How a Good Credit Score Puts You in a Better Financial Position for the Future

Jul 14, 2021 | Lifestyle

Many of us rely on credit in order to get things done in life. After all, big expenses like a car or a home aren’t realistic with a single lump sum of money (at least, for most people) so we take out credit and pay the amount back over a long period of time. Of course, lenders make it clear that we’ll be paying back more than we borrow. This is known as interest and is a basic concept of money that most of us understand.

But lenders don’t trust anyone. They want to make sure that they can make a profit off you which is why it’s important for them to carry out credit checks first. This will check how punctual you are with other monthly payments and if you’ve borrowed money before. If you’re in a great financial situation then it’s unlikely that they’ll have any questions for you, but if you aren’t, then they’ll punish you with high-interest rates and may even deny you access to their financial products.

But if you take the time to understand your credit score and how it works, you could actually end up in a much better financial position for the future.

A good credit score lowers the interest rate on big loans

There’s really no avoiding something like a mortgage or a car financing loan when making big purchases. In fact, many of us start saving for a mortgage as early as possible because we know that there are going to be significant costs involved in addition to the monthly fees. However, if you practice good spending habits and pay off your debts as quickly and punctually as possible, then you could actually put yourself in a great financial position for the future.

This is because a good interest rate unlocks much lower interest rates on big loans. Whether it’s a mortgage, a car loan, or even an emergency loan for an unexpected expense, you can get much better rates and end up paying less interest by just being smarter with your money. In addition to getting lower interest rates, you’ll also get better terms and more availability on different kinds of loan products. This can include bigger loans, better rates to compare with, and also more flexible terms.

A good credit score unlocks better refinancing options for your home

Refinancing means taking out a new mortgage in order to pay for your existing one. To most people, this might sound like a strange idea because you’re just borrowing money to pay off a loan. However, refinancing can actually unlock much lower interest rates and help you save money for the future while also leading to faster homeownership. For example, you could refinance and shorten your mortgage term from 15 years to just 10 years, effectively shaving off 5 years of interest payments. If you have a better credit score from when you first applied for the mortgage, then you’ll also be able to get a lower interest rate.

You’ll need to speak with experts such as to get a better understanding of how refinancing works and if you can take advantage of lower rates. This can be a fantastic option if you’ve drastically improved your credit score over the past few years since taking out a mortgage and can lead to a much more secure financial future.

A good credit score gets you access to the best credit cards

High credit scores give you access to great deals with credit cards. Many people rely on credit even for larger purchases every week or month, and spending with credit can actually lead to fantastic rewards like miles with your favourite airline, future discounts, and even cashback offers. There are loads of great incentives to take advantage of, but in order to get these deals, you’ll need a good credit score. Higher credit scores can also give you access to introductory offers that sometimes include 0% APR purchases and balance transfer offers.

These kinds of credit scores encourage more spending, but if you’re living a lifestyle that can afford it then you’ll at least be rewarded for your spending habits. This can translate to huge savings over time if you’re smart about how you use your credit cards. This is why a lot of people make use of credit cards and special deals instead of using their own money with a debit card or just paying cash for their larger expenses.


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