strategies to the best foreign currency account. This presents a great opportunity for you to increase your profit levels and set yourself apart from other accounting companies in the industry. However, if you are to do this effectively, you will need to invest in a high-quality performance dashboard. 

This will give you the ability to input all of your clients’ data in the one place. You will thus be able to generate reports and compare data to get a true reflection of your clients’ performance. As reports can be automated, this will significantly reduce the time that is taken to prepare them, as well as the costs that are associated with this. All in all, you have the ability to provide your clients with solid advice and progress reports, be it on a monthly or quarterly basis. This will help them to boost their profit levels and the performance of their business, and, as a result, you can be certain that you will experience improved customer loyalty.

Why Accountants Should Offer Advisory Services

Did you know that accountants are considered the most trusted business professionals? This puts you in an incredible position. This high level of trust gives you the platform to expand your business and to reap higher profit levels as a result. You can go beyond the traditional accountancy services and established yourself as a leading advisory business. But, why would you want to do this?

It can be difficult to break out of your comfort zone. From bookkeeping to payroll, a lot of accountants like to stick with the conventional services. However, in today’s competitive environment, more and more business owners want to know how they can progress their business and boost their profit levels. If you can offer effective business advice, you can really make yourself stand out from other accountants in the industry. There are many benefits you can gain by doing this. Firstly, you will be able to build more solid relationships with your clients. This could be the service that sees you lock in a client for life. You can rest assured that these clients will also recommend you to their family and friends. 

Furthermore, you can stop competing on price by going down this route. You can justify higher rates when you are bringing much more to the table. Ultimately, you will increase revenue levels too, as you are creating additional revenue streams. Not only this, but this is a service that is more profitable than the traditional accountancy services.


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